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  1. Depends if the ref reported it. He came back on the field Saturday at the final whistle to have a moan at the ref and that was after one of the best performance by a ref I've seen this season. He need to start using his brain a bit more and act like a manager because he has a good team who needs a manager who they can rely on.
  2. willy7

    Penryn athletic next season

    Heard there are a few big name's linked.
  3. Yea we thought Knowsley reffed the game well and aloud for the condition but like you said that tackle in the first 20min was very late and dangerous, couldn't believe he didn't even get a card.
  4. Good final today, best side won on the day and perranporth were gracious defeat. Think the league can still be won by 4 teams yet. Got to also mention the officials who done a great job and the ref took the conditions into account. Thanks to porthleven who done a great job hosting, the pitch might need a rest now.
  5. They probably just took a while making the ball's available, Roy don't take it to literal.
  6. Think it's called time wasting.Most team's do it when they are in front.
  7. Marksy from what I saw tonight Holmans will survive. Lot's of effort put in and never stopped. Also a very good young keeper!
  8. St.day 9 Culdrose 0. Talking point was the st.day manager coming on and scoring. New title will be player/manager from now on. :-)
  9. Also good to see they bar looking good, hopefully thing's on the up for Penryn. Thanks for the pizza put on afterwards!
  10. Very good game, well done to penryn for getting the game on.
  11. What the league asked you to host the semi or asked you to play on it the day before?
  12. A club wanting to host a semi final and play on it the day before,crazy!