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  1. goals; the league made a mistake and allowed a player from a higher league to play when he shouldn't have. I'd say that's unfair on st mawgan, wouldnt you? why should they be punished? I say replay on Sunday, already got a venue and officials. 're arrange final and offer foxhole choice of 2 dates so they'd aren't punished for date move. review league procedure for removing teams from comps. heads don't need to roll; we all make mistakes. learn from it and move on.
  2. any idea Justin when you are likely to hear the result of the appeal? there's a big game tonight and I'm guessing a lot hinges on this decision:) 🍺🍺
  3. 3 way final. 60 mins a game. boom
  4. I very much doubt that st mawgan will find it fine that the league made a mistake and allowed an ineligible to play.
  5. I would say that the one player who wasn't eligible ( but was told he could play) had a big say on the result having scored the first and having a hand in the third. to say that st mawgan should be embarrassed to play in the final sums up many posts unfortunately across this website these days. I've put my views forward and hope all is sorted out soon, for the fairness of all involved.
  6. like I said previously, if the league have made a mistake and granted permission for a player to play who was ineligible ( who plays mainly for the 1st team and scored a goal in the game) how on earth is that fair on st mawgan? you can't say as a matter of fairness that torpoint should go through to the final. if the mistake has been made surely st mawgan have the right to play their semi final against a team with eligible players only? can't see any other fair way around this from the info presented here (if all is correct!)
  7. I would argue that the result is unfair on st mawgan as well if an ineligible was allowed to play, albeit with the wrong clearance. the game should be replayed with eligible players only and final moved date