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  1. LEAGUE ONE Bradford city 0-1 Plymouth Argyle
  2. Back gwinear already Bundi?
  3. Mabe FC Fold

    I know some people may have said it but, BRING BACK THE FALMOUTH HELSTON - MINING LEAGUE don’t remember any of this trouble when it was the old days !!! Miss the Old Mining league / Fal Helston League. I remember being a 14 year old and couldn’t think of anything more appealing than playing football on Saturday, and can’t see how, the youngsters of this generation aren’t interested in playing men’s football! Unless it’s because they’ve jumped straight into senior/swpl football? I do think there needs, to be a stronger format on, leaving a club, then starting up again, I know it’s the clubs that Vote each other back in! Horrible to see, Two clubs who have Been well run, especially Chacewater fold within a week!
  4. Good result for Redruth
  5. Why bundi!? Who’s running Gwinear?
  6. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Would of loved to have been about in those days Rappo bud. ⚽ Think it would of suited my game. Would love to have been around that era with the stories you hear now a days!!! 💪 Bet you were butchered and battered mate. But best pain relief, putting that ball in the net!!!
  7. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Some quality footballers have played for Castle United. Curly curnow, James issacs, both Chris Issacs' Maurice Isaacs , Johnny Harris. Some really good scalps there. I bet they appeldore giants used to hate it with your pace though Rappo. Would love to hear of some of the stories bud.
  8. *Hot off the press!!!* Harry Pope welcomes New signing, Bolschy Braun Centre half, "Harry James" to Ting Tang from rival club St Day. Fee includes 3 mugs of the Famous Fifty Pee Ting tang tea.
  9. Well here it goes, must be a pitch in par 😂 I'm either correct or very stupid lol. Rappo my mate, I'm very well. Got a nice result at the weekend beating premier side St Agnes in the junior cup 3-2. Next round is Constantine at home. The great Ady Hart playing up top and managed by his old man Graham hart. Hope you're well mate. 😁
  10. Hang on is this An Exclusive????!!!! Mark Rapsey does not recognise a pitch in the football league. #Shocked! Haha. You got to have rigged where it is Rappo!?? Surely??
  11. CCFA breach Junior Cup Rules

    Let's be honest. Does it really matter? Normally we are moaning about how we haven't got a game or the seasons gone 4 weeks without a fixture. Does it matter the first round has been played a day earlier than the month of October? If said team debating the rule IF you're officiated to any team/club had won their said fixture would you be moaning about such a ruling? Are you that perfect at managing a fixture list, or structuring a league and cup / cups campaign then why don't you drop your CV into the CCFA and show these chaps and ladies who put the effort in time and time again how it's done? 😴
  12. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Gwinear showers are decent. Better than most ! Only thing that you'll probably not like is the 5 yard walk down to them from the sheds. Other than that, they're powerful and do the job. Better than, some which just trickle. Or 1 out of 4 work, cause the water pressure isn't good enough to work all 4 at same time
  13. St Agnes 2 - 3 New inn titans Personally tie of the round so far. New inn titans div 3 defeating premier side St Agnes. Game played at The home of the high flying premier side, at Enys Park. Game started with titans giving to much respect to the home side and this allowed Chris Shackley to net 2 goals early in the first half. Titans then gained a penalty when their young winger was brought down by a clumsy tackle! (Always stay on your feet in the box when defending) Which was slotted home. Then with 5 mins before half time to go, titans equalise with a set piece headed back across goal for Luke flowers to tuck away. Some words of praise and encouragement from titans coaching staff, and off the 2nd half went with titans pressing and getting rewards from a 30yard half volley from their captain evading the home keeper. Titans had a few chance to score more but the game was well contested and became end to end with 15 to go. A smart save from titans keeper denied an equaliser and titans could of scored another Late on. All the best to St Agnes some great boys there. Well officiated by Rodney campbell. Bring on the next round. NITs
  14. Bond timber Junior Cup Enys Park St Agnes (Premier) 2 - 3 New inn titans (Div 3)