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  1. From a management point of view, players don't want (certainly more so the younger ones) to earn their places, through previous seasons, I have seen players sign for 3 or more clubs in a season to find one that will get them (usually through struggling for players) a full 90 every week. I have had players quit because they started on the bench for a game, only wanting to play if their mate(s) play, and in one case a player actually asked for a transfer after being taken off after 75 minutes.
  2. It's tough to get a side together for lots at the moment mate. The long "winter break" I think means people start assuming games will be off so make other plans/work, they lose the routine of Saturday football and struggling senior clubs offering players game time when you can't play. I'm sure you two will pull it together
  3. Avoiding Backlog

    My opinion is that early season games should see Saturdays fixtured for the furthest opposition, then when we get to nov/dec we should be fixtured to play local sides. This way the cancelled games can be midweek games but without too much travelling
  4. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    A bit of credit due to the much maligned Madron then. Given the season they are having would have been easy to stick to a 2:30 kick off and try and avoid the game. Fair play to them and Troon for getting a game on in horrendous conditions.
  5. Forum Appeal

    Tight month, January, waiting for payday to add my contribution
  6. Think you would be well within your rights to ask for a small subscription to cover running costs (might put off some of the temporary account keyboard warriors too)
  7. If there are approx 1000 visitors, £2 a year subscription should more than cover it?
  8. Fairly even game lacking in any real quality in tough conditions. Redruth had better of 1st half without really forcing a save if note. Illogan created more 2nd half but redruth looked dangerous on the counter. Think illogan hit woodwork 3 times and Chilman in the redruth goal pulled off a smart save to his left to tip around the post. Last 15 minutes had more action than the rest of the game but neither side could find a breakthrough. Maybe 45 watching (may be more in the bar)
  9. It's not true is it Adam?

  10. Wishes the forum had an auto-save feature