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  1. Don't believe all you read in newspapers non Truro City supporters think "Smoke and Mirrors"
  2. Looked about 350 to me Mike of which 200 were city supporters but don't quote me on that. Were you there yesterday if yes sorry I missed you.
  3. What happened to the Malpas Nomads you were on about then? Did hear someone say that you had been at home painting in the morning and were thinking of staying at home and watching it dry. Suprised you wasted 3 quid of your massive council pension plus travelling expenses watching that crap as you suggested.
  4. Seems to me this thread is more about Big Al than than the actual match and surprised no one has mentioned the handbags incident after the Town second goal, nice to see a bit of Summo wrestling on a football pitch. For anyone interested I have put my unbiased opinion on the Vanarama National League South Forum.
  5. As promised I said I would give my unbiased opinion. A much improved showing from Falmouth which was to be expected after last year's dismal performance, thought they played very well on a very hot day and a difficult pitch, we definitely need some rain. Can't comment on individual players as there was no programme and I did not know half the Truro players names let alone the Falmouth ones. Always a difficult pill to swallow loosing to the auld enemy but after a few pints of tribute which was spot on by the way things didn't look quite so bad. On this performance I would expect City to hold there own in the league and Falmouth to be up there challenging for promotion so good luck to both teams in the coming season. Great to see such a good crowd probably be there biggest for the season and great to catch up and chat with so many old friends. Looking forward to playing you in our new stadium in the not to distant future. Rayvon and gone.
  6. Don't forget the sleeping giants of Cornish football who many were tipping at the end of last season. I will reserve my judgement until after tomorrow's game when I will give my honest opinion. Will be catching public transport down for this one as recommended, a chance to try out my bus pass.
  7. Are the building materials for a new grandstand Big Al?
  8. It's alright thanks Nige I'll get a taxi, I know a company that will do me a good deal.
  9. All very well having bus shelters around the pitch but can you tell me where your car park is?
  10. ⚽ Thought this topic deserved its own thread as it seems to be drawing so much attention. Apologies to Penzance and St Austell for highjacking there topic on the SWPL site. I think the game will be much closer this year mainly because Town have had a season playing playing together where as City are at the rebuilding stage. I do not usually do pre season friendlies but this one has some added spice. I shall be coming down early and will be bringing my fishing rod with me as I have noticed the Big Fish are biting already down the Penfal river. Be interested to hear others opinions.
  11. For once I agree with you Older, just as well the game is being played at Bickland for the second year running. If it were to be played at Treyew Road I would expect to have to pay double to watch The Wembley Winners and the team that took Charlton Athletic all the way in the FA Cup last season.
  12. 5 quid I believe Big Al, a small price to pay to watch Cornwall's premier team in action. Hope to see you there on Saturday along with many of my other old friends.
  13. Two more players join up for the cause on loan from Exeter City they are Defender Alex Hartridge who spent time at Treyew Road last season and Max Smallcombe talented midfielder who was Exeter under 18 captain last season and he is also a Welsh under 17 international, and just as a matter of interest he hails from Bodmin. Should have a team now to take on the auld enemy down Bickland on Saturday. F Troop v Tisa bring it on.
  14. Will Buckland be as strong in the coming season having had their better player's cherry picked, mainly by Truro City?
  15. Tom played for Borehamwood against Arsenal over the weekend and has been training at Gillingham but has not signed for anyone yet.