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  1. Junior cup Saturday Jan 20th 2018 - 4th Round

    Gutted mate. Decent side? Thanks Dave
  2. Junior cup Saturday Jan 20th 2018 - 4th Round

    Anyone know the St Buryan v Holywell score? Great effort to those sides who managed to get their fixtures played today!
  3. Junior cup Saturday Jan 20th 2018 - 4th Round

    Wendron United v Lostwithiel OFF
  4. Junior Cup - Contacts

    Where do we find contacts for clubs in the East section? I am after a contact for Lostwithiel. Thank you
  5. Junior Cup - Contacts

    Thanks for your help guys. All sorted.
  6. Junior Cup - Contacts

    Thank you Paul
  7. Junior Cup - Contacts

    I have but can not seem to find a link to any team contacts.
  8. Like the idea of it in theory. Gives clubs the opportunity to progress and not put off promotion. One less excuse. However, clubs will need support to become sustainable and will need help to provide adequate facilities in order to meet criteria. It will have an interesting impact on feeder leagues and feeder leagues to those feeder leagues.
  9. Why don’t you contact Mousehole directly if you’re eager to know? I believe contact details are on the site? Or are you trying to achieve something else by posting it on the forum? Good idea from me, interesting way to get younger players in, seemingly without financial incentives.
  10. Maybe the Temporary Dismissal/Sin Bin rule should be applied to the Combination League next season? There may be a few less ‘c-words’ about then? I wasn’t at the game so can’t comment on the issues, but surely players know the laws and the consequences if they do not follow them?
  11. No promotion?

    Application to whithdraw is different to being relegated so would therefore follow a different procedure, one would’ve thought.
  12. No promotion?

    Surely you can’t request relegation? It would be withdrawal from the league? Too right.
  13. No promotion?

    Or is this something you assume from last year? How can Illogan enter the Trelawny Prem? The only way that this would happen would be if their current Combo team finishes in a relegation place. At this time it does not seem likely with both Holman and Culdrose both off the pace. If their first team withdrew from the SWPL - not relegated - their Combination team would become their first team, with their Div 2(?) team becoming their second team. Then, if they were to continue with a third team, they would then have to reapply to gain entry to Trelawny Div 4? Would that be correct? That’s the way I see it anyway? I may/might be mistaken and there may be some other rules&regulations. Still plenty of football this season to play anyway.
  14. SWPL - Saturday 23rd December 2017

    Good afternoon of football today at The Underlane. Bude went 2-1 up. Missed a penalty and converted a penalty. Wendron ran out 5-2 winners in the end though, with a Palmer hat-trick and one each from both 16 year old Cameron Wheat and Tom Langford. Merry Christmas to all.
  15. Called off

    With the weather we’ve had over the past week it is common sense to call it off early doors. All three of our pitches are unplayable and were checked by a referee, ground staff and club officials. With both Wadebridge and St Buryan among the three teams coming to Wendron today, it makes sense to call it early to save them the journey and rather than letting them know later on the morning of. Allows everyone to sneak in some valuable extra Christmas shopping time. Have a great Christmas everyone.
  16. Transfers

    Great gesture from Callington but has it had a knock on for the rest of the club: seconds and thirds? Really gutted that our fixture with their thirds was called off in the Junior Cup as I spent a really enjoyable season there about 8 years ago or so. Great club with some good people behind the scenes.
  17. Mabe FC Fold

    Nothing wrong with having more than 3 teams as long as you can facilitate them. As the previous poster said, a lot of players that play youth at the club come in and play for the 4th/3rd teams, and players on their way down play for them. This doesn't take players away from other sides. The Illogan issue to me sounded like they wouldn't make the step to the seconds, not necessarily an issue with stepping up a level. Hope they sort themselves out - great club. I don't think there is a sole reason for a decline in players, there are many contributing factors and pointing the finger at travel is wrong, the decline is a national issue - not just Cornish. Personally, I think it's just how the world is now. People have other commitments with Saturday work, families and changing technology. People can access games world wide on a Saturday afternoon with out leaving the toilet. It's a decline in spectators as well as players. I remember the smallest of villages getting big crowds out on Saturday afternoons. Now you're lucky if a man and his dog walk past. Grassroots football is an issue nationally at all levels and at all positions of a club. Chairman, managers, players, spectators, groundsmen, kit washers...