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  1. Torridgeside?wheres that lol
  2. Exactly Leeds some teams throw several quid at below average players n all of a sudden we have a generation of Lionel messi's n ronaldos then wen the pot runs dry the players disappear quicker than wen they turned up,even the local derbys have lost the drawing power of big crowds due to players not being interested/good enough to bother watching on Boxing Day etc
  3. Same overrated players that continually under achieve then really lol
  4. Just a rumour....

    Surely if they had that sort money available they wud go for Hobbs or carter?
  5. Duchy League - Saturday October 14th 2017

    Got faith in my team razor lol
  6. Duchy League - Saturday October 14th 2017

    We've had stag do's n a wedding n other teams rearrange their fixtures cos of a weddings these past few weeks n losty cancelled last week cos of wet pitch mate but shud b back to normal on sat,looking at the table the results couldn't have gone better for us think were 6 th on 9 points n top has 14 points but have played 3 more games all we gotta do is win them on catch up lol
  7. Duchy League - Saturday October 14th 2017

    The results in duchy prem couldn't b any better lol