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  1. Mabe FC Fold

    Cant be because of players, Pete Norfolk has left to play Holmans combo, thats a step up........
  2. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    Gwinear 3- 4 Probus
  3. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    Gwinear are waiting for ref allocation and now lojking at pitch
  4. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    Dave your doing a great job buddy, but I feel targeting players of clubs or club officials to become referees is never going to happen. Players want to play and if you they turn up on a Saturday they wont ref so there mates can play. Also you turn up with 13 players, turn up and one of your players have got to ref, you now have 1 sub......or can you name the ref as a sub????? But then what happens if the ref then needs to play half way through....who will ref then The sin bin.......what I can only describe as a complete waste of time......the player at our club have never been sin binned, because they don' gob off at refs...but I have been involved in 3-4 games already this season, particularly last week where several players and were shouting at the ref and calling him a useless blah blah blah and he just smiled at them and carried on, this happened at lease twice by same player, nothing. Unfortunately if all refs don' adopt a tough stance on the rules then players wont change or they start to recognise the refs who they can get away with it. Dave won' mind me saying........first season in a ref shirt he got so much abuse for dishing out cards......now any team that get allocated Dave know that if you gob off your get booked, surprise surprise on the pitch Dave probably very rarely gets any trouble from dissent. Sometimes a ref will need to help themselves rather than just say players abuse refs.....why walk away from the game when they have the power, probably too worried about upsetting mates and friends by putting them in the sin bin. Please take me serious with my comments about refs as I myself was booked several times a season or sent off through dissent, now not a single one...... Trust me, it' down to referees to grow a pair and stamp down on the abuse, the FA and league have adopted a very good policy to protect them but a percentage just allow it to still happen............
  5. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    Great point, someone high up obviously thought it was the best day to encourage players or managers to do a course and leave their team short and also charge £100...... Also don' we pay a referee fee beginning of year and a annual fee to league for organised league with qualified refs for games????? Just stating facts..... Off to bed now and then I will waste a morning telling all the players not to make plans all morning on the off chance a ref becomes avaliable...... I have asked Probus do they have a person in club to ref and they haven't neither have Gwinear, but then again we have entered a fully authorised FA league, paid fees to enter a league and also paid a referee fee, but it' our responsibiliy to find a ref....... Break away league I hear everyone saying where you don't pay to be a member, don't pay to sign on playing and all that money saved we will pay the referees a better fee each game to ensure they see a benefit in staying in the game and not at home........ Again just a thought ..... Should create some great responses to read in morning whilst killing time til 11 whilst waiting for a miracle ref to appear ha ha ha ha Right go on the oldies let rip........ Also I want to say I love the trelawney league and some committe members, who are trying to improve the Cornish football but unforunately I think some people need to realise that in some cases the league are letting us down with lack of refs, so I leave you with a thought.......... how many people are unemployed in Cornwall....why not take the key out, open the treasure chest you have with all the gold in, do an incentive for unemployed people that you commit to paying their course fee and buy their ref kit, which helps out the unemployed people in Cornwall and get the referees we as paying member of your league should get every week.... This is a member league, we pay fees so let me put it this way, would you pay a fee to sky or Netflix but every month you can' use their service for a weekend???? Night night
  6. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    I agree, cancel early and allow players to know we have no Game, rather than hold on til the last minute knowing fully well it's going to take cancellations to get a ref and with 3-4 games waiting for a ref it' going to take that many cancellations to stand a chance
  7. Trelawny League - Saturday November 11th 2017

    Gwinear vs Probus No ref currently .....
  8. Mabe FC Fold

    Sorry are you a little slow or unable to read......... What I have put forward to the league doesn't bring in more revenue for the league it just stops all players walking out at the end of season.......
  9. Mabe FC Fold

    I think there are a few issues....... with suggestions No loyalty....... hard to change its just the next generation of spoilt players coming through Too expensive to participate for youngsters and unemployed ( I know some clubs subsidise for unemployed or younger players, but smaller clubs cant afford to do that)..... the league works with the Cornwall FA to make funding available to clubs if they have 16-18 year olds or unemployed players?? As soon as the season ends, the whole team can just bugger off to another club, no questions asked.- massive headache preseason for every manager and the league to have to get everyone signed on again, why not say once your signed for a club that's it, over preseason still enforce the transfer procedure, this gives manager and clubs more stability as no mass exodus, cuts down workload for the league and clubs........ as an example ( Chacewater players walking out preseason and joing St.Agnes and Mabe players preseason all walking out and going to Falmouth Town)----- Email going to the league to make suggested rule change.
  10. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    I am not Duane but he is playing at Redruth firsts not Helston
  11. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    Hayle penalty was a well won penalty and I wasn' saying the ref was poor, he was just dictated too and the more he ignored things the more they happened...... I enjoyed the game personally, good banter and nice to be back playing rather than managing from the stands, be good to play against next week and hopefully with a squad again to compete. I cant comment in anything that happened in previous week in regards to a Hayle players injury but I understand the two players have spoken and it wasnt a nasty tackle....... I feel just used today as an excuse to cause a little trouble which happened throughout the game from both sides. But put that to one side hopefully next week the bitching and personally vendettas can be put to one side and both teams can try and play a little football.....
  12. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    Jubilee Cup Hayle 7 Madron 2 With a few new signings on the day, Madron had a squad of 13 which was a welcome treat for the Madron manager. Madron conceaded early from a great striker from Hayle midfielder but got straight back into the game from free kick perfectly delivered into the box for Madron winger to equalise with his head. The free kick was conceded by Hayle midfielder 'Hodges' kicking out at a Madron player, unpunished by the ref. Hayle then scored again to make it 2-1 again a great striker on the edge of the box. Straight from Kick off Madron's new signing Alan Williams spotted the Hayle keeper off his line and lobbed him from the half way line- 2-2. Hayle then scored 3 more before half time one was a crazy moment when the Madron keeper decided to throw the ball out straight to Hayles striker who slotted the ball away, another was a crazy penalty after 'Hodges' flew through the air before even touched. Hayle had the majority of play second half and managed another 2 goals. Hayle allowed the rolling subs to work giving all their squad a run out which is great to see such a good example of the rolling subs rule allowing more players to get involved, respect the Hayle manager for using it. I hate to say negative comments about a ref because it' only them that allows us to play but this ref was pretty much dictated to by the Hayle team today, allowing several kick out during challenges, a push in the face by 'Hodges' and constant abuse from two or 3 Hayles players all game, including several occassion when they directly swore at the ref and lino. Would have liked to have seen the sin bin used as this type of abuse is exactly what was implemented to stop this attitude towards ref, but if you get a ref that allows it then what' the point........ Great game shame certain individuals and there attitude and 'I can do anything' attitude ruined it a little. Same fixture next week in the league, great another afternoon with a pre Madonna........
  13. Trelawny League - Saturday November 4th 2017

    I am sure if you kept to the rules then they wouldn' have postponed it......only got yourself to blame??
  14. Trelawny League - Saturday October 28th 2017

    Damon Walters and Tony Howard I needed a break away from pretending to be a manager and just have a kick about on a Saturday and enjoy the game for my last couple of years I think I can still play for lol
  15. Trelawny League - Saturday October 28th 2017

    Yes mate made the move