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  1. Who's the league officer that is belittling a club that cannot abide by the league rules? If you know who it is then name & shame. Unless of course you know that you're clutching at straws. Every breach of league rules is discussed and dealt with on it's merits. No team is discriminated against. Why do you think people give up their time to try to give teams a game of football, Please feel free to volunteer to help out with managing the league.
  2. Read the post *****, it didn't refer to the 3g game but a previous game where Madron's pitch was not up to standard.
  3. Madron's Manager and "Secretary" even had a moan the other day when a Referee called a game off because their pitch was not up to standard. Not their fault that it hadn't been cut for weeks. I think you will find that Zebedee's knowledge of these things far exceeds yours.
  4. No Game for Gwinear today then Duane. Gave you a chance to play for Helston and score.
  5. Unlucky Holmana, keep going it will turn out OK. Make sure that players behave & should be no problem.
  6. Pens are only done with existing rules. The only change applies to what used to be called the League Cup. Alternate kickers,
  7. Enjoy your break Paul.
  8. An expert has stated the correct procedure, someone who is in the know and has more experience of administration than most people that post on here.
  9. Trouble is some people make comments to deliberately stir the shit, regardless of the facts. Sijames falls into that category. Has an opinion on everything but probably won't want to devote time and energy into improving the game for everyone.
  10. Sijames, get a life, there is no rule/law which states that a result stands after 70 mins. If you don't know the correct procedure don't comment. ****.
  11. Mousehole 3rds v Stithians ON @ Mounts Bay 3g.
  12. The Sin-Bin so far?

    Most referees will try to deal with dissent ( which is the only offence that a player can be Sin Binned for) by a quiet word first and if the player doesn't listen then bye bye for 10 minutes playing time. Amazing how fast some mangers watches must work. Watched 2 games where players were binned and managers were shouting after 4 mins that players should be allowed back on. More education needed or extend it to Mangers etc, 10 mins outside the dugout when your teams losing?
  13. Only on pitches owned by clubs, if a pitch is Council/ Services/ Playing Field Association/Parish Council then the Groundsman or Trustees can declare the pitch out of bounds. The referee then has no say.
  14. Pitch inspected and in dire need of a trim, no way lines could be marked and a danger to the players. Hasn't seen a mower for weeks. Not weather related.
  15. Madron v Constantine Reserves off. Div 4.