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  1. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    Yes Dave ....lets build a white elephant that will gobble rate payers money by the 0,0000s, like all of the other local authority ventures.
  2. Sportsmanship

    Stop the dissent/abuse in the premiership is the starting place. How you bring respect back into todays world - now that's a whole different ball game !!!!!
  3. Saltash United v Godolphin

    A few years ago, yes, from memory the player who broke his leg received circa £12,000 Anther occasion one attempted to sue a referee, but got nowhere with it.
  4. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    WOW (!) A bigot with no idea how local authority actually works. I could destroy everything you have mentioned with actual facts, but that never works with bigots, so I'll leave you to your totally uninformed opinions. I wish you well too ...I'll give you one thing - your post made me smile - a lot.
  5. reasons for decline in lower level football

    To much youth footy, to much tv football, and other things to do, football locally will continue to decline until a sustainable level is found.
  6. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    Could have been 6 to the yid army, and a draw would have gutted me. Yes we are playing well and may win something - sometime ...we'll see. Top 4 for the win these days.
  7. Saltash United v Godolphin

    Correct, we were tougher, and we didn't blame any one except ourselves.....certainly not the referee (very often)
  8. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    I actually worked in local government for 37years, they could not handle me then (too forthright) and they would not want me back I'm sure !!!!!
  9. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    Yeah - you were (!)
  10. All roads lead....

    If you can find the road that is ??????
  11. Saltash United v Godolphin

    That post makes a mockery of every post you've ever put up about cancelling early.....lmfao
  12. Sportsmanship

    And over the refs shoulder the players would be effing and jeffing....would make for great telly ....lol
  13. Or is it as far away as possible from you Al ????????
  14. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    You're joking if you think that bunch could handle me in their back yard ....lol
  15. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    All gone quiet over there ??????? COYS
  16. Dissent.

    All a reflection on todays society I'm afraid, and, yes, not in danger of collapsing - it is collapsing. The FA only really have eyes on the premiership, where the money is, and a huge swathe of todays football supporters believe there is nothing beyond that league. And certainly nothing as low as local football.
  17. This is the moment for the Stadium4Cornwall

    Close the toilets and libraries, collect waste fortnightly - open a stadium........DOH!!!!!!!!
  18. An idea for The Combo?

    Give it up you two ....great minds - lol One a assenhole supporter, the other some obscure just about a league team fan !!!!!!!!!
  19. Offside Law

    Played onside as soon as the ball was touched, no problem with that. Fell down awful easy though, I would have put money on the missed penalty - justice.....and I'm a Spurs man.
  20. An idea for The Combo?

    Brexit needs to be kicked out ..!!!!!!
  21. An idea for The Combo?

    I did mention this a few weeks ago, the weather has changed over the past few seasons, and the league has to react to it. I've walked on Penryns pitch tonight, still an absolute pudding in places, the freezing weather is now holding the water just under the surface with no chance of firming up yet !!!!!
  22. derek brown

    Never spoke to the fella, but I used to see him doing something there everyday, or time I was there or went past. Going to be missed I would think, very busy shoes to fill it looks like to me.....sorry to hear he has gone. Condolences to his family from me.
  23. NLS - Fixtures for Saturday February 3 2018

    An ambulance and hospital for that - really !!!!!!
  24. NLS - Fixtures for Saturday February 3 2018

    who - me!!!!!!
  25. Pretty much to do with playing on pitch that should not be played on, standing foot stuck in the mud, get caught in that scenario and you break a leg.