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  1. Just announced on spotlight truro city to play at torquay utd next season .
  2. Good to see you yesterday ray sorry i couldnt stop for a pint .think after yesterdays performance by us and the possibility of you playing your home games at Torquay will mean us picking up a few more wavering supporters . Smoke and mirrors or no smoke without fire ? Good luck for the season mate .hopefully you wont need it .👍
  3. The chairman doesnt attend away games ! Good god ! kevin heaney attended last time we won it at bickland and even presented us with the trophy .
  4. Shame i didnt see you dave would have introduced you to ravon .now that would have livened things up .😁
  5. Come on older.poor poor game ! you were obviously watching a different game . You were at eve parc on a building site when everyone else was at bickland park across the road watching your old boys more than matching a team from 4 steps higher up the pyramid. Pride passion and team spirit is what won the day my friend .Awfull game ! Yes if you were a truro supporter it would have been because they weren't allowed to play .westys management teams tactics were spot on .Anyway thought you were going to be watching your carpen or is it pencar lads for £1. PS well done to jack bowyer and martin duff on your home debuts. Welcome to falmouth town .the futures bright ,the futures black and amber !!!
  6. Come on Alan ! Take up this offer .life is too short .your missing the resurgence of Falmouth Town .Like the murphys dont be bitter ! And dont just follow on twitter .👍
  7. Mr masters not available to present the trophy either ?
  8. Nah ! Too hot ! Too cloudy ! Too crowded ! Too far to walk! Too dear to get in ! Teas to strong ! Sell the wrong pasties.And been proved wrong again . About 500 others managed it without incident !
  9. 😁 ok mate ! Will see you there with some extra pocket money for post match beverages !👍
  10. Quarry car park walk to the moor then a no 35 0r 35A bus to end of conway rd .😁you can pick up big al at the stop by falmouth hospital .🤣.
  11. mattelot


    Must have to sell a lot of ice cream to cover that amount .
  12. Meant His masters voice mate ! 😁 Currently cruising the western med .been to barcelona today did the obligatory tour of the nou camp .what a let down .bickland far better at least we have cover on all 4 sides of the pitch .😁 Looking forward to saturday reckon the Aubrey WIlkes cup is coming home .
  13. Like his employer always moving . 😀
  14. You caann not be serious ! 🤔