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  1. Well - the original post has received a lot of hot air that's for sure. This is still a free country - a man can change clubs if he wishes to - does this really deserve all this criticism ?! Perhaps it's time to move on lads.
  2. Correct decision - obviates any future misunderstandings or suspicions.
  3. It's good to hear about clubs with ambitions. So - best wishes to Mousehole for the future and, with all their ambitions. Best wishes too, to Penzance - a great football club. Personally I don't like to hear of clubs amalgamating. A town or village football club has history and an identity of its own. To rob it of that, renders its history irrelevant and that would be sad.
  4. Keith B

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Spot on stevie - Carzola was a great player. It's sad what has happened to him. He always looked like he was enjoying playing too.
  5. I must have missed something - ''private'' ?
  6. Thank you for coming back on this Rob. There is much right in what you say. Yes Mousehole is isolated geographically, whilst Penzance is at the end of the railway line at this end of Cornwall. Pity perhaps that Mousehole didn't have preliminary talks with Penzance before gathering all the support from elsewhere that they did. I thought the response from Penzance was a reasonable one, although it was unfortunate that the term ''pipe dreams'' was used. Mousehole's location is not ideal for a club with big ideas and one can imagine their frustration, when the realities of the limitations their geographical situation puts them in, became clearer to them. Amalgamation with another club ? A poll of feelings on the subject would be interesting. Loss of identity is a big step. Years ago Wimbledon did that and lost many hitherto faithful supporters. It will be interesting to see what other responses come in on this subject.
  7. We're proud to be Cornish Rob1978. To call us morons is wrong and - there's nothing wrong with individuality. I don't believe that Cornish football is dying on its feet personally. Yes it probably needs re thinking a bit, but I believe that there is still a strong desire to continue playing the game we love. Don't know where you're from sir - are you Cornish ?
  8. Well said CTB. As I have said, I'm astonished at the idea put forward by Mousehole.
  9. Keith B

    Penryn Athletic

    I think you're trying to stir things up sir.
  10. Well - I'm astonished at the suggestion. Sounds to me (being of a suspicious nature) that they just want to play at Penlee Park. Can't blame them for that, it's one of the best grounds around, along with one or two others. Why would any club want to lose their own identity ?
  11. Keith B

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Why - what have you heard baldy ?
  12. Keith B

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Cazorla leaving ? That would seem a bit ungrateful. Arsenal have looked after him throughout his long and nasty injury. As for Emery - who knows what he will do. Who knows how he will fair in the pressure of the English Premier League ? The only thing we know is, that Arsenal FC have usually made the right choice up to and including Wenger.
  13. They couldn't afford you Dave !
  14. Keith B

    * Breaking news *

    Glad to hear it SF - does he feel the same way ?
  15. Keith B

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Spurs 5 - Leicester City 4 Well the crowd got their moneys worth today ! Well done both teams I'd say - last match of the season too.