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  1. DIVISION 2 MANAGER REQUIRED Following the promotion of Ivan Blenes and Phil Richards to run St Day Reserves alongside Kieran Leah, our TL Division 2 side are now looking for a new manager. With an excellent youth section coming through, this is a fantastic opportunity for a new manager to take control of the 3rd team. The club has recently revealed their new plans for pitch improvements and changing facilities which will ReVamp Vogue Park. If you are interested in being involved in the exciting times ahead for The Saints please contact our Chairman, Dave Searle on 07980 048529 by Sunday 1st July 2018.
  2. Yes Ivan is still with St.Day, Just with the Reserves now.😉
  3. St.day have more Carharrack boy's in their team.😉
  4. Why? Very good side and a club on the up.
  5. Don't build it to big, won't fit in the changing rooms.😉
  6. willy7

    Chacewater Football Club

    Ideal, hope they can get the team/club up and running again.
  7. willy7

    Chacewater Football Club

    Best of luck Nigel, Have you got a manager in place if you get the go ahead?
  8. Can only play away sorry. Shame none of the player's were playing for carharrack rather than the manager.
  9. The whole first team squad gone?
  10. willy7

    Penryn Athletic

    You can say that about quite a few player's from the top for combo sides
  11. God your getting them sorted early.😉
  12. willy7

    Penryn Athletic

    I think threemilestone/carharrack now Penryn team will do well and if the boy's Reeve and May stay they will be pushing to get back to the Peninsula League which where Mr Pope wants to Manage so I can see him staying for a few years.
  13. Lakeside 1 - 2 St.Day Very entertaining game with Lakeside starting strong and going a goal up in the first couple minutes. It took St.Day around 15 minutes to get going and they started to create so chances with Lakeside trying to catch them out on the break. St.Day went 2-1 up before the break and in the second half should have been out of sight if it wasn't very the very outstanding Lakeside keeper. St.Day nearly paid for their missed chance's when Lakeside thought they had equilized in the last 10min but it was ruled out for offside. All in all a very entertaining game with the best side on the day just edging it.
  14. Best save I've seen this season
  15. Is threemilestone carharrack feeder club
  16. We have already started working on the pitches. The main pitch gets around 120 games a season on with with adult and youth games, groundsman does a great job as I am sure all the others do.
  17. Even though carharrack dropped points again it in perranporth hands and I don't think they will let it slip. Been a good competitive league this season though.
  18. This season has been a hard one for lot's of teams. The bad weather and then having to play 3 to 4 times a week at the end of season is hard. You just hope your player's don't pick up injuries, The last couple game's we have had we had 9 and 12 player's away or injured, not known a season like it for injuries.
  19. Haven't been him this season when we played them, think it was Tom
  20. I think tomorrow night's results could give you a league winner
  21. I ain't giving him stick, I believe he did get a couple wrong yesterday like player's make mistakes. But the one were he gave the st.day winger offside and he hadn't even got passed he man yet was a hard one to understand. Steve I believe you being not in line was the only reason you gave it and as you said getting older and health is probably the reason for that. Stop eating all the sausages and chip's after the game. 😉 Ps Hayle were far better and would have won wether you flagged or not.
  22. It could well be he just had a bad day and got a couple wrong, but one of them nobody should have got wrong.
  23. What's happened to st.blazey, we played them in the senior cup before Xmas and they looked good and won a lot of games for the next couple months.