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  1. They couldn't afford you Dave !
  2. Keith B

    * Breaking news *

    Glad to hear it SF - does he feel the same way ?
  3. Keith B

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Spurs 5 - Leicester City 4 Well the crowd got their moneys worth today ! Well done both teams I'd say - last match of the season too.
  4. Keith B

    * Breaking news *

    Not very nice SF. If you can't say anything good about a player - best to say nothing at all, surely.
  5. Stevie - from reading all this, it's obvious that you have more folk who support you than not. However, maybe for the good of your health sir, you should seriously think of hanging up your flag. Your health is more important than anything else. Better to be able to keep going along and enjoying watching Hayle - than risking a heart attack by running the line. Personally, I've had the heart attack - followed by open heart surgery and a triple bypass and I can tell you - avoid a heart attack at all costs if you can. I was fortunate and am alive - many are not so fortunate eg, Ray Wilkins. Make the right choice sir - and best wishes.
  6. Keith B

    Steven Gerrard - New Rangers Manager

    Many ex good, or great players, have failed at management. If they sack him at the end of his first season, or before that, his severance pay off will be massive though.
  7. Very true stevie - great send off and, hard shoes to fill. He can go with his head held high. It will be interesting to see if another team approach him. I'm sure he has more to offer yet, especially to a lower league team and I certainly mean no disrespect to him by saying that.
  8. Oh well, thank's for info. Well done Launceston anyway, you have to play what's put in front of you and they certainly did that.
  9. Nobody has anything to say about Launceston's 7 Nil thrashing of Plymouth Argyle !! Didn't see it myself, but that was a great win for the Clarets surely - match report anyone - or was this score the result of something I don't know about ?
  10. Keith B

    Duchy League's first title secured

    Well done Stoke Climsland and everyone associated with the club. Great achievement.
  11. Keith B

    Arsenal 1 - Athletico Madrid 1

    Should we be thankful ? ? ?
  12. Sure stevie - but we better be careful or they'll all want one !
  13. Thanks stevie - typing error. Has been corrected - same sentiment applies. Sorry Andys - typing error. Corrected now - same sentiment applies though - well done you.