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  1. Distractions older - you either like playing football or you don't. As for televised football - the lower leagues and Scottish games are good to watch. The Premier league is just a stage for those who bask in their own egos. Cheaters (divers) anger merchants who curse the officials, and glamour, hype and tripe - interspersed with advertisements for gambling. Distractions - no sir. If you love football - you will play football.

    Yes and Tavistock need to keep him too ! Good keepers are hard to find.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

    Whether you're a dyed in the wool Spurs or Arsenal supporter, or like me, simply a person who loves watching any team that plays good football, you must surely admit that both of these teams have some very gifted players. On a good day it's a pleasure to watch either team play. A couple of years or so back, SSS was most put out to think that I could and did watch both teams on alternate weeks and enjoyed the football played by both. In my opinion, during the mid 70's early 80's, Spurs were the better and more attractive team to watch. Over the seasons that has changed and we were all astounded by the sheer brilliance of the teams Wenger has assembled. Now, those of us with an open mind and who appreciate good football, will admire I'm sure the current Man City team. So people - relax and enjoy the beautiful football played around the premier league and elsewhere. There are good teams at all levels of the game - and not all of them assembled by owners who have tens of millions of pounds to spend. Happy watching !
  4. Tottenham Hotspur

    Arsenal 2 - Spurs 0 The best team won on the day. Kane looked slow and Erickson (?Spelling) and Co - were way off target. Arsenal were the better team today (sorry SSS).
  5. On the bright side stevie - the Gunners won !
  6. A bit of advice

    In our day it was a great tackle to use as a player and good to watch when a spectator. A greasy pitch was a thing to be relished, or feared. Some players were very good at the slide tackle, others not so - ouch !
  7. A bit of advice

    Ball tends to bounce much more on 3G pitches. Watched a game in Scotland whilst on holiday recently - Div 2 match Annan Athletic v Cowdenbeath. Yes I know, but it was an easy walk from where we were staying. Good game actually - well fought by both sides (failed to see why Cowdenbeath are bottom of that league) and the game was much faster on this pitch. Both teams controlled the ball pretty well and it made for an enjoyable game. Annan won 1-0 incase you're wondering - you're probably not. All that said, I still prefer to see it played on grass. Probably cos I'm an old git !
  8. A bit of advice

    For goodness sake - drop 3G pitches and play on grass.
  9. Thanks RAPPO. Interesting - we'll see how it goes. I guess it's a good idea for those folk who just cannot play on a Saturday for whatever reason. My worry would be, not getting enough support and therefore paying for the pitches may become a problem. We will see.
  10. Yes, well done Newquay. Let's hope things are on the up for the team. Great club, great ground.
  11. Who's supplying these ''good quality grass pitches'' ?
  12. Ah - bad luck Scott. Best wishes for a speedy and good recovery. Well done all at Goonhavern.
  13. Anyone know who broke their ankle ? Why was the match abandoned - normally the player is taken off to hospital and a sub (if they had any) takes his place.
  14. Godolphin 1 - Launceston 3 Another three good points for Launceston today. Keep it going Clarets.
  15. London (Olympic) Stadium

    I admire your determination baldy. Must be interesting too, traveling to parts hitherto not visited perhaps. Well done sir.
  16. Ban the International break

    Thank you baldy and Dave for the explanation. I think I'll just watch my local team and forget all that.
  17. Ban the International break

    Sorry, what are they ?
  18. Ban the International break

    The amount of England players dropping out with injuries before this weekends game is amazing. It will be interesting to see how the newcomers (?) will get on. We are playing a friendly - do the opposition know it's a friendly ?! Internationals, if we must have them, should be played after the season's ended - in my opinion. That way injuries would not have such an affect on Premier League teams who, lets face it, pay a player's salary.
  19. Perhaps you should read his post again leeds. Bruegel's talking about lack of discipline.
  20. Cedric Newell "Sam" Real

    Rest in peace Sam.
  21. Another club folding!?

    Well said Dave. Agree totally.
  22. Does that mean that all a club has to do is to apply to the FA Stadia Improvement Fund and they will receive a grant - or are there further conditions ? Forgive me if that sounds cynical.
  23. You're right Hetty. Of course many of the regulations are in line with Health & Safety requirements and therefore the clubs should, for insurance purposes, make sure certain works are carried out. However, I think that the FA need to take another look at some of the requirements. Eg - are floodlights really necessary at some levels - games can kick off earlier surely ? Car park surfacing (they don't like loose stones apparently) many clubs don't fulfill that requirement ? It's all about money, or the lack of it. The FA have loads of money - however, they seem loath to part with it. This places a massive burden on clubs, especially the ''smaller'' ones.