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  1. Yes I certainly do, also remember the crowds it all use to attract.
  2. I might be wrong but were Tiverton in the swpl at one time - maybe my imagination ?
  3. I would have thought a pointless exercise, the difference in standards is hardly noticeable.
  4. That will never happen with their dislike of me - not even comfortable with going to see matches !
  5. Thanks for reminding me of my old age - you will be there one day !
  6. My feelings exactly - I consider that £5 is too much for swpl matches considering the standard of the football.
  7. Not much better now as far as the cornwall fa is concerned !
  8. BIG AL

    FA Cup/FA Vase

    They will need it !
  9. Because I would want change and that would be bad news for the club!
  10. Exactly the unfriendly attitude of a club committee has a detrimental effect on recruiting volunteers that is why I will never volunteer until attitudes change.
  11. Good to see a great effort made by both Saltash and Callington clearly publishing their friendly fixture lists. Maybe some more clubs will do the same.
  12. Probably plays for the local pub !
  13. Some clubs lack of suporters information about their clubs always amazes me.
  14. Drive past it 5 times a day ! What is the difference if I did read it on twitter - it is a fact and facts do not lie !!
  15. Providing they can all get into the ground ! Resembles a war zone there with fencing everywhere around the entrance and car park.
  16. But Parkway are unique !!!!
  17. The future and growth of Cornish football is zero if the present administrative system remains in place. Far too many rules and regulations !
  18. The Cornish fa are incapable of doing anything except probably wearing their black blazers at todays cornwall show and trying to show everyone how wonderful they are !
  19. Was the draw done in the public domain - I would not think so ! The sooner this league is disbanded the better !