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  1. Another player on board talented midfielder Lloyd Gardner has put pen to paper and joins us from Buckland a pal of Jared Lewington one would assume.
  2. Rayvon


    That good, surprised Penryn never snapped him up.
  3. For the coming season it has been announced that Joma will be the new kit sponsors and a new club badge has been unveiled. It incorporates the White Tiger the Three Spires and the St Pirans flag.
  4. Sorry mattelot did'nt realise they don't have any goalies in Mongolia.
  5. Too hot in Siberia for me Older I have been spending my holidays In Outer Mongoalia so have not had any spare time to visit the Kernick to watch some pub football but thanks for your heartfelt thoughts
  6. Not homeless Older in case you have been on holiday in Siberia for the last 2 months City will be at Treyew Road for the foreseeable future, the big issue is how long can the Athletic hang on to their ground on gates of 30, you do the sums.A football club cannot survive on chips and curry sauce alone.
  7. Doubt that the new strip will be red and black though Dave, those days have gone unless of course I win the lottery.
  8. I agree herbie, problem was Lee Hodges did not play him to his strengths, used to stick him up front on his own and use him as a battering ram against 6 foot plus defenders. I would have liked to see him working alongside the new lad but alas that will not now happen
  9. City have signed Jared Lewington from Tivvy with River Allen moving in the opposite direction. Also Rocky has left the club, any bets on who he signs for.
  10. Truro goalkeeper Tom McHale has been included in the England C squad for the game against Ireland on May 27th. A justified 'reward for his consistency in the league for Truro City this season .
  11. This game was played last weekend with the Republic running out 4.2 winners. Tom played for the first 45minutes and conceded one goal. I'm sure he would have enjoyed and learned from the experience. The question is will the City be able to hang on to his services for the coming season.
  12. Thought it worth a mention that eleven years ago today Truro City lifted the FA Vase at Wembley, many fond memories but on the day I suppose spending time in the company of our dear departed friends Morrish Truscott and Trevor Mewton must be up there with the best of them, hope your up there looking down lads remembering the memorable day.
  13. Rayvon


    There are more questions than answers Outsider, only time will tell.
  14. Rayvon


    Times have changed unfortunately Nige and not necessarily for the better, my wish would be if we ever did become the Corish Tigers that we could have a reserve team playing in a Cornish league wearing red and black stripes but unless I win the lottery I guess it will never happen.
  15. Rayvon


    Thanks for your concern stevieb but no need to be sympathic, most of the City fans that I know are quite excited about what lies in the future ok we have lost our ground but hey ho we have to look forward and its promising to hear that there are interested parties willing to take over our club although I do agree it is a bit like a soap opera. Anyone remember Peyton Place.
  16. Rayvon


    And don't forget the luxury coach that's worth about 120k. Available for hire to St Agnes or even Penryn if the White Tigers are playing at home.
  17. Rayvon


    Many a football club has been bought for a pound, that's 1million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand pound profit, might put in an offer myself, two quid sounds like a good deal.
  18. I'm very happy thanks Older been a fantastic roller coaster ride over the last ten years, I personally don't regret one minute, just waiting for the big take over. Onwards and upwards and still playing at Treyew Road WOW. The only thing that Athletic are famous for are their chips and curry sauce, don't know who the cook is but I hear he's on the shortlist for Master Chef
  19. At least we have been there and done it Older I even got the t shirt. Milk it while you can, just a matter of time before Kernick gets built on.
  20. And the Wembley connection continues. Noah Keats name embossed on Saturdays match ball along such names as Kevin De Bruyne and Alexis Sanchez, an honour indeed. Also a representative of Truro City included in the on pitch singing of Abide with me, better go for a gargle andd clear my throat just in case.
  21. Just for your information Older we are playing at Treyew Road next season the home of Truro City. Apologies for gatecrashing Falmouths thread.
  22. At Treyew Road unfortunately, sure he would have gone on to score many more goals possibly at a higher level but we will never know. A great striker imo, pace and skill. Best around at the time.
  23. Just a matter of time Older just a matter of time, you stick to watching your Cobination League football and leave the rest to the Big Boys.
  24. That's the price you pay for success Mattelot as you well know and some teams have more success than others at a higher price but at least we both got new stadiums to look forward to. I'll drink to that
  25. Stewart Yetton to join his mate Jake Ash.