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  1. Tottenham Hotspur

    Don't you start talking dirty to me (!)
  2. Tottenham Hotspur

    Premier League Standings · Scores and schedule - Team PTS GP W D L GS GD 1 Manchester City 34 12 11 1 0 40 33 2 Manchester United 26 12 8 2 2 27 21 3 Chelsea 25 12 8 1 3 23 13 4 Tottenham Hotspur 23 12 7 2 3 20 11 5 Liverpool 22 12 6 4 2 24 WHOOPS!!!! can't see assenhole on the table yet.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

    Ouch !!!!!!

    I think you will find referees are neutral no matter where they come from. Never seen a biased one yet in well over 50 years of playing and watching football......get over it - no-one died.
  5. Fair shout there Postie....we were gutted after playing so well....our celebration was relief to get something out of it.
  6. You should have lost by 5.... stonewall penalty not given and hit the woodwork 4 times. Disappointing !!!!!! - you should be celebrating and put some money on the lotto. And a bit like a lot of teams these days, finish the game and straight off home, get used to it I'm afraid ....there's plenty doing it.

    Tom Daley.
  8. NLS - Saturday 11th November 2017

    Truro city led by an ex Penryn player....what else could I want (?)
  9. Mabe FC Fold

    And they will eventually leave there as well ....all short lived these days.
  10. Mabe FC Fold

    Mabe were never going to survive with their set up, and most leaving to Falmouth simply speeded that process up.
  11. SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Saw this one, and a good performance from the penfal lads. Could have been a hatful for the home team with constant one way traffic in both halves....very impressive football I thought. Have to say the Camelford forward number 8 was very impressive, best footballer I've seen for quite sometime. And a mention for the pitch as well, as good tonight as I've ever seen it (!) excellent presentation, but someone tell the groundsman to lift the nets and corner flags before he preps the pitch ....please, then I'll give him 5 stars. Well done to penfal from me.
  12. FA Cup

    Enter the FA cup at a lower level and it can be very expensive to enter if you lose.
  13. Tigertalk forum

    Alright ...alright - I'm not that bad.
  14. FA Cup

    A proper day out there, memories of yester year ......not many do it now, so will never understand what being a real football supporter is. Glad you had a good day out, well done to you and TCFC. Normal service will now be resumed.
  15. Tigertalk forum

    You would be surprised what I can do - be afraid - very afraid.
  16. Tigertalk forum

    Hey buddy. Remove the forum from the bar, highlight it, right click and remove it. Go to your search engine and bring up the forum, put it back on the bar.....see if that makes a difference. Check your available space in libraries, not much space left will really slow your screen down, and will eventually stop it working. Go to settings and clear your search history and caches, remove auto suggest from your settings as well. Go to settings again and refresh to an earlier time ....or go back to factory settings. Have to stop now as there is a problem on here at this time.....the mouse is all over the place and cannot post properly. I Will try again tomorrow. .
  17. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    Glad you enjoyed it.....football was good too....for some.
  18. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    COYS Premier League Standings · Scores and schedule - Team PTS GP W D L GS GD 1 Manchester City 31 11 10 1 0 38 31 2 Manchester United 23 11 7 2 2 23 18 3 Tottenham Hotspur 23 11 7 2 2 20 13 4 Chelsea 22 11 7 1 3 19 9 5 Liverpool 19 11 5 4 2 21 4 6 Arsenal 19 11 6 1 4 20 4
  19. FA Cup

    You don't think for minute that anyone believes that you did that - do you ....(!) Not with the Helical money gone, and the only way you will survive is if the council build a ground for you.....which was always the plan anyway. The rest of it being smoke and mirrors.
  20. Tigertalk forum

    Re boot it.
  21. If Penryn had hit the goal instead of the goalkeeper ....you would have lost comfortably (!) But ...they didn't - so well done from me, and a good bunch in the bar as well....one of the few teams to stay a while.
  22. SWPL - Wednesday 1st November 2017

    Who cares who Leeds is ...I don't - git on wiv it.
  23. Tottenham Hotspur

    Thanks for that, don't know the result, was going to watch it later you numpty .........3-1 eat your heart out gooners.
  24. Another club folding!?

    To much organised youth football for me, by the time they are 16 they have been playing organised football for ten years. They then want something different, not just what their dad wants.....and everything was given to them for ten years - no work effort any more. The kids of today have had it all given to them, they don't have to build anything anymore. And a lot of todays football supporters think football is all about watching it on the TV.

    Always make me smile when top paid professionals are excused losing to tired legs .....four and a half hours work in 6 days .....tough at the top...ish.