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  1. 2 on the train .would that be big Al and you together Charlie? 🤣
  2. Don't rise to the bait Tom . He's like a child kicking and stamping his feet because he cant have his own way .the next thing will be he can't go to the semis or final because the ko time or venues dont suit him .i for one wont be replying to anymore of his inane posts .if everyone did the same he might see the error of his ways and stop playing that stuck record .
  3. CCFA website

    Try Big Al he knows everything !👍
  4. He's just an attention seeker Dave. Never got anything positive to say about anything or anyone .ought to change his name from Big Al to the big I am !
  5. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !
  6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .you were there to see the ground conditions then big Al. Were you ?
  7. Match report please Leeds Utd! 👍
  8. That quote was in the scampi fries advert filmed years ago on the slipway at mylor dockyard . Just saying ! 😁
  9. Not in his nature Dave and if he didn' have anything to moan about then he'd moan about not having anything to moan about 😊
  10. I don't criticise people who do a job that I either couldn't or wouldn't do myself .You just stick with your odd jobs .👍
  11. You should have no problem joining them then .
  12. Paying Players

    £2.99 for 50 down trago ! 🤣
  13. Nothing stopping you from coming out and watching the 2nd half for free .
  14. There you are big Al the hardworking groundstaff and volunteers have managed to get the game on so credit where credits due eh ! See you there ! Oh no ! Forgot 2pm ko is ridiculous and no good for you !