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    Not entirely correct. They would have to play a set amount of games or percentage of games to become a senior player and illegible for their Junior team - who play in the Trelawny League - the West equivalent of the Duchy. Their reserve team currently play in the Combination League, which enables players to move slightly more freely between the first and second team I believe. There is no way you can scrap eligibility restrictions. Fine for club’s first teams, but it would make the Reserves and teams that they compete against an absolute farce.
  2. WendronOfficial

    Promotion to Combo

    We have applied along with Lizard Argyle. Unsure on which places either will have to finish in order to be promoted. Last year it was 2 from the top 4 (West Cornwall and Pendeen who I think finished 2nd and 3rd).
  3. WendronOfficial

    Thank you to Wendron

    No problem Ian. Have a good evening.
  4. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 14 April 2018

    I think it depends on how many times they have cancelled this season. If it’s the first time I don’t think that they do, however, second time round they may have to pay a fine.
  5. WendronOfficial

    Worst case scenario?

    Not the Junior Cup. They can most definitely cancel the cups... just ask the Duchy’s counterparts at The Trelawny League.
  6. WendronOfficial

    Worst case scenario?

    What about cancelling all of the cups...
  7. WendronOfficial

    SWPL - D1W Sunday 8 April 2018

    Well done to the boys who turned in their second fixture in two days; yesterday being a defeat away to Mousehole in a game where our 4th team goalkeeper played, our manager played 45mins and 4 16year olds started and then again today which once more featured our 4th team keeper and a handful of 16year olds. Assistant manager - and former Plymstock player - Mike O’Neill, netted a hat trick with youngster, Cam Wheat scoring too. Thanks to Plymstock for hosting. Good to get this weekend out of the way!
  8. Good work Dave, thanks for trying. Matt seems like a kind and thoughtful chap, very sympathetic to leagues up and down the country... I imagine his office is nice and dry.
  9. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 31 March 2018

    The game wasn’t cancelled two weeks ago. Hi mate. Already notified players and most have made other plans now (shopping with the Mrs.). Sorry.
  10. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 31 March 2018

    Premier Penryn v Wendron Away walkover
  11. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 31 March 2018

    As far as we know, and have been told, the Penryn v Wendron game has not been cancelled as is going ahead.
  12. WendronOfficial

    JUNIOR CUP semi postponed!

    Can’t win sometimes (especially if you’re Penryn)😉 You’re right though!
  13. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Wednesday March 28 2018

    Good result tonight and congrats Dom! Great achievement. Top forward and great guy. Thanks for coming to watch last night!
  14. WendronOfficial

    JUNIOR CUP semi postponed!

    The CCFA are not always to blame. Hardly any clubs have come forward to host finals or semis this season, despite being approached. Frustrating for definite, but I imagine it is for all parties.
  15. WendronOfficial


    The first of the semi finals takes place tomorrow night between St Stephen and Wendron United. Thanks to Hayle FC for hosting the semi final, they’ve done some impressive work of late and the match will take place tomorrow regardless of weather as it will be hosted on their impressive, new 3G pitch which runs alongside their grass pitch - providing the grass pitch fails inspection. To my knowledge, this is the first time the two sides have met. St Stephen have been here or there abouts in the Junior Cup over the past few seasons, whereas this is new territory for Wendron. With both teams performing well in their respected leagues, it looks to be an exciting encounter. So if you’re in need of some mid-week football, get yourselves along to Hayle FC tomorrow for a 7.30pmKO. Best of luck to Penwith Exiles and Torpoint in their semi final which takes place on Wednesday at Mt. Wise.
  16. WendronOfficial


    Completely agree. That’s the beauty of football. It is played in different ways and there’s no right way to play it. St Stephen are a team who know how to win matches and they did it again last night. Like I said St Stephen were effective in how they played and it worked last night. I don’t think we were on the ref’s back and never aim to put an official under pressure, there were some tasty early challenges and we appealed for them, but it was never an intention to ‘get on the ref’s back’. They are there to enjoy themselves too and trying that game plan can often have the opposite effect! Best of luck in the final lads and for your promotion challenge too. Josh
  17. WendronOfficial


    No comment. Best of luck mate!
  18. WendronOfficial


    What a game to be involved in. Had everything for the neutral. First and foremost I’d like to thank Hayle FC for their hospitality. The facilities were great. The pitch was in fantastic condition and the club has a great buzz. Secondly, thanks to all at the CCFA. I think that they’ve managed the competition really well in a difficult season and they’ve helped me with several queries. I have no idea who the posters above were, but let’s keep this about the football if possible. From where I was (in the dugout), I saw two teams wanting to win and a good level of competitiveness. I was disappointed to see that St Stephen posted on their twitter page about Wendron fans booing head injuries? Again, I did not hear any of that. If it took place then I apologise, I was only aware of one head injury to your goalkeeper, in which no contact was actually made to his head. And if you are making comments about supporters then some of yours may be mentioned too. Anyway, to the game. St Stephen started brightly and struck the bar from a sliced shot through Coad. From then Wendron dominated the half in my opinion, playing some really good football. We created a fair few chances and took the lead through a Moseley header, slightly disappointed to go in just one up. St Stephen came out blazing in the second half and pinned us in for a good 20-25 minutes. They deserved to level but we were disappointed in the way that they did. Firstly, a throw-in was given St Stephen’s way despite hitting one of their players last. Then Coad handled the ball before being tackled - my View wasn’t the clearest but I’ve heard some say it was a pen, some say it wasn’t. Anyway, it was given and was well converted by Rowe. We grew back into it and minutes from the death we missed a guilt edged opportunity to win the game. St Stephen scored with a good header from Coad from a corner after a free kick was well saved from our keeper. A second penalty sealed the win. Looked more of a penalty but again disappointing from our perspective as an identical incident in their box on one of our players was waved on two minutes before. St Stephen saw the game out well, their keeper made some great saves throughout. Dissapointing red card for us. First booking was a coming together with our striker and their keeper. Definite free kick bur a harsh booking. Second one for a similar incident but this time our striker got to the ball first, the keeper went down and our striker was given his marching orders. Best of luck to St Stephen; a really well drilled side who play to their strengths very well. Extremely well led by Coady - who was a pain for us all night. Seem like a well run and managed club. Good set of supporters and seemed like a good bunch of boys. All the best Josh McDonald Wendron United Manager
  19. WendronOfficial


    Yes meant to say respective apologies. That argument is for a different thread! They have won several awards since the league has started mind.
  20. WendronOfficial


    Your geography is a little out but thank you. Likewise.
  21. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 24 March 2018

    Fair enough mate. Just the way it came over. Difficult position for the lad to be in. All the best for your semi on Wednesday.
  22. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 24 March 2018

    If a player swore at him during a match then he is entitled to send him off. As long as he wasn’t wearing the scarf during the fixture. He is a qualified referee and took charge of the game that he was assigned to. There have been managers, players, supporters officiating games this season due to one reason or another; so although I was obviously not there, you’d like to think he was neutral. He is also an assistant on a Junior Cup Semi Final this week coming, so obviously doing a good enough job to get that gig. You too are in a Junior Cup Semi Final this week so may want to be careful what you’re implying on a public forum about officials.
  23. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 24 March 2018

    Three wins from three for Wendron today. Seconds beat Aggie 3-1 Thirds beat Four Lanes 6-3 Fourths beat Madron 5-3 Just wanted to say thanks to the groundstaff for getting three games on 2 pitches on today (plus two youth games this morning). Also, thanks to Four Lanes and Madron for agreeing to slightly different KO times that helped us get these games played.
  24. WendronOfficial

    Small Clubs Grant Scheme

    That doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone unnoticed though!
  25. WendronOfficial


    Both Semis to take place at original venues on their reserve dates. Big thanks to Hayle - pictures look great.