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  1. Congratulations to Gerald!

    I echo Kevin's comments .....have always enjoyed our refereeing trips and social meetings with Gerald ,plus his dry sense of humour !!!
  2. Probably to late k off ....be past his bedtime 😥
  3. Paul , Titans pitch is part of a playing field , rugby on pitch above , no covered areas Im afraid !!! Brolly and wellies day if it goes ahead as ground very wet lately .
  4. An idea for The Combo?

    ...All good and workable ideas .....and still we cant do anything about it raining for 2 months , lack of referees , cost of hiring astro pitches ....are these the more important areas to look at ???
  5. Start the season earlyer

    Clubs can start in middle of August now ....but how many want to ??? Always amazes me how they can always play friendlies in July -Aug ...yet ask them to play league games last 2 weeks in Aug .....NOOOOOO !!! Happy to moan in April when they are playing catchup 🤔
  6. Yours wont be until 10th Feb earliest as Pz dont play until 3rd !!
  7. early kick off

    They always have been allowed to .....nothing new there .!
  8. Games cancelled this weekend

    Dear Mr Williams ..FACT.....as of this moment I have still not been contacted by the Secretaries of Ruan Minor or Madron . I did receive a call from a Madron player 14 hours AFTER it was posted here game was off by AWAY team and an hour after my original post . We had a very pleasant chat where he said he had not been told by Mr Davenport game was off either . We all know you have a very personal vendetta against me and take every opportunity to discredit my honesty ...very childish !!! I have and always will be big enough to hold my hands up and apologise if I am wrong .....perhaps you should try it . David James
  9. Junior Cup - Contacts

    Try the Duchy league website
  10. Games cancelled this weekend

    Well here we go again ! Ruan Minor and Madron have failed to inform League Fixture Secretary that games are off !
  11. Sadly same at Falmouth D C and even Hayle (Combo game now on the Astro ) and I am sure a lot more called off in the morning !
  12. To busy saving penalties Simon !!