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    Although I read this site every day I've managed to not contribute for over a year . However I can't help but respond to this subject which is one of the most interesting and important subjects on here for ages . I'm particularly interested because I'm involved with a league in Norfolk and our league has plummeted from 3 divisions down to just one in a very few years . A similar situation has occurred in other parts of our county with some leagues disappearing altogether . There are now huge areas of Norfolk without a village football team and sadly these teams will never return . I'll keep my posting short so as not to bore you but I totally agree with earlier posts asking why nobody asks those who longer play why they finished . The FA have recently implemented a survey regarding grass roots football but yet again fail to ask why people no longer play . ( I must I found the question about a prayer room rather strange , I'm not sure providing a prayer room would increase player numbers ) I strongly believe that organised football for 6 year olds up to 13 year olds must shoulder the blame for some of the decline . I know I'll receive a barrage of comments about this , but let's face facts , the majority of football teams in this age group are run by parents for the benefit of their child .As soon as that child reaches 16 the team folds . During that time the child has learned no useful football skills and has probably suffered some miserable games . They are unable to integrate into adult football and so are lost to the game . From my experience some of the better ones are so arrogant that they don't progress up the football ladder because they can't be told anything .