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  1. Zac


    We'll have to agree to disagree
  2. Zac


    The City game was one game. You could also look at the PSG game where they were ripped apart and I think it finished 5-0 at home. I'd say player for player Huddersfield and Brighton are probably stronger. Lossl, Gross, Mounie, Kongolo, Mooy just to name a few from Huddersfield that would walk into Celtic's team and they only survived by the skin of their teeth. You could question whether that qualifies as 'holding their own'. Celtic would also have to completely change their style of play to pick up points as they wouldn't be the favourites or dominant possession wise in too many games, which would be another challenge for them. Of course if Celtic had the Premier League TV money they would have a good chance of doing well. Many teams have proved in the past that it isn't that easy but I think we were meaning Celtic as they are currently.
  3. Zac


    Not a chance could Celtic hold their own in the Premier League over a 38 game season. Great atmosphere, yes, especially in European games and old firm derbies but they would certainly struggle in the Premier League due to a severe lack of quality players required for that standard.
  4. Yes, probably the right level. Not a top title challenging defender for a Parkway or Tavistock but will do a job for a competitive side like Saltash.
  5. Very average player. Not sure that's going to help them win the league.