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  1. Open forum for all, if you don't like posts ignore them, if BIG AL was a fisherman he could have retired a long time ago!! MQx
  2. Martin McHugh

    Cup Finals

    Its the end of a very busy season. Fixtures have been changed, moved altered and pitches have been monopolised, molested and worn out. Just accept where the finals are being played and get on with it. Secretarys were given an opportunity to nominate grounds, its a bit late in the day to start whinging now. Play the games, enjoy the day and lets get this disrupted season out of the way. If you dont like things........join the committee and change it...............otherwise ...........go with your committees`s decisions . Rant over Good luck , enjoy the remainder of the season and enjoy the finals. over and out ( Well done committee) MQx
  3. No idea, would have thought that they just want to get fixtures played now regardless of having the best/full squad. I ts been a pretty messy second half to the season but you cant expect 2 games in 2 days on a heavy pitch when it has rained for 15 hours!! MQx
  4. Possibly because it hasnt stopped raining all day ????????? MQx
  5. Martin McHugh

    SWPL West Div 1 run in

    We need to play better than we did last night if we are to continue pushing!! Its a tough league to get out of and if we get promotion its going to be a tough fight. Sticker romped the league last year and have only won 5 games in their promotion year so far.....it is a big step!!! MQx
  6. As we have said, no rules broken, just a little unfair and morally not the best decision. We have all been involved in these scenarios, as players, managers and committee members and it isn't easy. Put to bed now, enjoy the rest of the season. MQx
  7. Im sure they loved being drubbed 8 nil by a team who are still in a cup competition and who have only lost 1 league game playing 2 divisions higher!! I guess there was a reason to drop 80% of the usual squad but as we all know, it is the silly season and no rules have been broken! Watch out Bere Alston, midweek game coming up against them !!! MQx
  8. He is now 76 but still playing!! MQx
  9. Think we might be moving away from "Confirmed SWPL transfers" a little bit here guys !! MQx
  10. hi martin

    john mitchell over at Perranporth just wondering if you could fit us in for a friendly evening game at yours in the middle of july, lost most of last years team due to no budget this year so it will be a team mainly of youngsters with a few older heads

    many thanks