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  1. Defiantly 2-0 to Troon. Close game aged in good spirits.
  2. Clubman

    Tuesday,17th April

    Newlyn were not there when the game was called off and still haven't acknowledged that they received the referee's email, text message and attempted phone call advising that the game was off. Referee is now considering reporting this lack of communication to the league. There is a thing called Courtesy.
  3. Clubman

    Tuesday,17th April

    Apparently the match official still hasn't had a reply to his email and text message advising the home team that the game was off. Poor management, not surprised though.
  4. Clubman

    Tuesday,17th April

    Sometimes it may be better if where council/ leisure centre pitches are involved the pitch owners should make the call nice & early to give all involved plenty of notice. Especially on midweek evening games. Not every ref can get away from work early enough to make the decision.
  5. Thank you Marksy, glad to know that I am not the only one that believes that experience has to be gained . It is not acceptable that the push for young referees to advance should be put before gaining an understanding of the differences between the standards of the higher leagues.
  6. That's what up get when there is a policy in place to rush young referred through. You cannot allow double promotions in one season. You need a season at your next level to realise the difference.
  7. What no Leeds tonight?
  8. Clubman

    Trelawny League result Weds.11th April

    That's what you get with Club Assistants. Lol.
  9. Clubman

    JUNIOR CUP semi postponed!

    Sounds like a fishing reel whizzing off. No"smoke" without fire. Nerve touched methinks.
  10. Clubman

    JUNIOR CUP semi postponed!

    Shouldn't it be Mousehole AFC, Marazion are no longer an active club so why come on commenting on something nothing to do with you. Must admit that there is no strange "herbal tobacco" smells at Marazion now.
  11. No Alf, they couldn't get a referee to inspect the pitch and didn't know your contact details to ask you to do it as you seem to be the pitch expert. Lol, maybe time to wind your neck in. You're getting as bad as Sijames.
  12. Only 500 to catch up Rappo.Lol.
  13. Can't be helped, hopefully player safety will come before the need to get games played. Be sensible folks.
  14. Apparently their top goalscorer has fin rot from playing on waterlogged pitches. Lol.
  15. Div 3, Rosudgeon v Carharrack off, both pitches waterlogged.