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  1. The Hall for Cornwall is a facility that all of Cornwall can use though stadium for Cornwall is for 3 businesses!
  2. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    Cue resignations from the league committee!!
  3. Offside Law

    The laws don’t help. It’s a ridiculous law to say that he’s not offside. Basically a forward should just stand offside all the time and hope it gets a nick off someone. They’ve not worded the law correctly in my opinion and didn’t figure for this kind of event. John Moss isn’t fit enough to referee the game. His inconsistencies are embarrassing. He’s guessed on the first one without knowing and the second one he’s seen it and then gone with the Lino
  4. Offside Law

    It’s not about whether he touched the ball. It’s about intention to play it, in my opinion it’s a deflection. It’s a stupid law non the less. I can see why the penalty was given but I also wouldn’t have been surprised if he was booked for diving! a shite game overall for the officials
  5. Offside Law

    SAme laws of the game though isn’t it? I’m pretty sure that would be given offside in 99.9% of games as he’s the intended recipient of the ball and in an offside position!!
  6. Offside Law

    How close do you need to be to the ball? He’s gained an advantage by being in an offside position for a pass that’s intended for him. How is that not offside?? so. Did Lovren make a deliberate attempt at kicking the ball? Yes. Therefore there should be no difference in the law. I don’t get it
  7. Offside Law

    It’s either deliberate or accidental. There’s no in between. The ball is played to Kane. Regardless of any touch he’s offside in my opinion and should be given. More and more players are going to be standing in an offside position in the hope that he ball deflects off a defender to be played onside. Theyve made a rod for their own back with some of the officiating in that game! John Moss didn’t have a clue what was going on and guessed the decision.
  8. Offside Law

    Absolute ridiculous law. Kane has gained a massive advantage. The ball was intended for him therefore interfering with play. I’m sure 99% of the time he’s flagged for offside!! Any wonder the officials get so much shit when the laws are all about interpretation. So they’ve used the word ‘deliberate’ twice with two different outcomes
  9. Offside Law

    Can someone with any knowledge please explain how Harry Kane was not offside in yesterday’s game? The pass was intended for him therefore he’s offside and interfering with play. But the law states that because Lovren has deliberately made an attempt to play the ball its second phase!!! Seriously? so in that instance what would the Lino had done if the wall went to the keeper and he picked it up? the officials have a tough job because of the ridiculous laws that there are
  10. There has been a fair few serious injuries in recent weeks. Anything to do with the conditions?
  11. Still don’t understand why any club would want to take promotion without a sustainable model behind them. IE: the club itself and not a team..... if that makes sense however, best of luck anyone who chooses to
  12. Tommy, your openess and honesty is somewhat refreshing. Its not often on this forum that you get a real answer that makes sense without bowing down to be politically correct! Nice one, and best of luck to Falmouth Town for the future. Still the biggest club in Cornwall for me.
  13. how good is the premiership

    Most clubs live for today not tomorrow
  14. Truro cricket club I presume was provided to provide a facility for the community as such and to keep a cricket club going. Truro city and Cornish Pirates are businesses who only have their own interests at heart - I don’t blame them for that - therefore why should the government and my taxes be subsidising their existence. Is a stadium for Cornwall going to provide any benefit for those in Liskeard, buds, launceston, pendeen? Not in the slightest. If Truro City get access to this potential new facility then it just goes to show that running a poor business model and ripping the sole out of a community football club can work long term
  15. how good is the premiership

    Most exciting yes. Best standard? Nowhere near it. The technical ability in Spain and Italy is far superior in my opinion. However, we are the league with the most money therefore they will always try to say it’s the best as a selling point