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  1. mattelot


    Come on ray ! I cant believe any supporter would be happy about a name change to cornish tigers .youve already lost your traditional red and black home strip .what next sheffield wednesday changing there name to the yorkshire owls ?😁
  2. Who are you going to watch next season Dave ? CAHARYN OR PENRACK ? πŸ˜ƒ
  3. And you had your own ground ! πŸ˜πŸ‘
  4. mattelot

    National League 2018-19

    If I'd known mike i would have popped up for a yarn !😊.A great day out .just like old times .The good lady and myself are a little hoarse today .looking forward to the new season already mate ,see you then .
  5. The futures bright ! The futures Black and Amber !
  6. mattelot

    National League 2018-19

    As someone once said mike Never say Never ! 😁 Didnt see you there today mate .what a great afternoon and atmosphere with F troop making an appearance , and the legendary Rappo as well .As for Ravon , will get him his pint after the Aubrey WIlkes game , must be at our place this year and i really think we could win it back .πŸ‘
  7. I vowed i wouldnt reply to your juvenile posts again but im going to on this very last occaision .i will look up the meaning of the word forum and you can look up the meaning of the word SUPPORTER and then state on this forum that you fit that bill πŸ‘cheers and gone . Plus one other unless a tavi supporter can correct me ?
  8. Tiverton and Taunton players on show for tavy according to a neutral .
  9. The fact is his opinion counts for nothing .END OF !
  10. Grit , determination , team spirit ,discipline , and four great goals won it .And falmouth didnt need to bring in any ringers either !
  11. On twitter from his armchair !
  12. Just want to say good luck to all the players and management of Falmouth Town in tommorrows SWPL cup final .Cant believe this is our 1rst final in 15 years .Its been a joy to watch a team that works for each other rather than a team of individuals .The team spirit is obvious both on and off the pitch .we've witnessed some unbelievable performances this season so much so that i would have paid to get out of the ground afterwards !😁.Hopefully we can keep the squad together for next season and do even better .Thanks for this season lads youve been a credit to yourselves and the club .Hopefully you can finish in style and bring home the silverware tomorrow .πŸ‘
  13. OWNER !πŸ€” Didn't want you there !! πŸ€”πŸ€”
  14. Ignore him mate .he's after another wind up !
  15. Absolutely brilliant play from the town well done boys .bet there's some choice language in the home dressing room .will be interested to see Leeds United's summing up .Also that big hole that big Al is in just keeps getting deeper and deeper .anyone know an abseiler to get him out poor chap ? 🀣