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  1. They probably are representative.
  2. I cannot see how all fixtures will be played by the required date, almost physically and logistically impossible especially for teams that are not playing for much. There is a thing called life that goes on outside of football. The FA might as well not have replied, you can almost here them saying , I wish those inbred sheep s-----ing Cornish people would go away.
  3. Extend the season to end of May seems sensible, Why are the FA so bullish? Only other solution is to play on the pitches regardless of condition with players playing at their own risk.
  4. The ref was called Honeycut or set something near that not sure of the assistants lost me program.
  5. hoppit

    Cheating !

    Steve Smith such a brilliant player what was he thinking the mind just boggles.
  6. With so much bad publicity about refs on this site I thought the officials at Camelford were excellent in what was very testing conditions. Seems to me that if officials are bad everyone notices but if they are good nobody notices. give credit where credits due
  7. hoppit

    Tavistock vs Parkway

    What I deduce from Homewaters report is that Parkway were squeaky clean and it was all Tavistocks and the refs fault,seems a bit biased to me having had 3 correctly sent off.