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  1. Phil Ryder RIP

    I am shocked to the core. Not only did I have numerous battles with Phil over the years but did lots of business with him in his capacity as head chef at Newquay’s Kilbirnie Hotel. You knew you were in for an almighty battle with Phil. Sometimes you won but mostly you lost. The one thing you knew was there was nothing sly about him and a handshake and a beer after the game was a given. Fantastic goal scorer, brave as a lion and great to be around. Massive shock. RIP Phil, condolences to your family and friends. People use the word “legend” all too frequently these days. Not this time. Legend.

    You might find that the rules are different playing under-age players when you're an academy player. Normally you can't play until you're 16 but because academy players are coached by qualified coaches who constantly assess the technical, physical, psychological and social side of their players, they might give him the go ahead although this may not apply to this league and only their professional leagues. The difference is that professional clubs' assessment "guarantees" the suitability of a player while no such qualified coaches necessarily exist outside the professional game. It's an anomaly that exists for professional clubs only and why the occasional 15 year old turns out for a professional club.
  3. Cedric Newell "Sam" Real

    Very sad news indeed. I heard lots about him from my Dad who introduced me to him just the once. Lovely man who made a great contribution to football during his era. Condolences to his family and friends.
  4. FACYC Cornwall Latest.

    That was as epic game Dave and credit once again to Cornwall for proving that the Duchy has talent that can match anyone. Well done from me!
  5. FACYC Cornwall Latest.

    Great result well done everyone!
  6. Falmouth v Saltash

    Great game to watch. I was massively impressed with the fitness levels of Town. It was the obvious thing that would help transform their performances and last night and they chased lost causes, closed down players quickly, ran all night long and took their chances. Good win as Saltash are no mugs and will do well this year.
  7. Highest individual scorers

    I remember him well. My dad played alongside him for years and I also remember hearing about the disaster on the radio the day after and hearing his name mentioned. Made me go cold. Brave RNLI men.
  8. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Yeah I do remember that one...thankfully things have got more professional these days with those in charge at the CCFA really pulling out the stops to make our players feel like it's a massive honour to be selected. Whenever I liaised with Dave Bray over details he'd go out of his way to ensure that the players had the most enjoyable experience possible. Very few players declined the opportunity to play and of those, most were under pressure from club managers to play for their club so essentially caught in the crossfire. I loved pulling that shirt on though...couldn't beat that!
  9. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Haha! You’re right there. I’d have walked behind the bus to get there if my name was in the sheet and that was when I was the manager!
  10. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    They were all good in different ways Dave. Whichever way you represent your county it’s a proud moment!
  11. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Cheers Pete! Great days all round! Superb bunch of lads and really high standard of football.
  12. Rumours

    That sound about right Al! Yes great days mate and with all the stuff that's banded about on here these days I often think how lucky we were!
  13. Rumours

    Great team mate for many years great guy!
  14. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    In the past I can say that in some instances we chose a ground close to the Devon border if another county had a long distance to travel. I know their journey is not really our concern but if the game is played both ways then everyone is happy. A few years ago we played Dorset so they made us play at Portland rather than somewhere nearer. The next season we played them at Penzance! We then had a chat over a beer in the clubhouse and agreed it was madness to trek each other over the West Country when we could play at Saltash or Launceston. We would then play them at Bridport or Dorchester. Sometimes working with other counties works in your favour as by the time you get back from long trips it's tomorrow and you've got kids on board. Just saying.
  15. Hi Mike

    How many games did Phil Shapcott play for Town please?


  16. A county Youth Team match was scheduled for this season but was rained off.

    Sadly, a few years ago I managed to get a county game at Bickland as it's my home club and was badly let down. When I arrived the pitch was appauling, no work had been done during the week and little effort made to mark it out, the grass hadn't been cut. The changing rooms were filthy dirty as well, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. No committee members there to welcome anybody from the CCFA or Gloucestershire FA, they'd gone to Town's away match somewhere. Only Suzie Williams left to make food for the players after the match which had been agreed beforehand, and she had to go out and buy more as she wasn't told about it.

    To be honest I was embarrassed about it and having agreed everything before the game the "welcome" from the club was anything but welcoming.

    That might have something to do with it. The current committee are trying hard to redress the situation and are back in favour but you'll have to wait your turn I guess.

    Hope that helps.