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  1. Must congratulate Mr Hiscox on getting all the fixtures played in the most challenging of circumstances, without that kind of dedication lower leagues would really struggle. He must have felt like giving up around March what with all the cancellations. Well done.
  2. I think the FA should be charged with culpable abuse of soccer players. Why couldn't clubs have played 2 matches a week until the end of May? Absolutely ridiculous.
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    If Parkway don't lose tonight Camelford will have been the only team to beat them this season, that would have been worth a tenner bet last August.
  4. Watched Bodmin beat Camelford today but only just. Camels only had 5 first team available 4 of which were carrying knocks the rest of the team was made up from duchy league players and a Romainian guy they picked up along the way. Bodmin had most of the play but Camels had most of the effort and defended very well. Bodmin scored in the 7th minute of added time a cruel blow for The Camels who were leading 2 1 with 15 left.You could tell the teams have played far too much football very lack lustre especially Bodmin. Only about 50 people watching which is very disappointing for such a big town and a good team, although they have won the same as Camelford this season maybe that had something to do with it.
  5. I cannot see how all fixtures will be played by the required date, almost physically and logistically impossible especially for teams that are not playing for much. There is a thing called life that goes on outside of football. The FA might as well not have replied, you can almost here them saying , I wish those inbred sheep s-----ing Cornish people would go away.