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  1. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Tiegan Rosenquest, Tavistock to Parkway. Apart from him being ex Taunton, don't know much about him. Good signing?
  2. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Adam Carter was briefly with Tiverton Town in the Southern League at the start of the 2013/14 season, but soon came back to the Peninsula League with Parkway before moving to Torpoint, and then returning to Parkway. Wonder if a prolific striker with Parkway and Tavistock in recent seasons will be replacing him at Priory Park?
  3. Way Of The Park

    Conifa World Cup 2018

    Went to Conifa World Cup Final 2018 at Enfield yesterday to see Kapatalaya ( region of Hungary) beat Northern Cyprus 3-2 in the penalty shoot out. Occasion was probably better than the cagey game with over 2500 there (including very noisy and colourful groups of fans from both finalists), with kick off delayed by 30 minutes because of the crowd numbers trying to get in. Made me think though, could Cornwall consider joining this? They do fit many of the criteria, and Yorkshire are already members along with the Isle Of Man. The past week has been a great celebration of the joy of football, and a brilliant counter to the corporate sleaze of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, that has been played across 7 Non league venues in the London area between 16 teams. My mind did wander slightly during games, and imagined how great something like this could be if it was held in Cornwall with a host team of county born players taking part. I do really recommend people checking out the Conifa highlights on the website to see what a wonderful week it was.
  4. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Players come, and players go from Bodmin. They'll always be able to attract players as they usually challenge for trophies.They will no doubt be in the mix again next season with Parkway out of the picture, and (if the rumours are correct) pick up one or two players from them. Say what you like about Darren Gilbert and the way he goes about things, but you cannot doubt his track record over the years.
  5. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Reported on Twitter that Harry Evans has left Bodmin and moved to Tiverton.
  6. Agree with you say Rob regarding travel subsidies, but perhaps some clubs should help themselves first. For example, I have heard of a leading Cornish club(that I will not name) offering over £100 a game to a player they are looking to bring into the squad. A few more like this in their team, and that is the cost of a minibus/small coach for travel to away fixtures in the Bristol/Somerset area.
  7. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Stewart Yetton certainly looks like a Hobbs replacement at Parkway. Very different type of player, possibly past his best but will offer plenty of experience and higher league know how. Didn't get too many games at Truro last season though.
  8. Way Of The Park

    New St Austell manager

    It is a good job for someone to take with a bit ambition and know how, they just need pulling together on and off the field. Look at what has happened at Falmouth last season. Similarly, St Austell were a recently successful club with a decent ground, lots of local players who could be tapped into and a big potential support They just seem to have gone slightly backwards in the last couple of years.With Parkway moving up and Bodmin seemingly in transition, the chance could be there to challenge again.
  9. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Oh no. I feel another heated debate about sides not taking promotion, and how great the new Cornish only league will be.
  10. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Is Darren Gilbert confirmed as manager for next season at Bodmin? Heard rumours that he had talked about stepping down. If he does stay, can imagine a big recruiting drive at Bodmin next season after a disappointing campaign. Would expect that glances will be cast in the direction of the Falmouth young guns, as well as one or two Western League refuseniks from Parkway.
  11. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    Tony Kellow is hard to argue with, but he was a bit before my time. Remember a young Glyn Hooper not being particular impressive at Liskeard at Western League level, albeit in a pretty average side that season. Never saw Steve Massey play I'm afraid, so It's definitely Bradley Swiggs for me. Could create, finish, strong, very quick and had a bit of arrogance about him. Did it over many seasons in strong South Western and Western Leagues as well.
  12. Way Of The Park

    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    On a purely football front, would be a disappointment if Glyn Hobbs didn't give it a go in the Western League with Parkway. Understand if he does have family/work reasons for not wanting to commit, but he could really seal his reputation by doing it at step 5 or beyond. In my opinion, he is close to Bradley Swiggs as the best forward I have seen in local football, but doing it consistently at the higher level is the difference.
  13. It is about 24 hours since the season finished, what transfer rumours are knocking about?
  14. Way Of The Park


    As a slight aside, will it be Parkway v Falmouth in the Charity Cup? Or can Parkway not now take part as a Western League team?
  15. Very interesting interview with Parkway chairman, especially the bit about 25 applicants for manager post last season (and some surprising names being amongst them). Sounds like there is a clear vision and strategy for the club, both on and off the pitch. He had it spot on when he said the club has to be self financing, and not relying on individuals putting money in. It never ends well when clubs are reliant on generous benefactors.