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  1. I don't comment when we win so why would I comment when we lose? Not lost anyone, we just had players out today. We had a off day, well done to aggie.
  2. Well done holmans today, A bit of a struggle at the moment but you put a team out who for the first 25 minutes competed very well. I am sure with a couple new signing you will pick up point's.
  3. You played a st.day team high in confidence and was hoping for a cup upset. With a few new signings you guys looked good, especially strong midfield.
  4. I don't believe you would ever make a mistake running the line richard.
  5. Ref has to call it off if all the player's are there surely?
  6. Don't think the ref was close enough to see if it was inside or not. Our player being about 6 or 7 yards inside the box when landing should have gave it away, or is he superman.lol Yea we are looking to go as high and far as we can. We have a very good youth team coming through who would fit in at that level too.
  7. Good report stevie, thought hayle are a good side and are hard to beat. We was a bit upset not getting the penalty.lol
  8. Got a feel the two don't see eye to eye.
  9. Ref offered for the game, portreath legend will know more.
  10. What happened to the ref who offered to do it?
  11. You on something you shouldn't be ralf!
  12. Sorry Rappo to let you down, we wasn't good enough today.
  13. Dave helston v st.day last season was called off due to heavy rain on the way and senior cup final couple week's later.
  14. Jarvo you have a good young side and win upset alot of team's near the top this season.
  15. I agree penryn very unlucky not to get anything but penatly was 100% handball and nobody near him to push him so not sure where you got that from.
  16. Carharrack pitch always suffers when we have heavy rain for a couple day's. Surprised it was off though because a lot of other pitches also struggle but got played on. Probably new it would ruin it and didn't want that for the season ahead.
  17. Got to agree with the above, how can falmouth comment about playing higher league players.lol
  18. Penryn very unlucky not to get at least a point today.
  19. Just been down there, pitch looking pretty good.