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  1. St Darren

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 14th 2018

    So how does the system all work? Can you upload a team list and then say “ooops I made a mistake” and then change it?
  2. I’m struggling to see where there is any dog at TISA in any of Daves posts. It seems as though you are looking for an argument! Dave may have been previously referring to your ‘self imposed’ absence from home matches for a while. The club is a laughing stock at the moment and is further distancing itself from the community. Unfortunately the chairman is under no obligation to set out its long term plans. I’m not sure if the club would be covered under FSF and Amanda Jacks (I think she’s called that) but I would be onto them asking for answers from the club.
  3. I was meant to find odds on Truro getting relegated but they’ve probably shortened a bit now
  4. Great stuff by the club
  5. St Darren

    Truro City FC

    I’d call it realism!! I’d love to find a way to get behind Truro but there isn’t one. The owner had the potential to galvanise the club following the debacle of Heaney but his promises haven’t been fulfilled. This next year is one where it could start to cost Masters money so will see where it ends up.
  6. St Darren

    Truro City FC

    Hahaha. S4C in a year? You’re dafter than I thought.
  7. St Darren

    Tom McHale move North

    Strange move that. More possible opportunities though
  8. St Darren

    Ludgvan Appoint New Manager

    Another exam of why ambition is no use to any club down here. Clubs, players do not realise how many rely on one person to be bringing players in. Players don’t play for a ‘club’ the majority of the time. They’ll play for a manager. When that man goes the players go.
  9. 0 appearances for Forest
  10. St Darren

    Dominic Pullen

    Only scored one I think. That was against Illogan in a heavy 6nil defeat.
  11. Truro beating Porthleven around 1994 with Chris Tomlinson scoring the winner in injury time to win the league
  12. St Darren

    Dominic Pullen

    Definitely more than one. A couple from a moving ball as well if I remember rightly!! 2 years of the most enjoyable football I’ve ever had they were
  13. St Darren

    Dominic Pullen

    Nice one. I’m not really arsed. But just wanted you to get your figures correct for the site. I can’t really remember how many I scored
  14. St Darren

    Dominic Pullen

    That’s wrong then as I scored more than that. I think I played between 08 and 10. Scores 7 or 8 I think in that time.
  15. St Darren

    Dominic Pullen

    Is that 11?
  16. St Darren

    Dominic Pullen

    Think I’ve got about 7. Although one year between Tom Benney and myself we got 59, that’s pretty good
  17. St Darren

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    Masters came into a situation where he couldn’t lose following the Heaney debacle but he’s managed to alienate even more! He’s told so many stories and changed them so many times that he’s harder to believe than Heaney was. It’s the end of Truro City. At least 3 years up in Torquay!!!
  18. St Darren

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    It’s another and the final example of the club no longer being for the community. The owner has taken it on as a business in the hope of earning some money from it (no problem with that) but in doing so has completely alienated any potential fan base
  19. £50 a ticket? What on earth do you get for that? That’s more than a lot of premier league games. I love Gaza but no way would I be paying those prices
  20. Not just football though is it? in football players expect pitch to be marked, kit to be out, nets to be up, balls to be available, bar to be open, food to be there. All this happens with the help of volunteers. Same in other sports, I can imagine cricket being one, rugby for definite!
  21. Was a great day and good fun to play in as well. Some players still have it! Some players never had it!!
  22. St Darren


  23. St Darren

    Steven Gerrard - New Rangers Manager

    Don’t see why Scottish football was destroyed by Celtic! they've run a football club with a massive fan base within its means. Rangers messed up! its tough for all the other sides up there because of the spending power of Celtic in comparison to others Rappo, you say it’s a good standard, but in conparison to what? Cody Cooke has taken a great opportunity to fulfill a dream whilst putting himself in a bigger shop window. Best of luck to him