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  1. Plenty of those at the moment !
  2. Have to count the pennies, nothing foolish about that ... dear me.
  3. I follow the games in great detail on social media - a lot more economic.
  4. Yes with virtually no roofs ! Roll on the new ground, I understand everything is going to be perfect, I will wait an see.
  5. I go to watch football and not observe a building site, I have enough of that during the week. The non existence of a programme does not worry me at all as £1 for a skeleton type programme is excessive.Also £5 is a lot of money but I would pay this if everything was in order such as dry areas to stand under.
  6. Sounds like a good game.
  7. I understood they were unbeatable - really chuffed ! Next up is Newquay.
  8. BIG AL

    Senior Cup

    Knowing the fa that is probably what happened !
  9. BIG AL

    Witheridge withdraw!

    and yourself ? Mousehole?
  10. BIG AL

    Witheridge withdraw!

    That saves journeys there which were always fixture for bank holidays. Surely another club should fill the vacancy to bring numbers up or is that too much to expect from the swpl officials
  11. Bodmin seem to be very tight lipped but I am sure they will finish in the top three.
  12. I always know better.
  13. That would be a real change and a treat !