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  1. Suspension is from all saturday football and activities.... know the rules, know the punishments, know the repercussions....too many people on forum have little understanding of the ramifications of a public forum...unfortunately serious punishments can arise and if someone breaches the terms of an fa sanction they run the risk of further penalisation...all football activities...it's self explanatory...contact the ccfa fir clarification rather than debate it here...
  2. Makes no difference..can't be touchline, 1st aided, run the line, or come on with water..ban is ban and I'd suggest the other side make every complaint..rules are rules..end of
  3. Re-training for referees......

    So it's not a rule then......So remove it....if not then penalise it....what next? Foul throws being ignored, keepers handling 1ft outside the penalty area being ignored, corner kicks taken outside the d, ...unless the offender is causing you grief????? The joy of our game is that the same rules apply..whatever the level and standard being played....rules are rules, laws are laws, whether we like them or not.........
  4. Still missing results.....boscastle?? Godolphin???
  5. Just wondering whether Duchy Clubs would be interested in a live scores update feed on Twitter for Saturday's? Those of us who can't travel would surely be interested in a "vidiprinter" style update...and with the Junior Cup tomorrow it would be a great test.........anyone able to set something before tomorrow so it could go live from 2pm?????