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  1. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    COYS Premier League Standings · Scores and schedule - Team PTS GP W D L GS GD 1 Manchester City 31 11 10 1 0 38 31 2 Manchester United 23 11 7 2 2 23 18 3 Tottenham Hotspur 23 11 7 2 2 20 13 4 Chelsea 22 11 7 1 3 19 9 5 Liverpool 19 11 5 4 2 21 4 6 Arsenal 19 11 6 1 4 20 4
  2. FA Cup

    You don't think for minute that anyone believes that you did that - do you ....(!) Not with the Helical money gone, and the only way you will survive is if the council build a ground for you.....which was always the plan anyway. The rest of it being smoke and mirrors.
  3. Tigertalk forum

    Re boot it.
  4. If Penryn had hit the goal instead of the goalkeeper ....you would have lost comfortably (!) But ...they didn't - so well done from me, and a good bunch in the bar as well....one of the few teams to stay a while.
  5. SWPL - Wednesday 1st November 2017

    Who cares who Leeds is ...I don't - git on wiv it.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur

    Thanks for that, don't know the result, was going to watch it later you numpty .........3-1 eat your heart out gooners.
  7. Another club folding!?

    To much organised youth football for me, by the time they are 16 they have been playing organised football for ten years. They then want something different, not just what their dad wants.....and everything was given to them for ten years - no work effort any more. The kids of today have had it all given to them, they don't have to build anything anymore. And a lot of todays football supporters think football is all about watching it on the TV.

    Always make me smile when top paid professionals are excused losing to tired legs .....four and a half hours work in 6 days .....tough at the top...ish.
  9. AFC St.Austell v Falmouth

    Excellent result for Penfal again
  10. Popped out there today and the grass is growing... and at the 4 leaf stage. A quick pace out gave me measurements of 68 mtrs by 105 mtrs, and that was edge to edge, nowhere big enough for anything else to go there. But, further infill was taking place as I was there, I'll leave it at that or I would be done for libel if I commented on what I looked at (!) An awful lot to be done yet before any football will be played on that.
  11. WHAT !!! a hole in the ground is being revered, funny old world. You cannot see the new pitch from the road big Al, it's not the waterlogged bit at the top, I think that is going to be a small school pitch.
  12. FA Cup

    idiot in my world.
  13. Work is relatively advanced on the new pitch (I've seen it ) Grass is growing I'm told (have not seen this yet) Planning to have a look this week after having a chat with the Falmouth chairman.
  14. FA Cup

    Nice one SSS, he only came on to post that tripe ....trying to be a smart arse methinks.
  15. Reggie May I've been told, Chris Symonns has had to retire on advice of a surgeon and is waiting two operations for wear and tear.
  16. Add in the players and crowds opinions - and you have a football match.
  17. A good result for Penryn today with a fullback in goal (!)
  18. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    He's got what she wanted - you're talking about her.
  19. SWPL & FA Vase - Saturday October 28th 2017

    I love watching the kids fight - git on girlies.
  20. Cornwall Senior Cup

    I find the CCFA perfectly Ok, don't know why peeps keep going on about them. Perfectly approachable and do a good job in my opinion.
  21. Falmouth v Saltash

    Bit of fishing there Dave ...nice one ..lol The boys just wanted to test themselves at a higher level, and good on them for that. Ambition to move up to the money league .......NAH!!! not really, geographically in the wrong place methinks. And as for them moving for an extra fiver ...lol, that would be five pounds ore than they ever got at Penryn. They served us well, and stayed longer than we ever expected, so now I go to watch Falpen as well as Penryn. Tight lines.
  22. Falmouth v Saltash

    Penryn have changed Falmouth with 10 previous Rynners in the squad. And a good game to watch I must say, Saltash could have been 3 up in the first 15 minutes, but, they did not take those chances. Even teams in the first half, a good 20 minutes from Saltash at the start of the second half, but Falmouth (Penryn) took over for the rest of the second half with some tidy football. At the end a well deserved win for Falpen in perfect football conditions .....well done from me.
  23. FA Cup

    But 5ft 5" (?)
  24. SWPL - Friday October 20th 2017 - POSTPONED

    Like the wind that comes out of your mouth.
  25. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Grow up.