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    Not one of the players who grabs the headlines at Parkway, but Mike Smith looks to be developing into a top all round forward. Really impressed in particular by the goals he scores, seems to be able to score both the spectacular as well as the calm and measured finishes.
  2. 31st.December-Deadline

    Thanks Bald One. I had almost managed to forget that.
  3. 31st.December-Deadline

    Quite a few here would be glad to see the back of The Bald One (it's more attractive than the front anyway... )
  4. Would have loved to have shared this jouney with ya buddy. Fancy moving back to Plymouth lol Envious of you guys down there. Following events from a distance, and it looks like it could be exciting times ahead in the next few seasons. Hopefully you remind the new supporters who the people were that made the long trip to Ifracombe in the Vase( "I'm head of security, and I'll be keeping an eye on you."), not forgetting of course the four man (or idiots) Poznan at Tavistock and the "milk,milk,lemonade" chant at Blazey. Couldn't be happier with the ambition at Parkway, but always remember what has gone on down the road at Truro.
  5. Match off at Bolitho, the Plymouth rain has obviously struck again and combined with the already cut up pitch from Boxing Day. With Western League football looking good for next season, this could mean long midweek trips down the M5 in March and April for visiting teams if the weather patterns follow recent years. Also a few late afternoon journeys/late nights back going in the opposite direction for Parkway