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  1. Didn’t know if they had an opinion on it? Seems a silly decision in my personal opinion and to not have the backing of said county fa seems even more ludicrous.
  2. Have they not had a say in this then or is it just the trelawney league? Hasn’t been stated wether they’ve been consulted in this decision.
  3. I notice the main people associated with the ccfa who love to come on here and defend their decision any way they can are keeping very quiet about it!! Usual had one of them on here blaming the clubs for the mess by now!!
  4. Transfer query

    When I moved to a trelawney league club from a duchy league club earlier in the season they had to put 7 days in for my registration to be transferred over
  5. Can someone please explain how Troon vs St Agnes res was postponed in the premier because of a ‘waterlogged’ pitch but Troon 2s vs Madron still managed to play?? 🤔