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  1. He might like the feel of a new trackie Leeds lol
  2. North Peth 6 st Dennis 3 they scored more than us
  3. Afraid I'd score against u lol
  4. Ur not coming out of retirement for sum 1 else r u bill?
  5. U serious?10-0 doesn't flatter a team,their obviously far better or halsetown r not very good,I won't make that decision but I'm guessing st Stephen didn't need to depend on the centre backs mate lol
  6. Vets 3rd Dec

    I heard it was 35 yards out!
  7. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    Well if sticker arnt at fault surely the league can't punish them?
  8. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    Sooner rather than later wud b in stickers best interest,if it's the leagues mistake then not their problem really is it.