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  1. Congratulations to Gerald!

    I know Mike...so's my dad! You can't have everything!
  2. Congratulations to Gerald!

    Same as Kev. I’ve known Gerald all my life and my father played alongside him for years. Happy birthday Gerald hope there’s plenty more for you!
  3. I’d just like to say that Rappo and myself did the draw for three years and we had numbered balls in a bag and drew them out completely randomly. Neither of us had any ideas at all who would come out of the bag. There was no cheating whatsoever and a member of the CCFA was beside us. Big Al may call us both liars but I’d take any lie detector test in the world and swear it is as all legitimate. Do you really think that BBC Radio Cornwall would allow us to fabricate the draw live on air? Really?
  4. It has been broadcast on local radio. Don’t tell me you haven’t got that either?
  5. derek brown

    Sad times. Derek was a stalwart of the club and a real gentleman. Condolences to his family. RIP Derek.
  6. That hasn’t been discussed other than it will be in line with all other pitches like it. There has to be a sinking fund to ensure its upkeep and replacement in years to come. It is a community facility though and we will ensure it’s available to all on a booking basis. I guess if you’re reading this and interested then call or email the school and get your name on the list.
  7. Not my place to say Bobjfh but Town can play at Bickland Park for a while I believe while their new pitch is being laid. Someone from the club may give a definitive answer but the future is bright both on and off the field for the club. The new 3G will be available for all the community to use and if you're interested in using it please give the school a call and register your interest.
  8. Hi Smiler Our school owned land across the busy main road into Falmouth that we used for for playing fields, but the speed and volume of traffic meant that it was too dangerous to take the students across to play there. Immediately next to our school was the dilapidated remains of the old Budock Hospital which was pretty much the same area as the pitches. We sold our land to a building developer and used the money to purchase the hospital site and develop that area to use as pitches since we'd lost the ones across the road, in line with the requirements of Sport England. It has also allowed us to build the new community sports facility and the grant from the Football Foundation has helped with the new 3G pitch. Essentially we have generated our own funds to pull the project together and no other money is being used. That's it in a nutshell, hope that helps.
  9. Nothing rude about my comments Big Al just accurate. You say you have no interest in our project but happy to call into question the funding model and how it should be the bottom of the pile if public money is being used. Getting this far has taken more than four years of hard work. Ill take your reply as an apology then?
  10. Big Al. The new facility for the school has been entirely funded by our school with the exception of a grant from theFootball Foundation towards the 3G pitch. The tax payers have contributed absolutely nothing whatsoever towards it so your money is safe. As and when Falmouth Town move up and their new pitch is ready to play on it will be the club’s money not the tax payers. If you had been following it in the local press you would already know this. The new 3G pitch will be for the use of both the school and the community, after all we are a community school. We have already started to get enquiries regarding booking the pitch which we hope to have up and running by September to fall in line with the new school year. There will be a fitness suite built for our students to use during the day and the public after 5pm or so with classrooms and fitness rooms for dance classes etc Thanks for your concern about spending public funds on our community sports project but once again your comments are so far from reality.
  11. When did Tretherras' 3G pitch have overhead cables?
  12. Sometimes you don’t give your fixtures secretary enough credit for getting games in like they do. Come the end of the season and you’ve won the league, shake their hand and say thanks for the part they played.
  13. Dissent.

    The FA and officials could clear it up overnight if they wanted. If everyone saw the officials sending players off and you had two or three gone from a team in one game you can be sure that it wouldn't happen for long as managers would be without significant numbers of players for games. I'm guessing the FAPL wouldn't like it as it wouldn't look good round the world if players are being dismissed and teams were down to eight men. I thought that this year there were instructions sent out to clubs to ensure this was being addressed? Two things would happen. 1. The abuse at top level would significantly reduce and therefore would filter down into grassroots and give local referees a chance. 2. The FA would cave in and say it's unworkable and the status quo would resume. The Respect Campaign is great to have as long as it works from top down and bottom up and we meet somewhere in the middle. As coaches we're supposed to set an example, we also tell our players to copy techniques and show skills like the pros. You can't ask them to copy a player without also seeing the other side as well. Monkey see, monkey do! At school our rugby players accept decisions by referees, some of those same players when playing football think it's alright to show dissent towards the referee. That's not taught at school, that's learned behaviour from watching TV. I can tell you that PE staff don't allow it at all but clearly they're allowed a club level or it wouldn't happen.
  14. This is before referees were told that their first priority was the safety of the players and that standing water on the pitch means postponement. Think of all the money clubhouses are losing by missing out on Saturday games and rearranging them midweek? Do you really think clubs want to call the games off?