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  1. NLS - 17th February 2018

    Makes me wonder if Truro were to get promoted and that's a BIG IF how many of the current squad would be up for the challenge and how many would be good enough, not many methinks.
  2. You are of course correct Fanfare with the Kimberley Stadium, just as a matter of interest what constitutes it to be one, been a long time since I been there but seem to remember them having some tiered seating. Does that also mean any ground with a grandstand can be classed as a stadium which includes Penryn and Godolphin Atlantic.
  3. A stadium is a sports ground with tiers of seats for spectators does Treyew Road qualify or not that is the 6 million dollar sorry pound question. I believe Newquay AFC have a stadium at Mount Wise.
  4. County Cup draw info

    So much for all the predictions lol
  5. 391 Mike anybody with any sense would have stayed in the bar, you are correct about the noise, if you want atmosphere you have to travel to away games with Tisa and the Nomads. Hope you and the Mayor of Penryn are both well.
  6. You had a heatwave Dave it was bloody freezing down here. After the game I hope you were singing Another one bites the dust and We're on the road to nowhere
  7. Better than being the Baldest swinger in town I suppose.
  8. Are we talking Masterbait here quicksilver. Good luck to Mousehole from me for at least making the effort to progress
  9. In an incident filled match Truro City came away with 3 points with 2 second half goals from Ben Gerring on his return from suspension and Rocky Neal who scored after being put through for a one on one on the sub goalkeeper. Both teams ended the game with 10 men with Ed Palmer receiving his marching orders for twocards. The game was marred by a serious neck injury to the Bognor keeper. The game was held up for over half an hour while an ambulance arrived to take him off to hospital. We all hope the injury is not as serious as it looked. Well back to Butlins now and as T Rex would say lets "Get it on"
  10. Exciting times for the Tisa Boys and Girls this weekend which includes a Butlins 70's themed stop over. Where else could you see your favourite football team and the Bay City Rollers all in 24 hours. You can't beat a bit of Shang-a-lang on a Saturday night and a few beers of course.
  11. Ray2b River Taxi sunk before its maiden voyage, oh well back to Langarth I suppose, at least we can always pop over to Chiquitoes for a Mexican at half time washed down with a Noche Buena.
  12. Back in the good old days of the SWL Chris Morris's family used to own some butchers shops that made some lush pasties, had a place up St Columb as I remember as well. Shame to see a big club struggling at the moment, have some good memories of Mount Wise but as they say what goes around comes around. Don't miss those gale force winds coming off the Atlantic though. Just wondering being a Wendesdayite is Chris Morris's Wednesday shirt still on show in the clubhouse? Finally regards to Nemesis former secretary of the Kevin Heaney fan club, hope you are well my friend.
  13. Plenty of land up around Mabe Older, if you sold your ground built a stadium up the the old car boot field we could ground share with you and go back to both teams wearing red and black stripes. A Stadium for Penryn and Truro. Simples.
  14. Just a matter of time Town Man, don't know if your interested in politics but David Cameron promised the County of Cornwall a New Stadium just before the last general election as as you should well know the Conservatives are a party of there word.
  15. Thought this thread was about Update on the Stadium for Cornwall project not the Stadium for Falmouth lol
  16. Impressed with your local knowledge Outsider, do you know Mr Evelyn personally if so perhaps you could tap him up for a donation on our behalf, you never know we may see a stadium at Boscawen Park yet. Malpas that is not St Dennis lol
  17. The FA calls it progress Big Al. If anyone wants to know what travelling is all about try supporting Truro City, then you will know what spending hours on the road is all about. I for one would love to go back to the SWL days, the end of season presentations at the White Hart were legendary. I even met the groundsman of the year there once, I wonder who that was???
  18. At least the new S4C will have a professional drainage system. As it will be be a stadium for Cornwall I'm sure Truro City wouldn't mind the River Boys borrowing our pitch if we are playing away. Wouldn't be a problem with traffic congestion either.
  19. Ratepayer what are rates, you are really showing your age now Older
  20. I take it that your not a TCFC fan then Bob.
  21. Had a few right old tussles up The Mill in the past with Truro City always a tough side at home, whatever happened to Whisky Haig?
  22. Plenty of questions to be answered there cornishteddyboy. I am not privy to day to day running of the club any more but one would assume that the players are on a season long contract which would be the logical, lessons should have been learnt with players being released on free transfers in the past, I see Kieffer Moore has just signed for Barnsley for £765.000 and then of course there was Isaac Vassell. Many jobs are done at the club on a voluntary basis by loyal supporters for no financial reward. I for one worked for the club for 24 years and never received a penny nor would I expect one, a few perks along the way maybe but that is to be expected, after all our major sponsor has always been a brewery. There are no longer any trustees of the club anymore they were unfortunately dispensed of under the reign of the previous regime which was well publicised at the time. As for the future well unless you have a crystal ball who knows but promotion would be a disaster at the moment unless someone knows something that we don't, remember the old saying "A fool and his money etc" unless you are a clever or lucky businessman of course or a wealthy football fanatic looking for a rich mans plaything. I for one will still be supporting the red and blacks whatever happens in the future, who knows we may even meet up at Penlee Park one day or I might even bump into a few of the the River Boys down Dracena playing field Cheers and gone.
  23. High Tide up Malpas Park tonight but the fish don't seem to be biting, time to change the bait Older. I remain optimistic rather than pessimistic, you always find one fool out there with more money than sense. At least a local derby against Torquay to look forward to next Boxing Day. The dream continues Zzzz
  24. Done my bit on behalf of Ray2b Taxis.
  25. NLS - 6th January 2018

    A rare goalless draw there first of the season for the White Tigers, probably a fair result against one of our bogey sides. No sign of Andy Watkins, can only assume he is injured. Remaining 5th in the league and only 3 points behind the leaders City are still in the mix. Interesting question, if Truro were to win the league would it be the first time a league winning team were evicted from there home after gaining promotion? Somersetspur very happy after another clean sheet.