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  1. Carharrack are playing senior cup this Saturday
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    Why is that interesting?
  3. Yes it will be a good game, not a lot in it last time they played and with Carharrack pitch not great when it rains it's a sensible thing to do seeing they are behind in league game's.
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    You think St.Stephen's is a easy game?
  5. One of those player's being a st.day player?
  6. Glad we could help, don't like seeing anyone get a serious injury. As for the match being abandoned the ref said the light was fine.
  7. Thought they would want to step up, their manager is an ambitious person
  8. Think Carharrack only need to put shower in ref room far as I know. St.day would look to go up but want to be challenging for the combo league before making the step.
  9. As long as a club have the right thing's in place and the team is ambitious they should go for it like clints said. If the club is run right and the player's are loyal then what have they got to lose, if there not good enough they come back down.
  10. Money doesn't guarantee you anything! Lot's of senior club's can tell you that.