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  1. FA Cup

    No, 50% to each club in the first and second rounds. Non-league clubs playing in the competition proper also get a share of a 5% deduction from the gate of all replays in the 3rd/4th/5th rounds (used to include the 6th round as well but replays in the QFs have been abolished). As there are 40 non-league qualifiers, it means each club get 2.5% of that pool. (From FA Cup Rule 22)
  2. Missing results Devon Premier Cup North Molton Sports Club 3-1 Plymouth Parkway reserves Devon Senior Cup Lakeside Athletic 4-2 Bishopteignton United
  3. Another club folding!?

    It's not just a Cornwall issue. I collate league tables across the whole of the country, and more than 20% of teams have disappeared over the last 8 years I haven't finished sorting out data for 2017-18 yet, but in 2008-09 (the first year I did this) there were 11451 teams in my spreadsheet and in 2016-17 just 9137. That covers all levels of open-age Saturday football in England (& Cornwall!) from the Premier League to the most basic of "grassroots" levels.
  4. The last list of non-compliant Step 6 clubs I saw, from back in May, included SWPP Callington Town SWPP Falmouth Town SWPP Launceston SWPP Newquay SWPP Saltash United Phil H was confident that both Newquay and Saltah United had already done the necessary work and were merely awaiting a re-inspection and re-grading, but to balance that out, Godolphin Atlantic should have also been on the list at that time. Three Western League D1 clubs are also on the list, Chard Town, Devizes Town and Radstock Town. Chard's problem is well known, it is the degree of slope on the pitch.
  5. Trelawny League - Saturday October 14 2017

    CSM 3-1 West Cornwall reserves
  6. With the amount of rain around, I decided to take advantage of the £5 entry offer and visit Treyew Road for the first time in several years rather than trekking to somewhere without cover. The ground, isn't, however, designed to hold over 500 in conditions like this, only those in the "old" seated area and the front row of the covered standing getting a decent view (needs a couple of steps to make sure more people can see the action!). The formerly open stand on the other side with it's canvass roof being open to the elements on all four sides did little to keep its occupants dry. Both sides did their best to put together a decent game, but conditions were very challenging throughout and as mentioned above, what we actually got was pretty poor for the nominal level. I mentally scored it pretty level, chances few and far between and neither side deserving to lose. The pitch held up better than it looked like it was going to after the first 10 minutes, but the groundsman will have some work to do on the areas where the assistants run up and down as they both resembled mudbaths by the end. I didn't sample any of the food on offer, but I did foolishly try a "Cappecino" from the burger van, tasted awful and the water wasn't hot enough to dissolve all the power. Two mouthfuls and the rest of it had to be chucked away! The PA announcer was a bit of a character, sounded really nervous at times, rushing through the team lineups pre-match at 100mph, and suffering some serious pauses during halftime, but make me smile when announcing the league sponsors at half time say that was the second time they had to do it, by league rule! In summary, a very wet day out but well done to City for the cheaper admission offer, and I hope the ladies braving the conditions collecting for Alzheimer's disease made a decent amount with their bucket collection.
  7. Duchy League (& Cup) - Saturday 7th October 2017

    Showing as 10-4 on Full-time. Either way, along with the thriving junior section, great to see some good times back at The Rec. Last few years have been tough to watch.
  8. FT Bideford 1-0 Bodmin Town. Sean Downing with the goal. Well done you Robins!