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  1. Launceston struggling this season along with torpiont. Both seem like they need a goal scorer from somewhere. To think some top clubs have 2 decent ones warming the bench
  2. that the issue .nothing on any of the social media about there even being a fixture , would have thought this would have been a massive game for the club
  3. maybe it was a long journey back home did not have time to pop in . mind they should have at least informed you always annoying when a load of food is put on and no one appreciates it
  4. how many of that crowd were Torquay fans bored on a Tuesday night ?? . must have been only a handful of truro support . 159 is terrible . parkway get that on a bad night
  5. Callington Town 1 v 3 Saltash United Cullompton Rangers 2 v 2 Bodmin Town Exmouth Town 3 v 1 Torpoint Athletic Falmouth Town 5 v 1 Ivybridge Town Godolphin Atlantic 3 v 1 Launceston Helston Athletic 2 v 0 Millbrook Newquay 1 v 5 St Austell Sticker 1 v 8 Tavistock
  6. dave hallett he must have been at Tavi for years
  7. sportsman10

    Western league standard.

    Rosenquest has his best game apparently along with a few others. Would you say Krac absence made a difference to the team being more positive?
  8. sportsman10

    Hodgey resigns!

    does the truro manager not get paid then ? and other good local options do not own their own house ? what an odd statement to make . it has nothing to do with that . lee hodges was given the job because of his links to argyle and getting the pick of youth players etc same thing will go for next guy if he has torquay links
  9. sportsman10

    Western league standard.

    Beat 4 nil I believe. Bit of a thumping. Maybe not the walk in the park people thought.
  10. sportsman10

    Truro City FC

    no thought for the fan at all . prob hoping the torquay fans would turn out and watch, so you increase the gate money that not going to happen , im sure a ground in cornwall could have been found to at least help your fans watch a game . its like parkway moving to bristol to play home games .
  11. playing the home games at torquay was a ridiculous move . as you said there are plenty of grounds near that could have been used , they barely took 50 up to torquay when i bet you would have got 2 to 300 or more if more local . truro seem to be going backwards . offloaded all their best players , rocky neil banging in goal after goal for taunton in pre season no wonder the gaffer had enough shambles
  12. sportsman10

    Godolphin vs Tavistock

    the manager has to say that tho and put him on the bench ,shows the team he wont walk into the squad , they are both good friends so i am sure glyn will be leading that line again soon and it should spur the strikers already there to give everything . can only be good for Tavi
  13. sportsman10

    Godolphin vs Tavistock

    Cracking result that for Godolphin. Was fully expecting tavi to win with ease. Can only imagine glyn Hobbs is still not fully fit to be left the on the bench. Saltash won comfortably tonight and could be dark horses for the league if they keep everyone fit.
  14. sportsman10


    that is his standard tackle . wont learn from it