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  1. derek brown

    Never spoke to the fella, but I used to see him doing something there everyday, or time I was there or went past. Going to be missed I would think, very busy shoes to fill it looks like to me.....sorry to hear he has gone. Condolences to his family from me.
  2. NLS - Fixtures for Saturday February 3 2018

    An ambulance and hospital for that - really !!!!!!
  3. NLS - Fixtures for Saturday February 3 2018

    who - me!!!!!!
  4. Pretty much to do with playing on pitch that should not be played on, standing foot stuck in the mud, get caught in that scenario and you break a leg.
  5. NLS - Fixtures for Saturday February 3 2018

    Oldest swinger in town (?)
  6. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    He'll be used as a substitute most of the time. You need a few spurs boys ....YO!!!!
  7. Tottenham Hotspur

    Just watched the highlights....happy bunny here. My man of the match - Lloris......league table looking good.
  8. Yes - a big well done from me there mate.
  9. An update on the Stadium for Cornwall project...

    You should have shut the sea valves before putting her in the water ....lol ...and that's all Spanish to me
  10. Lol...it was meant to be slightly light hearted...with a grain of reality. I do the cooking at our club ...mostly, what people expect sometimes is beyond a Michelin chef, and portions you can't see over the top of. Sorry, in my world you get a snack sort of, if you want filling up - go home. OR ....I'll cook a roast for the right bucks. About £8/9 around here. All of course in the best possible taste There you go...Torpoint - only JUST in Cornwall.
  11. Funny old world ...I thought people went football to watch a game - not eat !!! If you want to eat - go to a restaurant.... a few chips are good enough for anyone.
  12. An update on the Stadium for Cornwall project...

    The quarry has already bought that for expansion buddy, but I do like your idea of a couple of red and black teams joining up.....save me all that paddling.
  13. All of that would depend on planning regulations....the same as here - off by 9pm I believe.
  14. An update on the Stadium for Cornwall project...

    Hardly, they're not a million miles away from the TCFC position.
  15. England Womens Team manager.

    Interesting joke in the papers today. Quote "it's a good job he never said I hope they're all "fit" when asked about the first meeting with them. OH NO (!) I'm in trouble now for telling that un-pc joke ....lol Jeez if you ever seen a ladies night - I don't see how they can be offended by anything. !!!!!!
  16. Combo Groundhop - Any interest?

    I have found that most ground hoppers are amazed at the facilities on offer in Cornwall, and the fact that the majority of clubs actually own their ground. They are also surprised that players at this level are paid (!)
  17. The 3G here is hired out for £49 per game, and is well used as it was built and funded on the premise of being a community facility.
  18. An update on the Stadium for Cornwall project...

    I believe that we certainly could, and have turned down some serious wedges over the last few years. The problem being a site to move too, most of the viable local land is already spoken for it seems. So for us at this time, we will stay where we are for the foreseeable future.......but watch this space maybe.
  19. Read Rayvon's post.
  20. An update on the Stadium for Cornwall project...

    If they had not gone on this adventure up the leagues (!) they had no choice, or they would have been gone by now !!!!! They paid over the odds in the old days for bog standard players, with big end of season loyalty wedges that they could not afford. Would have thought you would have understood that as well ....you did similar and have had to sell your ground to survive.!!! Pot and kettle there town man.
  21. I was going to watch this one, but after a day out in this shite weather, and being totally fed up with all this rain - I'm staying in.
  22. England Womens Team manager.

    Well I saw two of these tweet things on the news today, can't see how anyone would have misread them, they were nothing ...have any woman complained about them - not heard of any. Load of old PC nonsense yet again in my world.
  23. An update on the Stadium for Cornwall project...

    That's first class to me, my old school (circa 1964) doing the business...tell them brilliant from me. Used to play on those old pitches, in the green team called Newporth. Can't wait to visit the facility, got to be better than some of the others I've seen.