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  1. AJ715

    Promotions / Relegations

    I dont think teams going up from 5th or 6th causes a massive problem in teams folding each year i believe it is more down to the lack of interest for the youngsters these day having so many more options than just football and many would prefer to just play there computer games. Back when i 1st started i couldn't wait to get playing for a team, nowadays you just dont see that same desire from youngsters. As the older players give up there football due to other commitments you see more and more teams fold and some of these are established clubs that have been around for years!
  2. AJ715

    Promotions / Relegations

    Which teams are applying for the league anyone know them all. Know a few but not all
  3. AJ715

    Promotions / Relegations

    I worked out that if its two up two down with teams folding taking out relegation, with teams from lower divisions filling those spots meaning more promotions, two down from combo be that holmans and goonhavern or illogan without any further teams folding it would be as follows: Combo: Relegated; Holmans, Goonhavern or Illogan depending on that outcome. Prem 14 teams: Promoted; Lizard & Wendron. Relegated; St Keverne Div 1 14 teams: Promoted; Mousehole Res & Penwith Exiles. Relegated; N/A. Div 2 14 teams: Promoted; Newlyn Lions, Probus, Goonhavern Res & Wendron 3rds. Relegated; Storm Div 3 15 teams: Promoted; New Inn Titans, Ruan Minor, West Cornwall Res, Falmouth DC, St Ives Mariners & Ludgvan Res. Relegated; Newlyn Non-Athletico Res & Carharrack Res Div 4 13-15 teams: Promoted; Praze, Penzance Res, Perranwell, Mousehole 3rds, Wendron 4ths, Troon Res & Lizard(depending on dropping div 3 to 14 aswell) then leaving room for 5-7 teams. So as close as possible thats what it could be depending on any other outcomes i.e teams folding, 3 down from combo etc