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  1. SWPL & Cup - Wednesday March 21 2018

    OH!!! it would be worse than that ....he might learn something
  2. SWPL & Cup - Wednesday March 21 2018

    Well done to Falpen from me, might go to the final if we aren't playing ourselves.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

  4. SWPL & Cup - Wednesday March 21 2018

    C'mon Falpen, lets have a final to go too and watch you boys !!!!
  5. Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    Well, well, look what the storm stirred up from the seabed - an old relic (!) See how much better you became after a few seasons at Penryn, we have the knack of doing that. I, and no-one from Penryn have any animosity towards these players at all, and the best of luck to theml, they served Penryn longer than we ever hoped for. But ....when that many move from one club to another, well, that's fair game for me, it's good to see Falmouth doing well after many years in the wilderness, it just took 75% of the team from Penryn to do it !!!!! But that's life .....best of luck to Penfal from me....Hope you are well John - PS... who's David (?) What - get back onto your own forum before the tide goes out and you're stuck in Penryn river.
  6. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    Pub cup for sure ....would rather win the junior cup....more prestigious.
  7. Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    Penryn always produces good players.
  8. Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    Another good win for the Penfal boys......well done from me.
  9. Thank you, much work gone on in the clubhouse with some valued volunteers.
  10. Just got back from a few days off and have read the thread.......no apologies for some of these remarks then ???? Both games played, both seemed to have concluded without mishap, pitch not too bad .....silence is golden s'pose.
  11. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    Was he smiling - or breaking wind (?)
  12. Tottenham Hotspur

    Just enjoying the craic........C'mon you Spurs.
  13. Tottenham Hotspur

    OUCH !!!! but should have won it. Ah well, always next season - again.
  14. City at Treyew for another season!

    There is still a big IF the stadium gets built (!) I believe it will not be built as they cannot justify it.....loss maker as identified by the pirates themselves. No stadium ....big, big trouble for TCFC, it's starting to look like death by a thousand cuts.
  15. weather for next week

    And a lot of rain forecast again this week !!!!!!