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  1. Richard Rundle

    ECL AGM propsal

    I wouldn't be surprised to see some jiggery-pokery attempted to keep St Blazey reserves in the top division.
  2. Richard Rundle

    Fixtures 2018/19 ..

    One league game scheduled. Lots of others will no doubt be played then. Phil H has plenty of scope to re-arranged postponed games on Saturdays during April.
  3. Richard Rundle

    One tiny change

    Has the final table been updated anywhere yet? Edit - looks like Illogan RBL reserves have been deducted one point on the http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/17table.htm site but not on the FA Full-time site, so I'm assuming that's the change.
  4. Richard Rundle


    FIFA and the FA seem to be, if not embracing CONIFA, at least turning a blind eye nowadays. The grounds being used are all regular Step 2-4 grounds, a number of the players play in FIFA-regulated leagues (some of them in this country, e.g. most of the Panjabi squad) and the referees are FA referees.
  5. Nobody will be relegated from Division 1 due to playing position. I don't think anybody has been since 2010.
  6. After this I went on to another cup final, another 3-2 in the Launceston Cup final between Dobwalls and Lanreath. One more thing in common was that both games were, in my opinion, excellently refereed.
  7. St Teath 1-5 Wadebridge Town reserves A "game of two halves", the first half was really competitive, Wadebridge controlling the game early, scoring the opener after about 18' and St Teath equalising within about 90 seconds. The home team had the better of the next 20 minutes but couldn't get a decent shot in so it was 1-1 at the break. After the break, a different story. Wadebridge had by far the lion's share of the possession and chances, and converted 4 of them (2 of them really very good finishes) and hit the woodwork on another occasion. St Teath got at the left side of the Wadebridge defence a few times but couldn't get many decent crosses in and when they did there was no one there to convert them. In the end a comfortable victory, but who would want to watch this Bridgers team every week? God how they moaned, swore at the ref on many occasions (he did book two of them), went to ground at the slightest touch and shouted "Handball" every time the ball made contact with a St Teath player above the knee.
  8. According to mitoo, Lakeside v Elburton reserves is off.
  9. Richard Rundle

    SWPL - Monday 30 April 2018

    This could have a bearing if the last space in next season's league is going to a vote between Torquay United reserves and Bere Alston. Perhaps teams will think twice about letting another "Pro" team in (if Torquay are still pro by then!)
  10. Exactly. Go back to the old rule, if you're in an offside position when the ball is played, you should be flagged for offside. Easier for everyone to understand.
  11. Division Three Lamerton Community 5-3 Dobwalls reserves Decent night's entertainment at the one remaining Duchy League venue I hadn't visited before, but with 4 penalties and a GK sending off, it's easy to work out who was the main centre of attention.
  12. Three points for a win.
  13. Over the past 9 years, we have lost almost 25% of the teams playing adult Saturday football across England. Presumably the FA see this as an improvement?
  14. Well done to both teams and the SW Peninsula League for managing to sort this amendment at relatively short notice.