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  1. Looking at the mousehole side at the moment there are not many young players getting the chance, the side is made up of older local players, most weeks the side is made up of players 25+ and any youngsters that play are players that are there one week and gone the next. 

    I for one can't understand what mousehole are getting out of this apart from grants etc....

  2. 8 hours ago, Numpty said:

    kayne trevaskis  transferred from perranporth to Falmouth mid august having registered pre season with perranporth. it appears that the fa full time system although registering players to clubs has not deleted the record of club left following a tranfer thus showing 2 teams . if  you check further you can also see luke brabyn  Falmouth swpl player shows as both Falmouth town and perranwell this being a recent transfer on combination forms from Falmouth to perranwell. 

    About right for the combo league

  3. 7 hours ago, skinner said:

    After game sat and sun pitch very soft looking ok but the forecast for tues rain coming in .   Groundsman was thinking about the rest off season so called  the game off . Not like what happed at Falmouth when groundsman wanted game off ref turn up and plays ground unfit for next game 

    But the pitch was playable, if that's the clubs attitude then not much football will be played as the weather is only going to get worse before it gets better