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  1. Who’s favourites for the title?

    5 pints for coady 3 for cowboy was wot it was wen I was there,think jase is permanently on the lash tho lol
  2. Junior cup semi-finals draw

    Looking at the time of his posting I'd assume he's had several sherbets n got busy fingers on here lol
  3. Duchy League - Saturday 10 March 2018

    Griff had actually signed for us start of the season fat Ronald,he joined Newquay as we had several games called off n wanted to play,luckily we have 2 reserve teams,b interesting to hear of anyone else's thoughts on the match,like someone who was actually there n not playing for st Stephens lol. Goals win games n they scored more so there u r!
  4. Who’s favourites for the title?

    Think after yesterday's result if st mawgan can play with 12 men every week they will walk the rest of the season lol