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  1. cornishlegend

    Looking for somewhere....

    What area are you in mate? Know the feeling about an extra bit of timber 😂
  2. cornishlegend

    seeking new club

    Stephen Weasil Warne. Believe played at queens rangers last year.
  3. cornishlegend

    seeking new club

    You've had more clubs that anyway in st blazey haven't you 😂
  4. cornishlegend

    Millbridge FC 2nds seeking away friendlies

    Starting in July?? They are very keen aren't they!
  5. cornishlegend

    Godolphin Reserves new manager

    Very good choice savo. Vinny a top guy. Knows the area and local. The G look busy this summer.
  6. cornishlegend

    Godolphin Reserves Require Manager

    What happened to sid?
  7. cornishlegend

    Clubs folding

    Highstreet have folded aswell which is a shame too
  8. cornishlegend

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    I hear there's a league meeting at 12.30 today and that there's only 1 player now not 2 and thanks the 1 that the league sanctioned beforehand. Wouldn't it be better just to have the game replayed as per rules.
  9. cornishlegend

    Duchy Premier League champions

    Fully deserved over the last couple seasons. Could have been more trophies the last few years but you certainly learnt lessons for this year. be good to see St Stephens back in east Cornwall.
  10. cornishlegend

    Duchy Premier League champions

    What a terrible write up. You clearly have something against st Stephens. Are st Stephens taking promotion this year?
  11. But this is about football not him being a vile person. I dont care what he's done not my business I'm I interested I football and he's a good player end of!!
  12. I don't think thats really called for on here. He made mistakes served his time come out and kept himself clean and done what he does best score goals. Hes been the biggest success story of Tavi and Parkway the last 2 seasons. This Is a football forum not a personal life forum. And I have no connection to him at all. Ill be interested to see what happens over at the G this year. After what was a poor season by there standards will they lose players or will they build and come back stronger next year? Bodmin will bounce back and surely be stronger next season. If Falmouth can keep there squad but add a couple I think they will be right there next year. Maybe kirk and Hughie from Helston would be good additions to them. Dark horses will be Millbrook I think they will gain a few players from Torpoint.
  13. Mousehole 2v1 Saltash United
  14. Bodmin Town 6 v1 Callington Town Camelford 2v1 Torpoint Athletic (11.00am) Witheridge 1 v 2 Ivybridge Town WALTER C PARSON CUP FINAL (2.30PM AT WADEBRIDGE TOWN) Falmouth Town 3 v2 Tavistock