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  1. WendronOfficial

    Trelawney prem 14/5/18

    Huge congrats to Granty, Troggie and all at Mawnan tonight for wrapping up the Premier title. Much deserved over the season, a side full of those who know how to win. Think Winno said that they’ve finished the season with 5 straight clean sheets - a great stat!
  2. Congrats to Millbrook on gaining promotion into the Premier Divsion today. From all at Wendron
  3. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 5 May 2018

    Always a pleasure having you Nigel at The Underlane - a great performance from yourself. In the 25 years I’ve been at Wendron it was the warmest and least windy I’ve known it - just a shame that @TheolderIgetthebetterIwas wasn’t there to witness it! Fair play to St Buryan who turned up with 11 players and several 16 year olds who looked sharp and have some potential. Really hope the stay up, a good club and like you said; top men in charge in Ian and Craig.
  4. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny Cup History

    Really informative and interesting Dave! Good work and dedication into the research and cleaning them up - especially as what goes into them! Facebook is the easiest and quickest platform to post it on. Why was there no record for the Jubille Cup in 2000/1? Such a shame that many of the cups this year will go down as ‘no record’ - there are a few gaps over the years. Be interesting to see what these were for - other than World War 2!
  5. WendronOfficial

    Trelawney League Result 02/05/18

    Helston 2 - 5 Wendron Reserves I believe the win means that Wendron are garanteed a top three finish, which means promotion to the Combination League next year. Made hard work of it. Went 2-0 down before turning it around. Thanks to Helston, great club. Top facilities and hospitality.
  6. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 28 April 2018

    Can anyone win their respective leagues today or seal promotion? Well done to Mousehole 2s for being crowned Div1 Champs midweek.
  7. WendronOfficial

    Trelawney League Results 25/04/18

    Noy good form from Storm. Prem Lizard 1 v 5 Wendron Div 2 Wendron Thirds 1 v 2 Goonhavern
  8. Well done to our fourths who drew 4-4 v Penzance in Div 4 at Penlee tonight. Penzance were 4-1 up at half time before we pulled it back and levelled with near on the last kick of the game. Squad included several 16year olds, some of who made their debut tonight and one of those debutants scored. Thanks to Penzance - all the best for the rest of the season.
  9. WendronOfficial

    SWPL - Monday 23 April 2018

    Entertaining one at The Underlane. Wendron went two nil up through a great Jack Stocker strike and a Cameron Wheat rebound following a rasping strike from Clarke which hit the bar. Illogan put us under the cosh for the final 15 minutes and managed to level the score line, the leveller being the virtually the last kick of the game. Best of luck for the rest of the season. Good people involved in the club and lots of belief in them yet!
  10. Congrats to St Stephen - much deserved after the last few years. Well done to Mandy and all at St Agnes for representing the West and hosting the event - and very well too by all accounts.
  11. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 21 April 2018

    The vast majority of dismissals are correct. Whether straight reds or from two yellow cards. We all love to blame officials, but as players you give them a reason to issue a red card through your own actions. Yes, some may be wrong in your eyes - but the vast majority are correct. As far as I can see it, there’s not a better way to police it then the one in current operation - and it’s pretty clear I think?
  12. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 21 April 2018

    In other news... A massive thank you to Helston Thirds yesterday. After our ref did not show one of their substitutes officistaed the first half and did a great job. Our joint manager, Andrew Mitchell did most of the second half before Michael ‘Porky’ Carter officiated the last 25 minutes after a energy boosting cigarette. Thanks to all of them! Helston put in a really good performance with Keegan McPhilbin and Ben Stidwell showing their class in central midfield. They deservedly took the lead but we levelled through Coleman. We got a rather fortuitous winner after a deflected clearance was palmed into the back of the net by the keeper, who went on to redeem himself with several great saves (he pulled off a couple from 1-on-1s in the first half too). Our fourth team carried on their impressive form, beating Goonhavern 5-0. It takes them up to fourth, great form since Tony Whitehead has taken over!
  13. WendronOfficial

    SWPL - Saturday 21 April 2018

    Elburton 2-0 Wendron Deserved win for Elburton. Our ‘keeper (who is normally our fourth team ‘keeper) was sent off midway through the first half when the ball took an unpredictable bounce and he instinctively handled it outside his area. The score was 1-0 at the time. Centre back, Adam Peters, put the gloves on and it stayed 1-0 until later in the second half when Villa sealed the game to make it 2-0. Well done to all that travelled yesterday, difficult time of year with fixture congestions etc. Yesterday’s squad contained a mix of first team players, second team players, third team and fourth team players. A difference of 7 leagues.
  14. WendronOfficial

    Trelawny League - Saturday 21 April 2018

    And will he have to re-serve his original ban as well as his new one? I think the ruling suggesting that if a player is sent off for a team, that is the one he serves the ban for is the correct ruling. As several have said previously, at this time of year it could mean the banned player could be playing again within 5 days after serving a three game ban if a club with three/four sides all had evening fixtures on separate days. If a player in ‘Step’ leagues and above is sent off, their ban lasts for the length of time it takes for their team to see out the length of the ban. I know that in the past I have been unsure on when a player’s ban is starting or concluding I have emailed county to confirm and they have been extremely helpful.
  15. WendronOfficial


    Not entirely correct. They would have to play a set amount of games or percentage of games to become a senior player and illegible for their Junior team - who play in the Trelawny League - the West equivalent of the Duchy. Their reserve team currently play in the Combination League, which enables players to move slightly more freely between the first and second team I believe. There is no way you can scrap eligibility restrictions. Fine for club’s first teams, but it would make the Reserves and teams that they compete against an absolute farce.