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  1. St Darren


    Ah yeah. Forgot about the £2m. So that’s the only asset they’re buying.
  2. St Darren


    But they’ll have something to sell at the end. I don’t get what you’re buying when you’re buying Truro City. No ground, no club house, no assets, do they own the players? Its not a dig at them. It’s a genuine question over what you’re buying.
  3. St Darren


    They’ll own a name and that’s it. Where’s the income going to come from?
  4. St Darren


    I raised the question before. But what is a suited buyer buying when they purchase Truro City FC. There are no assets
  5. Always had great fun with Jarvo when he was with the thirds. Used to always be good going down to Penryn and he always had time to ask how things were going. Good bloke
  6. So did carharrack draw or win or did they play twice?
  7. St Darren

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    Perfect answer Kev. I’ve often said that ambition down here is a waste of time and money. Play at the level you’re at and cope at a sustainable level. If you want to progress fine, but make it sustainable, as a club without relying on an individual
  8. St Darren

    Penryn athletic next season

    But the manager has ambitions to manage in a higher league I believe (maybe wrong). I heard the club failed the grading and it would cost to much to do. And, as you say, it’s not worth it as a local football club. Just sustain at the current level. There are no rewards for playing higher
  9. St Darren

    Penryn athletic next season

    Haha. Do you live in the real world? What’s the likelyhood of them going over to Carharrack? They’ll either play with their mates in lower league or go where their manager goes. Unfortunately in the combo league. Players will follow a manager! will wait to see the outcome on who’s going to be new manager but I’d be surprised if it was announced befoore end of season
  10. I couldn’t give a monkies what the law says and I appreciate that you’re going to tie the high line to keep the FA happy. But my opinion is that if you’re in the penalty area you’re offside. If a free kick comes in as a defender you’ve got no idea who the ball is going to do you’re playing offside and just because the player stood offside may not touch it, he’s interfering by making defenders act differently. The law is crap when it could be so simple
  11. And it’s stupid. There’s going to be a needless injury soon when the Lino could just flag. It’s obvious that a player is going to go for the ball. Why wait? Just flag the offside rule is massively over complicated. In my mind, if you’re in the penalty area and stood offside, you’re interfering with play
  12. Just like to say that I wrote a post years ago about introducing roll on roll off subs to the lower leagues to increase participation. It had a fair few negative responses at the time!!! they need to change the offside law. Currently the Lino has said to wait for the player to get involved this is going to cause an unnessary injury sooner rather than later. Just flag when they’re stood offside when the ball has been played
  13. Just goes to show that having ambition can be of detriment to a club. Know your levels and stick at that and ensure that you continue to provide football for the community. End of the season and a travel to Plymouth resulting in a 6plus hour day out isn’t going to be much fun for most!
  14. Nice to see the FA supporting Grass Roots football. One would assume that clubs can tap into funding if needed? The FA from top to bottom are a complete joke and do nothing to help lower clubs and facilities.
  15. St Darren

    S4C looks impressive!

    Do the Pirates and Truro City have to pay rent on the ground? Or is their investment their final contribution