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  1. Tottenham Hotspur

    Juventus 2 - Spurs 2 Well Spurs played well last night, no matter how bias some members of this forum may be against them. Great game to watch. Will be interesting to see what happens at Wembley. Well done Spurs !
  2. Must visit SW grounds

    Nice little ground at Mullion. Nice friendly people too.
  3. Good post fenman and a most worrying subject too. Rule changes have not helped the game. Players these days so often funk the tackle, instead of trying to dribble around an opponent. Passing instead of trying to dribble around an opponent is ok if your only intent is keeping possession, rather than run the risk of losing it. However this constant passing back, often across your own penalty area is madness, and so boring to watch. But rule changes have brought this about too. The FA seen to have forgotten it's a contact sport. These days players diving has brought about a fear of too much contact as well, which in turn has changed the whole scenario of how the game is played. Another factor that may be driving away interest from youngsters, is that many schools don't encourage the game now. Some schools won't have team games '''because you cant have losers''' and competition brings losers ! Blimey if that philosophy is continued, once they leave school the teenagers will have a massive shock when they realise life outside of school is one big competition, and only the best or fittest survive and or, progress. Yes it would be good to hear from some younger players on this subject. That's another reason too CTB.
  4. Must visit SW grounds

    One of the few grounds I've never been to Mike. At times when we are on holiday in this country (can't afford to go abroad) my wife must get fed up with me saying '''hang on love, I just want to pop up here for a few minutes''' - yes, another football ground. She never complains though bless her. Mind you, I tend to have a look at rugby grounds too.
  5. Must visit SW grounds

    Well tawman can't think what view you're talking about at Exmouth ? The setting at Okehampton is nice yes, but the ground is not good and the stand all but derelict and uncomfortable even to take shelter in. Bodmin, Falmouth, Wadebridge, Newquay, Penzance and a few others have nice stands, old fashioned yes, but good for viewing the game. Nice view from the side opposite the stand at Lafrowda Park, St Just as Mike has said, however, the stand still needs work done to it to make it comfortable - lack of money there I'm afraid. Nice club house though. Nice view from the ground at Witheridge but by heck the wind catches you up there ! Windy up at Culdrose too at times and no proper stand of course. Cant say Culdrose is a '''must visit''' ground though.
  6. Should have scored an equaliser just minutes before the end stevie. Best team won on the day though.
  7. Dissent.

    What constitutes dissent for which a player can be booked these days - and if it still exists, why don't referees book players for it ? Watching football on the TV this weekend, the latest being the Southampton v Spurs match, the number of times a player raged at the referee were countless. Surely if a player runs up to the referee and mouths very clearly for all to see - ''you must be f- - -in jokin ref'', with a snarl on his face and gesticulating with his hands and arms - that must be dissent ! ? At times this outburst is ended by the player with a clear dismissive wave of his hand, indicating clearly that he has no respect for the ref at all. Does the offence still exist and if so, why is it not acted upon by the referee ?
  8. Dissent.

    You've hit the nail right on the head fenman with all you've said. Yes and it is putting referees off from continuing to officiate. A bad situation and worse is the seeming apathy by so many in the game. If this attitude continues, the game at our level, is I believe, in some danger of collapse.
  9. Dissent.

    It can easily happen sir.
  10. Great - strength to your arm RAPPO. Enjoy the games, wish I was there !
  11. Dissent.

    It seems that my original post regarding dissent shown by players on the field of play has been hijacked.
  12. An idea for The Combo?

    Great post CTB. I like your idea too - however, there will still be quite a few teams losing regular players to cricket, some cricket teams play evening matches even late in their season. That said, I still think it's a good idea.
  13. Goonhavern 1 - St Just 2 Well done Tinners, another good away win. Not a bad season thus far. Keep it going lads !
  14. Not misplaced sir - optimism is always good, like hope !
  15. Alexis Sanchez has a contract with Man United reportedly to be for £14 million per year. His agent was paid £10 million for his part in this deal. In my opinion these sort of wages are beyond ridiculous, they are obscene. Millions of people are starving to death across the world - millions are living in poverty and millions are homeless. We are talking about a principle here - the sufferings of the world are not the fault of footballers of course. Many if not most of Premier League footballers are paid more in a week than the Prime Minister is paid in a year. This should all be stopped. In my opinion, footballers agents should be stopped from being paid wages as high as they are. These agents are parasites living off footballers skills. Will anyone grasp this nettle and bring it all to a halt ? Sadly I doubt it.
  16. Chelsea obviously want a tall striker. What they could do with is another Peter Osgood. What's the good of a cross from the wing, when your ''''strikers'''' are all little guys ?
  17. Phillip Neville is the FA's choice as the new England womens team coach. What credentials has this man got to suggest he should be Mark Sampson's successor ? Should the successor be a woman, after the allegations surrounding the last male coach ? There are women who are both qualified and with proven track records, to take over this job.
  18. England Womens Team manager.

    A very good and interesting post fenman. As a general rule, women even though they won the vote some years back now, to succeed in this world, have to be better at a particular job than their male counterpart. Sadly even then, often they are still ignored by men and treated as of a lower standard - and that makes my blood boil. For proof of this, just look at the wage differential between men and women. We digress. My beef is with the FA rather than Phillip Neville. The FA in my book have failed to properly deal with this situation. 1) Neville is not qualified, in my opinion, to take over as head coach of a national side. He hasn't managed any football team to my knowledge. 2) The previous England head coach was sacked for alleged inappropriate behaviour with female players in his control. The FA have now elected to offer the vacant post to a man who, by his own admittance, has tweeted inappropriate remarks about women players and therefore, in my opinion, the FA should have withdrawn the offer of a contract to this man when this came to light. He can say sorry all he likes and be serious about it too, but in my book he has disqualified himself as a candidate for the post. People may disagree, I have simply stated my view on the matter.
  19. England Womens Team manager.

    It looks as if this thread has run its course now. It would have been interesting to hear the views of some of the lady members of the forum.
  20. England Womens Team manager.

    That's very true sir.
  21. England Womens Team manager.

    What's his managerial experience ? Not a loaded question - I don't think he has any, apart from being assistant to his brother at Valencia. His brother was sacked because Valencia did not improve under his management. The fact that Phillip Neville was a player with Man U and Everton, doesn't mean he will make a good manager of a national side. History proves that even great players don't necessarily make good managers. A lot of the job of course, is how the coach handles each player in his charge.
  22. England Womens Team manager.

    It would be interesting to hear from the lady members of this forum on this subject.
  23. how good is the premiership

    They don't earn mega money stevie - they're given it. True older - and disgusting !
  24. You're right digger1000. Not quite sure about your playtime/self time pursuits though.