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  1. Hope Ryan and Adam Stephens's dad is okay. Quite a delay after he fell down into the deep gully by the pitch to chase a ball.
  2. Tigertalk forum

    What does "reboot" mean and what is "it"? That's how computer-illiterate I am!
  3. Just to say that I shan't be posting on Tiger talk unless I can somehow log in. It never asked me to log in until tonight and when I followed the prompts it turns out the stored password was wrong and when I clicked on the "forgotten password" thing and typed in my user name it said no such user name registered! Ruddy computers! Mine's been as slow as can be for the last few days - delays what I type, is slow responding to clicks.
  4. Carharrack demolished Dobwalls in the second half. Leading just 1-0 at HT (a Dobwalls FK had blistered the crossbar with the 'keeper just stood watching) through Mark Holland (30) they scored twice in the first 2 minutes of the second half and were 5 up before Dobwalls got one back. Then Dobwalls had a pen saved before the same 'keeper pulled off a brilliant save from a goal-bound FK. A couple more rounded off the scoring. The boy Sharp at the back was immense. Truro should look at him. I know Ryan Stephens had a hatrick. Soup today, also only 50p. Bargain and warming. I went home in a good mood!
  5. Where's the 12 yard line, Richard? Goal area extends 6 yards, penalty area 18 yards, so.....? Do you mean level with the pen spot?
  6. Great match at Illogan! Two sides who wouldn't lie down: end to end, some excellent goalkeeping, some fine goals. 0-1 (4 minutes) Port's No 11 0-2 (19) Port's No 5 1-2 (20) Connor Arthur 1-3 (21) Port's No 8 (Yes, 19th, 20th and 21st minutes!) 1-4 (26) Port's No 8 (I think) 2-4 (32) Tommy Butt H.T. 3-4 (63) Simon Ellis 4-4 (68) Simon Ellis 5-4 (74) Connor Arthur (88) Port's No 3 booked (I thought the young ref did well). (90+5) Port's No 3 hit post! Real value for money and a great ad for Combo League.
  7. Didn't even think to check here for postponements, so met with a shut gate at Carharrack. Couldn't be Arse-nalled to go elsewhere because I HATE turning up after kick-off and anyway getting anywhere in the Redruth area is a nightmare with all the roadworks! Cut m-in-law's lawn instead. Not a brilliant substitute! The Champs are losing ground a bit this season but the Combo looks VERY competitive.