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  1. Not just football though is it? in football players expect pitch to be marked, kit to be out, nets to be up, balls to be available, bar to be open, food to be there. All this happens with the help of volunteers. Same in other sports, I can imagine cricket being one, rugby for definite!
  2. Was a great day and good fun to play in as well. Some players still have it! Some players never had it!!
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  4. St Darren

    Steven Gerrard - New Rangers Manager

    Don’t see why Scottish football was destroyed by Celtic! they've run a football club with a massive fan base within its means. Rangers messed up! its tough for all the other sides up there because of the spending power of Celtic in comparison to others Rappo, you say it’s a good standard, but in conparison to what? Cody Cooke has taken a great opportunity to fulfill a dream whilst putting himself in a bigger shop window. Best of luck to him
  5. Have they got the date right with 1889? Should it not be 2005
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    That would mean thinking outside the box! Do you believe that many in the CCFA have any interest in growing the game like that down here? It’s just a job to them. Theres very limited knowledge within the organisation in my opinion. They’re like politicians that come out every now and then when something has gone right!!!
  7. Mandy arranged for him and Shilton to come to an end of season do a few years ago. It was a fantastic night and Pat was an absolute star staying up until 3am at the bar drinking and chatting. shilton went bang on when his time ran out!! Jennings was brilliant.
  8. St Darren


    You’re an idiot. I haven’t said about turning them around. I said about involving the local community. And the things I said are all things that could be done that would encourage more engagement By the way. Would you invest in Truro City im also still awaiting for you to find where I said I detest Truro City
  9. St Darren


    The same as a club like Holmans or st Agnes do. Get the teams in, this gets numbers in through the gate. Maybe open the bar as a form of income. Genius ideas! you could also apply for grants, but I doubt they’d know anything about that ( to be fair though, I’m unsure at what level grants stop getting handed out ). The monie for entering these leagues is insignificant to the amount that is currently spent out, but the club would then be including others
  10. St Darren


    Show me a post where I have said I detest them! I don’t detest any local club. I don’t agree with the morals in which the club have taken over the last 13 years or so. If the club was run correctly and involved the community then the reserves, youth, ladies would have been an investment in the club to get people involved and bring more in. The club have completely alienated people who could have been involved and then they come out with things about doing it for Cornwall.
  11. St Darren


    There would be costing but that would be investment to involve the community wouldn’t it? im sorry that I have flouted your rules on reasons to post on this forum
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    Did nothing for me! That’s my opinion! Truro City had a massive opportunity to get loads involved in the club and do loads for the community. But they chose not to! That’s my main gripe with it. No reserves, no ladies, no youth team! How is that meant to encourage people to get involved with the club. Most of those there now and clingers on who weren’t there prior to Heaney. I couldn’t give two shites about Truro City. Best of luck to them but I’ll never support them.
  13. St Darren


    Truro represent Truro, Bodmin represent Bodmin, Penzance represents Penzance. None represent Cornwall in my opinion. If whatever a club chooses to do they should do it for themselves and the community they’re in. Not for Cornwall. It’s highly unlikely someone from bude or boscastle is going to benefit in any way of Truro’s successs. Or mouseholes potential future success.
  14. St Darren


    Ah yeah. Forgot about the £2m. So that’s the only asset they’re buying.
  15. St Darren


    But they’ll have something to sell at the end. I don’t get what you’re buying when you’re buying Truro City. No ground, no club house, no assets, do they own the players? Its not a dig at them. It’s a genuine question over what you’re buying.