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  1. They’re proving a few people wrong this year!!! looks like home games a possibility next year at plainmoor! Hope the chairman has deep pockets
  2. 1. I don’t think it’s deemed as senior football anymore, or possibly next season 2. Is it because it’s a council pitch that they don’t have the ability to construct dugouts appropriate
  3. A bit of advice

    What boots are you allowed to wear on this sort of surface nowadays? Baring in mind that not all players can afford to own two pairs of boots! So if you own a pair of studs or blades that may not be allowed to be worn then you can’t play! seems a little unfair to me
  4. London (Olympic) Stadium

    I’ve not been there but a fella I know who’s not missed a Liverpool game home or away for 8 years didn’t go to West Ham this year because of the nightmare journey to and from the stadium! as for the football side of it, moving there for West Ham makes it easier for other teams in my opinion. Upton Park was a proper intimidating stadium with fans close by, now it just. LOOoks like luxury shite
  5. FA Cup

    That I have no doubt! The FA are in it for the money! however as I club you’d have been happy with Charlton away with the hope of boosting the coffers when in reality they’d be lucky to break even
  6. FA Cup

    Bloody hell Ivor. So the club are likely to get less than £10k
  7. FA Cup

    Merely being involved in a conversation!!! I couldn’t give two hoots about Truro. Follow them but not a supporter or a fan
  8. Mabe FC Fold

    The overall standard of the combo league isn’t as good. There are some good teams in it but it doesn’t go down far in the league i played because I had a left foot
  9. Mabe FC Fold

    A lot of the ‘equivalent standard junior players’ from years gone by are now playing combo football henceforth the reason why the overall standard of combo football decreases year on year in my opinion. Jeez, I played in it for 3 years!!!
  10. FA Cup

    Ah that is a bit of a nightmare. You’d expect at least a couple of hours before the game and an hour after to get yourself sorted out
  11. FA Cup

    Jesus wept. Ashamed? Who on earth said about that? im saying that “996 Truro fans” were there. I suppose it’s writers prerogative to use those words. But how come 996 decide to go to Charlton but can’t get half of that at home. So really, fans??? have they gone to be a fan of Truro or basically gone for a day out in London
  12. FA Cup

    I would have classed you as one of the 200 fans!! The Cornish rugby side is slightly different as they’re representing Cornwall! i just say that as an owner/manager/player I would be wondering why 996 can make Charlton away but 500 can’t make a home game. However, I accept that it’s the same for a lot of clubs when a big game comes along
  13. FA Cup

    Didn’t say you couldn’t did I? so are you a ‘fan’ of Truro then?
  14. FA Cup

    “996 Truro fans” I would say there’s was 200 fans and over 700 there for the day out!!! its amazing that that many can make the trip to London but not half of that make it to Treyew Road. That would be a massive frustration for me as owner, manager or player
  15. FA Cup

    900 supporting Truro away from home yet only 500 turn up to home games!!! unfortunately for Truro there wasn’t any interest from home fans with only 4000 odd on the gate therefore missing out on a decent pay day
  16. Another club folding!?

    Yeah that is true Phil. I think there’s 4 or 5 aren’t there? But unfortunately you can make players play can you. Shows I suppose that possibly St Agnes are running out of locals as well!!!
  17. fantastic ambition from the club but what is the legacy to be? How can full time employees be sustainable in Cornwall let alone mousehole where the catchment area is even smaller
  18. Another club folding!?

    When I was playing in the seconds. We had a squad of 14/15 every week and probably 12 of us lived in the village and others had connections. I think it’s the same nowadays with the seconds and thirds. But not so much for the first team or the ladies team! The club so incredibly well to field what they do through the hard work and reputation of a few individuals. But for other villages is this the case? I live in chacewater now and I don’t see the numbers of younger males around
  19. Another club folding!?

    Are there also less ‘locals’ around now. I grew up in St Agnes and spent all my childhood there and always wanted to play for the village. Does that happen now with the influx of second home owners and people living somewhere but kids schooling elsewhere?
  20. Questions on LOAF

    Not meant to but get on with it
  21. Another club folding!?

    Money from the FA wouldn’t save chacewater. It’s all about the lack of interest and not just at chacewater i very much doubt that the County FA give two hoots about what happens down at this level of football. I hope that the club can come back next year with enough players. As with all clubs it’s about having a manager who can bring his mates and others, if that can be a local thing then that would be even better
  22. NLS - Saturday 28th October 2017

    That’s not a go at them either as I don’t expect them or anyone else to care either hence why I hate this ‘doing it for Cornwall ‘ shite
  23. NLS - Saturday 28th October 2017

    If you can let me know how much your local team will benefit from Truro’s run in the FA Cup or any other game they play then I’d be interested to know!!!
  24. The Sin-Bin so far?

    Exactly. Would be harsh to stop it every time in the ten minutes of sin bin as that would probably equate to 1/6 of the actual ball in play time
  25. The Sin-Bin so far?

    Do you stop your watch every time the ball goes out of play and then add the time at the end of the match?