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  1. Hey Kev ...how yo doing buddy (?) I do intend to pop down there one day to see all these changes, when ...how longs a piece of string (?) Best of luck to Mousehole from me, ride the wave while you can ...nothing lasts forever.
  2. As I posted previously, if you can find the road (!) I have been to the ground on a few occasions, albeit not for a few years, I could not jump in my car and find the ground without a degree of difficulty. But I may pop down there again at sometime to see "wazzon" down there in deepest Cornwall (!)
  3. NLS - 17th February 2018

    When they are cutting back and back again, with savings needed of circa £70 million is it (?) how can they justify building a loss making monument (?) The Pirate consortium have already stated they will subsidise it for £300K per year for the first ten years, what then(?) What if the running costs/losses are greater than that in the first ten years (?) to many if's for me..... and many others. I don't know of any local authority enterprise that has made any sort of return to the ratepayer....rather always hefty losses. I will be almightily surprised if it gets built (!) The consortium are only using TCFC as a bargaining/blackmail tool anyway, and with crowds of 300++ each match day I would think that would be a loss maker as well (!) To open up a stadium of that size requires staffing for the whole ground, not just a corner of it, and it's too small for a truly headline band to play in, so ....make you own minds up. To me - a huge financial loss on the horizon after the honeymoon period ends.
  4. NLS - 17th February 2018

    It is going to go right to the wire, last minute reprieve is needed. I'm not hearing a great deal of support for the stadium, maybe if the government comes up with the shortfall as promised - then might happen.
  5. NLS - 17th February 2018

    Yup, agree with that. Maybe another version of the club at Malpas though ...a sustainable level for them.
  6. NLS - 17th February 2018

    A move to Torquay would be the end game to me. 300++ at Truro itself, Torquay, lucky to see 100 the finances would be crippling. Get promoted, straight back down, and the fall would continue it TCFC survived at all - no ground will seal your fate. The land grabbers win in the end.
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

    They all do it - stupid. Wanyama's fault for the equaliser, watched the geezer stroll past him and didn't care, pro footballer my arse...out of my team for that lack of effort.
  8. Tottenham Hotspur

    Hey Mangle ....I totally agree with you (!) I've got to lie down after saying that Missing Toby Alderweireld big time, and should have kept Kyle Walker - but what do we know.
  9. reasons for decline in lower level football

    I can do a lot more than hold a card mate.
  10. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    I agree to disagree
  11. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    Only when the traffic can actually move !!! The Council are going to be building all over "green" Cornwall to fufill its obligations to provide housing for the over population taking place. Falmouth , Truro and Camborne are gridlocked everyday now.
  12. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    Fair shout - live and learn...thanks.
  13. I believe they are looking for a cleaner at HQ....get in there son.
  14. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    A lot of income lost to clubs already this season due to cancellations, now more income lost due to more lost fixtures (!) I hope the double headers are evened out on the fixtures to give a bit of income to all. Myself I would have simply played a standard game and doubled the points up ...ie a normal fixture....normal costs. But I do agree with many, the league should have asked the clubs for their ideas - and ran with the most favoured by the member clubs. But hellfire what a wet season this has been - never seen anything like it....expecting Noah any day now !!!!!!!
  15. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    Not a great fan of the figures being quoted ...they tend to go up !!!!!! But it is for the whole of Cornwall not just a select few....incorporate the hall for Cornwall into the stadium maybe. I would look for somewhere around the Bodmin area myself, straight off the A30...suitable for everyone I would think. Enough in Truro already methinks.
  16. Tottenham Hotspur

    Your team would love a draw at the moment wouldn't they (?)
  17. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    A Chinese whisper at the moment surely (?)
  18. Bodmin Town

    Well said for clarifying that.
  19. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    There's the meat on the bone in the West Briton today, statement by the pirates executive. One little mention of TCFC, and the rest is all about the pirate's and the college, TCFC are just an after thought to be accommodated or suffered to achieve a stadium. The most interesting bit, it will be subsidised to the tune of £300K per year for the first ten years (!) It is being built to lose money. Ten years down the line when the subsidy finishes it will require a major overhaul by then - who pays (?) and then who takes the annual losses (?) It should now be called THE PIRATES STADIUM 'cause it isn't for Cornwall, if it was it would be built in mid Cornwall, not Cornwall's M25
  20. reasons for decline in lower level football

    Ha, ha Steve ...nothing wrongt there buddy ....who was this Miss spent you mentioned (?)
  21. Tottenham Hotspur

    How many times did assenhole win it (?) Pain is a wonderful thing ....had it for enough years - payback.
  22. Tottenham Hotspur

    I know, I know.....so disappointing.
  23. reasons for decline in lower level football

    To much organised youth football, they've been playing 10 years before they get to that age, and with dads telling them to drop off, go wide and all the rest of what I've heard at these games ....no wonder they're fed up with it. W used to put a couple of jumpers down and away we went for 6 odd hours a day ....dreaming of the day when we could play in an organised league. Then Saturday was match of the day ...nothing else, today you can watch every game played in the world, the mystery is gone with that scenario. A serious number of teams / clubs to fold yet I fear.
  24. SWPL & Cups - Saturday 10th February 2018

    Now you're just digging a bigger hole for yourself Al ....stop digging boy.
  25. Bodmin Town

    Read the comment above ...not so dumb maybe (?)