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  1. Hi Bruegel, thank you for the kind words. I still think of them as "MQ`s boys" even though they are being looked after by Woodsy and Hodgey now. They battled through relegation with me, took a few beatings and are still together now and around the top of the table so I am pleased to be have been a part of it! Try and make the time to see them play, they are a great, hard working bunch of boys and I would love to see them succeed. MQx
  2. Saltash

    Fair point well made Ivory, always like going to watch Saltash, good ground/food/atmosphere etc and as a neutral I like what they do on the pitch but reading the comments above it does seem a bit bizarre at the moment!! MQx
  3. Saltash

    Is it that bad Ivory, they have only lost to teams of high quality in the league and Tavi are the only remaining unbeaten team at the moment?? MQx

    https://fulltime.thefa.com/DivisionDetails?divisionid=606330344&leagueid=580067127&seasonid=476032068 Premier division
  5. He is now 76 but still playing!! MQx
  6. CCFA breach Junior Cup Rules

    Off to watch some paint dry now, anyone want to join me MQx
  7. Think we might be moving away from "Confirmed SWPL transfers" a little bit here guys !! MQx
  8. hi martin

    john mitchell over at Perranporth just wondering if you could fit us in for a friendly evening game at yours in the middle of july, lost most of last years team due to no budget this year so it will be a team mainly of youngsters with a few older heads

    many thanks