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  1. And many went astray too..... which is most unusual. The long ball over the top tended to come into play and that normally means "plan A" has gone out the window. I do not like to see Parkway play long ball over the top. As I said , a warm up exercise so no need to panic.
  2. That is the rumour . Mikey Williams is one of the best player I have seen at this level.
  3. I see your point . We will have 3 strikers : Yetton a seasoned veteran , Carter a proven goal scorer at a lower level. We also have Smith who can play up front or I would like to see him on the wing. I have not seen any defender yet who is able to put him in their pocket when he plays on the wing. There , problem solved .................... ( if only it was that easy lol ) .
  4. The current squad is most of the same squad that finished last season. Not sure who you mean by the big names ? Would you like to clarify please .
  5. New keeper ( possibly cover ) not sure of his name . Other than Yetton and Rossenquest no new additions. To be honest , they looked very much out of sorts. Ball control and passing was not to their usual standard. The players were very aware that they were not playing well and the young guns of Tavi rattled them on many occasions. Must remember this is a cobweb blowing out exercise and not a must win situation. No need to panic ................. yet lol.
  6. Carter has a good proven scoring record and since I have been following Parkway has signed for them about 4 times . He holds the ball up well and does know where the back of the net is . I would have liked to see a new face up front though from perhaps a higher league / level . Still , lets see how it goes . I did like Yettons positive attitude when he came on as sub part way through the second half last night. Interesting times ahead............. Cmon Parkway.


    Tavi 2 Parkway 3 . Very inexperienced Tavi team took Parkway to the wire last night with Yetton netting the winner at the end of the game. Hats off to the young Tavi lads for effort and hard work. It was at the end of the day, a pre season warm up , but if Parkway play like that against Bristol Manor Farm Saturday , they will get thumped.
  8. Possibly Yetton for the goals yes . We will have to wait and see who does stay.
  9. I think you will find there are several other experienced players in the Parkway squad too.
  10. Would like to see a more experienced striker from a higher level. The lad Annear is good but not for me.
  11. Well if Hobbs does not stay , I vote Farkins ( The Tank ) for Captain .
  12. I hope that is not true.


    Anyone got the line ups plz
  14. Anyone know the crowd cound for Tavy v Pafc plz