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  1. Well done, Reds: a tiny bit of silverware as a reward for this season's efforts. Just sorry I couldn't be there - it is exam marking season again!
  2. Er - yes, CTB! I knew that! You can see why I'm throwing in the towel on Truro's PA!
  3. Sorry, Willy, thanks Andy. The latter post explains my last comment. Still 2 odd results from Pendeen.
  4. Thanks, Zebedee (re Carharrack/Pendeen). But 1-1 then 0-5 in the two games? You get used to seeing scores like that when there's a few days or weeks between the 2 games - but all within about two back-to-back 30 minute games? Funny old game....! With P'porth dropping points, the C must be kicking themselves over that 1-1! See how they do on Tuesday evening at Illogan (6.30pm). RBL a bit lack-lustre today, despite a last-kick-of-the-half goal back to make a 2nd half come-back look possible: but Penryn held on and deserved their win. Took most of their chances whilst Illogan squandered several of theirs!
  5. I thought Carharrack/Pendeen were playing one game for 6 points?
  6. Carharrack 5, St Day 5! Cracker! Haven't a clue who scored but the scoring went 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3, 3-3, 4-3, Half Time, 4-4, 4-5, 5-5 (injury time equaliser). Brilliant evening's entertainment but a nail in the coffin of Carharrack's hopes to retain the title unless there are some against-the-form-book results in some of the league's remaining games. Tea still 50p with a smile!
  7. Carharrack 4, Goonhavern 0. HT 0 - 0. Comfortable 3 points for Carharrack despite evidence of tired legs and minds due to the number of games having to be played in such a short time. Ryan Stephens, Lievers, Sharpy and one other, and not in that order! Lovely evening, tea still 50p: home in time for "Split" (BBC1, 9pm), blissful evening!
  8. Tom Trust

    Penryn athletic next season

    I'm not in the know but I think failing the ground grading wasn't the real reason for Carharrack not moving up a league. I think the Club had worked out that the financial risk was too great together with the knowledge that there are a lot of players in the Combo who don't want Peninsula football because they cannot, for various reasons such as work and/or family commitments, contemplate playing matches away in Devon. Even with the rumoured league changes, even playing games as far away as Callington, Bude or Torpoint just isn't an attractive proposition. The additional travelling costs, plus the pressure to "pay" players at the next level up, just didn't appeal to Carharrack. The Combo is a great little set-up for football worth watching in West Cornwall and Carharrack are a great little Combo club, I look forward to developments with interest.
  9. Bit of a set-back for Carharrack. Too many missed opportunities to shoot, too many shots off-target. scoring went 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, HT, Carharrack now playing down hill with the wind behind them, 1-3, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 3-5. Appalling evening for football but both sides produced some good stuff nevertheless.
  10. Cracking game at Carharrack, seemingly in the balance until the second and third goals. 1 - 0 on 15 mins (Ryan Stephens), then nip and tuck until Jamie Daniel on 68 then Ryan again on 74. mat Fox pulled one back for St Ives (79th min) and we wondered if a come-back was on but then Connor Powell scored twice (88 and 90), the second a fluke cross that went in - we've all seen them - to perhaps flatter the reds. Mind, Carharrack's shooting was a bit wayward at times! Loads more games for them this season, even worse than the year before last.