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  1. A bit of advice

    Aha, makes sense
  2. A bit of advice

    My bad then! I'm looking at the fa rules and the Cornish fa handbook, both of which are substantially longer than 33 pages
  3. A bit of advice

    Could you also include the section? I'm looking now and 10(f) in no section looks like what you've posted. Not contesting that it does exist, just cannot see where!
  4. A bit of advice

    Genuinely told 2 days before. You were waiting on goals arriving up until late Wednesday evening which is when we got told it was going ahead on 3g.
  5. Ditto, I am one that does have a pair but I don't keep old pairs in the event other people dont. You and I are both old enough to have the funds to do it, what I dont/wouldn't have had is the time in two days to go out and get some as I work when shops are open and I refuse to buy boots online as I personally have to try them on. If I was a 16/17 year old at college and not working then I doubt I would necessarily have the money to do so either.
  6. Hayle 3rds v Madron is postponed as players struggled to find suitable 3g footwear in the 2 days notice.
  7. Team wanted

    I have messaged you too!