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  1. Yes, Rob has signed back for Falmouth
  2. Mark Rapsey in a nightclub.......never! 😂🙈
  3. Chambers injured and Giler suspended Aren’t Portishead step 6? The same as Bodmin?

    Unfortunately, the finances are not there
  5. No pros should be playing at this level of football. Makes a mockery of the league
  6. If Parkway, Tavi, Bodmin and who ever else want to pay money, it's down to them and no one else. Get over it
  7. You are alive Leeds?! Bodmin have a bigger budget than St Austell.
  8. Tavi and Parkway will take some stopping but the league is not won or lost in August!
  9. Leeds united

    Can't see it being Huds either
  10. St blazey

    No thank you
  11. St blazey

    Management takes up a lot of hours in the week. I take my hat off to anyone that does it as it's a difficult job. Haven't seen Blazey play but give the lad a chance. It's only 3 games in!
  12. Hi Dan,

    Any news on the replica shirt you ordered for me yet?

    Good luck for tomorrow by the way.


    Steve Trudgian

  13. Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa