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  1. Don't get ahead of yourself JP, still a lot of work to do yet against a good Saltash side.
  2. I seem to remember an old thread that listed 5/6 SWPP clubs that were at risk of being relegated, due to not keeping up with ground grading regs. Anyone know if this is still the case, or if this is likely to be enforced?
  3. Congratulations to Ryan Holden (Illogan-Penzance-Illogan) and Jamie Peters (Falmouth-St Austell-Elburton) for becoming the first 2 players to have transferred twice before the first league game of the season! Have I missed anyone else?
  4. ​That's certainly not a jealous comment, merely 'is he good enough to play for St Austell' If he's not playing and just picking up an envelope and is happy with that then fair enough. St Austell seemed to have signed a few people, so there will be some unhappy people a few games into the season and no doubt the people who aren't quote good enough will go else where just to play. If he wants to be playing I imagine there will be more game time on offer at Penryn or St D.
  5. Suppose it depends if he wants to play or pick up an envelope! Heard at trajning last night Steve Parker Billinge gone to Falmouth (currently Illogan)
  6. Playing against Bowyer last year, he's a decent young lad, will certainly score goals in the prem, but will still wast more chances than he scores!
  7. ​Both Newquay and Falmouth seem to be strengthening, Helston on the other hand..... Only just managed to get promoted and seem to be loosing a few of last years stronger players. Admittedly Goldy is the man in which they will need to keep hold of, butwill he have enough behind him?? Bottom 5 for me, Helston, Cullompton, Ellbuton, Falmouth, Stoke Gabriel (not in that order)