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  1. Rayvon

    S4C looks impressive!

    Your talking a load of bull again CTB but we'll done from me. Truro City v Hereford United in the new Stadium, has to be ticket only then.
  2. Cricket season init, won't be the first and won't be the last.
  3. Rayvon

    S4C looks impressive!

    I can remember going to Highbury many years ago, they were building a new stand behind one of the goals so they put up hoardings and painted a crowd on them, perhaps the same could be done at the S4C. I heard Older was some sort of artist when he was younger, perhaps he could help out.
  4. Rayvon

    Stadium for Cornwall

    Don't be so negative Older turn off at Devoran up past Wheal Jane straight across at Dangerous Crossings right at Penstraze and your there, not a traffic light in sight. I got a spare sat nav you can borrow, its programmed in to Malpas Park but I won't be needing it now. That's also the quickest route for when Penryn play Chacewater when they reform.
  5. Rayvon

    S4C looks impressive!

    How many times do people have to be told Fanfare football and rugby matches are not played at peak times when the traffic is heavy, having lived at Threemilestone for twenty five years I can assure you that the A390 is not that busy on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, midweek games are played on a Tuesday evening so no problem there either. How do you think these big clubs in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool manage. To much negativity on this subject I'm afraid.
  6. Rayvon

    S4C looks impressive!

    Surely it would be any local players dream and an honour to play in the new S4C, as previously mentioned its time to move on and stop living in the past. Just my opion of course.
  7. Rayvon

    S4C looks impressive!

    If Penfal get to the Senior Cup Final I'm sure Big Al and Older will only be to pleased to chip in for the cause especially with that fat pension sitting in an account doing nothing.
  8. Truro goalkeeper Tom McHale has been included in the England C squad for the game against Ireland on May 27th. A justified 'reward for his consistency in the league for Truro City this season .
  9. Rayvon

    NLS - Tuesday 10 April 2018

    Don't bother about putting pennies in the bucket Older just keep paying income tax on that massive Cornwall Council pension you get. As they say in Tesco every Lidl helps.
  10. Rayvon

    Ground gradings

    Does that mean Falmouth Town are staying at Bickland Park for another season then?
  11. The portable loo just inside the gate is actually a time machine so this could be your chance to watch the Oxford United game again. Nice to hear that you still take notice of what's going on at Treyew Road Darren even though you don't attend games anymore, there is hope for you yet.
  12. With all that money you are earning Nige I'm sure you are paying a nice bit of tax so you will be contributing to our new stadium so thanks for your support. As for the clubhouse our chairman owns Bunters and the Kazbah so only needs to open clubhouse on matchdays. You should be thankful that your clubhouse is open every day it's what keeps your club afloat I believe.
  13. Unfortunately after an early morning pitch inspection today's game has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Surprise surprise.City's next game will be on Saturday when they will be at home to East Thurrock United. The Rocks are twelfth in the table and twelve points behind City. Let's hope all this rain subsidies by then and we can all get back to watching the beautiful game again.
  14. Older everyone at Truro City are very grateful to hear that you will be donating some of your fat Cornwall Council pension towards the new Stadium for Truro City when it gets the go ahead, even Mattelot said he would do his bit by delivering a few extra parcels every day all for the cause, as the old saying goes every little helps and finally a Happy Easter to all my friends down the other end of the river.
  15. One thing for sure Older we will never see you at the HFC I think that the last time you attended there Vera Lynn was top of the bill, not that I'm saying your old or anything