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  1. Thanks for response . I went to our county FA's meeting last night and because of the seriousness of this problem this subject was the main thing on the agenda . The conclusion was after much debate amongst all the adult leagues that it is a lost cause . Young people have either lost interest in or the desire to carry on playing football after 17 -ish and in spite of efforts to retain them after youth football , the majority stop playing . Allowance has to be made for university and work , but even so the future looks grim .Statistics proved that there is a decline in the number of 16 to 19 year olds playing in adult football . The question of reducing the age to play adult football down to 15 years old was raised . The national FA say that players under 16 are not physically capable of playing football with adults . I know at least 3 of you will laugh at this and reminisce how you played against 6foot tall , 18 stone ex. semi pros and coped reasonably well at the age of 14 or 15 , in the 60's . Many of the grizzled old men at the meeting came out with similar points . Unfortunately , as the county FA said they don't make the rules . Even the mid week 5 aside games are fading away after a bright start 3 or 4 years ago . This could cause a few problems financially due to the huge cost of maintaining 3 g pitches . I suppose the topic comes to an end .
  2. Bit of a disappointing response . I was hoping that some young contributors would post some reasons why they or their friends no longer play football . There must be reasons other than x box and work . Surely we can't have lost complete leagues of 40 plus teams in the last 10 years because of those two reasons alone !!!!! . This is a good forum ( in my opinion ) as I've said before .Unlike anti social media , sorry social media , and other forums people are able to give opinions and discuss topics in a sensible way without fear of abusive replies , so take advantage of this and give us older has been's the reasons why the game is collapsing . The reason I'm particularly interested is that I'm involved with a league here in Norfolk and we are lucky enough to have evening discussions with the FA . This subject is often coming up in these meetings because the situation up here is dire as regards clubs folding but nobody knows why. We cannot seem to grasp the mindset of young people .Unfortunately we don't have a forum to use in order to reach out to young people Our forums have all been closed due to abuse so take advantage of yours .
  3. Can anyone give a reason why football at lower levels has declined so dramatically in the last 5 years or so ? . I know many will say that young people are more interested in x box and other modern marvels than playing the game and I know that work patterns have changed with many young men working in the retail industry ( used to be called shops when I was young ! ). But there must be other reasons . Is it playing youth football from the age of 6 diluting the desire to carry on and represent your town or village when you are older ? . Is the all weekend coverage of Premiership and Championship games taking the magic out of playing the game by it's saturation effect ?. The standard s and abilities of players have dropped as well , here in East Anglia the semi pro teams are having to sign players from the North Essex and London area because of the lack of players with the ability to play at their level . The financial result of this is crippling some of these clubs . At the lower levels here in Norfolk teams are folding at the rate of one a fortnight and sadly some clubs have indicated that they will fold at the end of this season due to lack of players . In the equivalent of your Duchy or Trelawney leagues divisions 2 down to 6 some teams are losing by almost cricket scores for example . one division 2 team has conceded 146 goals in 19 games , another in division 4 , 146 in 17 . games are called of every week through shortage of players . Things are so bad that most leagues now award the points to the other team rather than try to re arrange games in an already crowded schedule . In my own league one team has conceded 250 goal in 14 games , you have to admire them for carrying on , but its not good . The FA recently carried out a grassroots survey nationally to determine why clubs are folding , its easy to be critical , but they asked the wrong questions , for example has having a prayer room at the ground really got relevance to the decline ? it might be for a few in inner cities I suppose .For a few seasons now all registered players are registered on the FA database , why can't they contact a few of those that are on there but no longer play , why they no longer play ? . Why have the standards and skills of players dropped so alarmingly ? We a re led to believe that modern coaching of youth players leads to better players in adulthood . I've yet to see it in the many grassroots games that I watch . Players can no longer dribble past opponents , pass a ball with any accuracy or header a ball ( moot point at the moment ) and their communication skills on the pitch is almost non existent , except when abusing officials . Many ex professionals such as Chris Waddle and Chris Sutton think that modern coaching has prevented young players from the freedom of expression with the ball . They haven't spent the hours of playing with friends on waste ground for hours on end or playing with just 2 or 3 doing keepy ups and that sort of thing . In short that don't develop ball skills . I think this is reflected in British professional players . How many have the ability to dribble past defenders and put accurate crosses in ? The seem to start with great promise and stagnate . There are many examples of this Walcott being one , great promise to start with but has never progressed to being a great player . There are many others . Hopefully a few young players will respond to my question as to why their friends either no longer play football or don't play at all .
  4. Dissent.

    Just to take us back to the subject . I accept that is easy to be critical of organisations , particularly when we don't know the thinking behind ideas .However I cannot understand how anyone from the FA cannot see that dissent is ruining the game .Do any of the FA officials watch games , either live or televised ? . How can they not instruct officials to and clubs to clamp down on this problem ? . Some say it's acceptable because it's passion and heat of the moment , well so are some murders but the guilty party doesn't go unpunished .The problem is getting worse as is the other forms of cheating . Unfortunately the tv. pundits , or the majority of them , go along with it , particularly diving in the box . They say it's acceptable because " there was contact " or would have been if he didn't go down ..Sadly what happens at the top filters down to the bottom and as a result the life of a referee at the lower levels will become unbearable in the future if there isn't a clamp down . I know you have a severe shortage of referees in your area , what will happen if future would be referees are put off by the amount of abuse from players and management .Also , less likely I know , how long before local councils are forced to close grounds following complaints from nearby residents ?
  5. Dissent.

    My apologies Keith , it's my fault I drifted off the subject .
  6. Dissent.

    Yes a good game Rhino, I thought Blackburn lacked a few ideas with the ball into the box . Some balls seemed a bit hit and hope someone will get on the end . Good first goal from Plymouth though . Unfortunately it looks as if I've got to make the pilgrimage ???? down to Cornwall again before the seasons end to see them again , possibly the Peterborough game because grandson enjoyed it so much . He's 15 and it was his first live game . Next time I must avoid the family enclosure , , some of the 5year olds are worse than the grown ups , leaping up and abusing the officials etc etc .. In spite of the distance not a bad weekend with a good match , fish and chips from Roche and terrific breakfasts at Griggs in Sticker . Plus I saw the grandchildren
  7. England Womens Team manager.

    I side with you older , the people who it was aimed at understood the comments and regarded them as harmless .What I don't understand is why anyone of intelligence would broadcast the comments to the world . Speaking of being offended , how is it my wife can't be offended when we are addressed as " guys " ?I really don't understand modern grammar as in " should of " instead of " should have " or " getgo " instead of start or " amazing when it isn't amazing at all . Sorry back to football .
  8. England Womens Team manager.

    This is quite a complex subject really . I don't follow or use facebook or twitter or any of the so called social media sites . I read twitter comments in newspaper articles and sometimes wonder at the intelligence of some of the contributors . Why post offensive remarks and comments about people for all the world to see ?. Is it a massive ego that drives people like Gary Lineker and other celebrities to publish their thoughts and comments to so called followers ( having said that I'm doing the self same thing here ). If you are familiar with someone you know their sense of humour , or lack of it , so you can make comments to them face to face . You understand their humour and thinking and don't find their comments insulting . Your'e able to respond in a similar fashion . This is common in all sorts of stressful occupations such as military , fire service , surgeons etc. etc. . This is what keeps them together as a team , they understand each other . Unfortunately people outside that environment don't understand this and find it offensive . This is where the social media problem comes in , people outside the circle don't know the thinking behind some of the posts , because they don't know the individual posting it .So why don't they think before they commit the comments for all and sundry to read .? Another problem is that people react differently to situations . For example , some years ago I came across a traffic accident where a woman in her 80's had been t boned by another car causing her car to roll over . I helped her out of the car and told her to sit in my car in the warm and let the shock calm down . She said " young man I drove an ambulance in London during the Blitz , I don't recognise shock " . A few weeks later 2 women police officers had to have 6 weeks of with stress and needed counselling after attending the scene of a drowning in the sea . The bodies were washed out to sea so they didn't see the bodies . My point is that different people react and read situation differently so people close to Neville including women didn't find his comments offensive . As regards his job it's going to be a difficult one , having to treat everyone with kid gloves is very difficult in football . Are the Hockey , Rugby and cricket teams managed by women ? Digressing slightly , Keith B you're right some women have struggled for years to achieve any sort of recognition for their achievements , aside from in the entertainment world , which is not a real world so can be discounted . One of my heroines is a woman call Beatrice Schilling who in the 1930's built her own Norton motorbike and lapped Brooklands at 106 mph . She then worked for the Royal Aircraft Establishment as an engineer . One of her major achievements was solving the problem of fighter aircraft cutting out when diving in dog fights during the Battle of Britain. She went on to work on rockets, designed an Olympic bobsleigh , designed a braking system for jet fighters and worked on carburation systems for formula 1 cars . She had to fight sexism , along with many other capable women engineers and scientists , all the way through her career .Things have improved a bit today with some women getting credit for their achievements . End of history lesson from bored person in cold wet and windy Norfolk .
  9. Dissent.

    Speaking of people at the engineering firm not interested in free seat for a championship game Dave , I went to the Ipswich Wolves game on Saturday with my son and grandson . We got in our seats high up in the stand about 2.15 .2.50 arrived and there were 6 people a row or two in front of us . We are thinking " there's going to be a hell of a lot of movement in a few minutes " The players came out and the game started and we are still sitting in this huge area with possibly 10 other people . There were huge areas of the ground totally empty I think the gate was 17000 and about 2000 of those were away supporters . I asked a steward if it was always like that and he said the number of Wolves fans meant that it was a bigger gate than normal . Apparently the fans don't like Mick McArthey so they stay away . Ipswich aren't a bad team , particularly as they haven't spent a lot of money on players in the past few seasons . They're mid table and play decent football and it's a modern stadium , what do the fans want ? At the end of the game the home end fans , who stood all game , booed their team off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way it's Plymouth on Saturday , perhaps the gate will be bigger .
  10. We are constantly being encouraged to be in awe of the premiership and told it is the greatest division in the world . BUT if you analyse it is it really that good . Many will shoot down my thoughts stating that in the cases mentioned the Premiership teams fielded weakened teams .. Manchester United struggled against Bristol City , Arsenal lost to Notts Forest Manchester City beat Wolves on penalties after extra time and then appeared to struggle against Bristol City in the League cup . Chelsea were fortunate against Norwich in the FA cup . As I said , granted that these teams played weakened teams but so did the championship teams . Also the alleged weakened Premiership teams had players that you would expect to be up to Premiership standard , why else have them .? These results , and others like Leicester and Fleetwood where Fleetwood hit the post in the dying seconds in the first game etc. etc. makes you wonder if they are that good . I accept that over a season the championship teams would struggle to maintain the pace in the top division as Huddersfield and Newcastle have proved . Is it because the prima donnas struggle to cope with direct football , or as Corporal Jones would say " they don't like it up em " .
  11. Dissent.

    In answer to your question Cornish I live east of Norwich , my daughter emigrated to Cornwall 12 years ago so I spend quite a few weeks of the year in Mawgan Porth . As I'm used to the trip 400 miles doesn't seem so far . Having re read my post it seems a bit hypocritical to say that the modern game disgusts me and then go on to say that I watch Norwich and Ipswich and travel 200 miles for some Wolves games plus watching Plymouth next week . Well the Norwich home games are free , courtesy of an engineering firm who have seat allocations and very few of their staff are interested in using the seats so my son has the option of using them . He's an Ipswich supporter so I repay him by paying for some Ipswich home games ( Ipswich is only 40 miles away . ) I've been a lifelong Wolves supporter so I thought at long last I'll take in some of their home games , plus of course they play Wolves this weekend .The Plymouth game is a birthday treat for my Cornish grandson . At least with live games I can make my own mind up and form my own opinion without the battery of pundits helping me . Sorry to digress from post subject , still the best football forum to browse , I must donate next season to help keep it going .
  12. Dissent.

    Thanks very much I'll buy online . I'm making my 400 mile trip down to God's other county for a few days stay so I thought I'd see them play Blackburn , plus fish and chips from Treboney in Roche .Long way for fish and chips , but worth it .
  13. Dissent.

    I must be honest and say that the game I've followed , played and team managed for 65 years now disgusts me . When SKY effectively took over the professional game we were told it would be a whole new world .Well it certainly has done that . To my mind its destroyed British football to such an extent that none of the home nations have decent team . Effectively the premiership and championship are foreign clubs playing in this country . The owners , managers and the majority of players are all foreigners with no real interest in the history of the game . Can you think of any other " sport " that condones cheating , where officials are routinely abused and insulted by the players , where spectators delight in singing foul chants about officials and opposition players . How can the FA allow the wholesale cheating that goes on , the wrestling match during corners and free kick , the diving ( which the many pundits think is permissible because contact is nearly made or " he won a penalty or free kick ) , the deliberate foul to stop an attack ( again permissible according to the pundits in order to break up an attack ) and the constant examination of all the officials decisions . Modern football must be unique in all these respects . We've got managers who constantly criticise officials , if you listen to them you realise that they could never be an official themselves because they seem to miss any offences committed by their own players .. Small wonder that there is a bit of concern within the FA that the 17 to 20 age group are not paying to watch the game , the concern being that in 10 to 15 years spectator numbers will drop dramatically . Spectators themselves are strange people , I watch Norwich City occasionally , as well as Wolves and Ipswich and most of the supporters around me at any of these clubs just sit and moan about the players , the officials and the manager . They never seem happy and I wonder why spend a large part of your income on a season ticket for something you don't enjoy . Everyone of them has a better team selection , everyone is a better official than the ones on the pitch . They've certainly got better eyesight , at a recent Norwich game I was sitting behind a goal in the extreme right of the stand , the ball was played down the left hand side of the pitch roughly in line with the other end penalty area , as one all the people around me are up on their feet screaming for a throw in because the ball ( they said ) had gone over the line . The linesman then came in for abuse . What is it with football supporters ? how could they possibly tell that the ball had crossed a line 75 + yards away and out of their view ? End of my yearly forum contribution . One question ...... is it best to buy tickets for Plymouth games online of is it easier to buy at the turnstile on the day ? second question do the Plymouth fans moan ?