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  1. Consistency and discipline

    The bane of football is the continual berating and putting down of the officials. The indiscipline of players and supporters mouths ......everyone knows everything - but knows nothing. And we wonder why there is a shortage of referees, not hard to work out in my opinion. I watched a game yesterday where the moaning in the first half was ridiculous toward the ref, and in one instance a player kicked the ball with some venom at the volunteer lino. Quite rightly he was booked ...I would have sent him off in the blink of an eye...lucky fella.
  2. And all those youngsters in the bar couldn't run the line for you .....grrr !!!! winds me up that. Main pitch looking good, better than I've seen it before, and a credit to get it on if you had the same rain this week that we had. Well done ....should have been a draw for me, and well reffed I thought, even with all the moaning.
  3. Don't think you will ever wake up and smell the coffee from down the river.....but hey (!) happy Xmas to you too.
  4. Tottenham Hotspur

    Turned on that sixpence again ....funny old game.
  5. Tottenham Hotspur

    C'mon boys start singing - you know the words .....it's all gone quiet, all gone quiet all gone quiet over there. COYS.
  6. Thank you for your kind words there Sticker. It's always worth remembering that it is not the groundsman or referee that cancels games - it is the weather. The season now is ten months long, plenty of time to fit games in these days, I would always suggest to get as many games in early to allow cancellations during the winter. It takes more than a couple of hours to repair a pitch that has been badly damaged by playing when you shouldn't. And if you liquefy it you won't play on it for at least a month !!!!! The change in the weather patterns over the last 30 years is causing a lot of problems now, we don't get a bit of steady rain anymore, it's now a deluge over a couple of hours and no ground can deal with it.....unless of course you have a £1,000,000 premier league sand and rubber pitch of course. Best of luck to all the ground staff for this weekend....it will be a tough one.
  7. Spot on, look at the weather we've had this week, any pitch that has been cut up will have no chance of being played,
  8. Tottenham Hotspur

    Natural order restored. 1 Manchester City 49 17 16 1 0 52 41 2 Manchester United 38 17 12 2 3 37 26 3 Chelsea 35 17 11 2 4 31 17 4 Tottenham Hotspur 31 17 9 4 4 30 16 5 Liverpool 31 17 8 7 2 34 14 6 Burnley 31 17 9 4 4 16 4 7 Arsenal 30 17 9 3 5 30 10
  9. Tottenham Hotspur

    Because they're hurting - big time ....lol
  10. Trelawny League (& cups) - Saturday December 9th 2017

    Same here ...I'm Donald Duck and everyone should just get on with it ...unbelievable it's football, shit happens - just watch the games. It's not just on here, it's all over football, gob, gob, gob, everybody is at it in this world today.
  11. Tuesday, Dec 5th 2018 - Oxford City v Truro City

    I'll have a word with him - I know him well (!)
  12. will arsene spend [the so called transfer pot]

    And nobody watching .....lol
  13. Tottenham Hotspur

    Yes they did, but what an awful performance from Stoke, won't be going overboard on that result.
  14. Tuesday, Dec 5th 2018 - Oxford City v Truro City

    I've not seen any improvement to the field anytime I've been there, always a stodgy old wet council pitch from what I've seen. And what Truro are supposed to have different to others I'm sure I don't know.
  15. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    Hate is to strong a word there Miser Deacon .....whoops!!!! missed a T out there Dave .