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    Promotions / Relegations

    Maybe you should publicise the pro-active work you do? I see Chacewater are looking to re-apply again this year. Nothing against them but who is to say that they wont last more than a season All too easy to start up and then just drop out again it seems. Maybe a bond could be introduced repayable over a few years to the club? It is a tricky situation but the plateau you want may be a long way off. Keep up the good work tho.
  2. le boss

    Promotions / Relegations

    Fair enough. So lets put it another way. What is the league doing to help/prevent clubs from struggling and ultimately some folding? Looking at your bullet points - team from re-branding? Youth team wanting to join? Time and time again we hear of youth teams moving around the county en bloc because the manager plays the pied piper. Surely this youth team has a junior team in their area that they could join to bolster their numbers? I know you cant force people to play but when is the mentality of only play for a particular manager instead of a club going to stop? Maybe more preliminary enquiries need to be made when an application is made? I promise you I am not having a pop at you B.D or the league
  3. So we now have a merry-go-round of chairmen as well as managers and players. You couldn't write it lol
  4. le boss

    Promotions / Relegations

    Something has to be done to stop this ridiculous season on season promotion of half of a lower league and no relegation for others. It makes the whole league look very unprofessional and certainly de-values winning any league. Not blaming the league officers but surely rule amendments can be introduced even if it is for just a period of time perhaps. Perhaps making entry into the league almost impossible with strong criterior?
  5. le boss

    Promotions / Relegations

    Stop admitting more teams!! Every year more teams have been admitted by the league.
  6. Word has it that Kevin Richards has returned to Porthleven as Alan Carey's assistant. How many times is that now?
  7. le boss

    Kevin Richards

    It's not as funny as Dave Leonard having anything to do with football. Ezra obviously sees himself as an Ambramovich and this Callum Elliott is just his puppet. More ego than money and that takes some doing. Seems the Mousehole committee have got into bed with the devil and are now up the creek etc etc. Truro and Heaney and Truro and Masters spring to mind.