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  1. Well done Mark, great to catch City’s games if you can’t get there regularly. Soft pen at 2-0 up I thought! 😳 Thought the two young lads did very well and always great to hear from Jamie, been there and done it and a top bloke. Got to say Hodgey always gives an honest assessment win or lose, type of guy that doesn’t go over the top when he wins and is not all doom and gloom when they lose. Type of guy you want to play for as a player. Hope City can win those midweek games coming up and stay in the play off positions. All comes down to form then at the end of the season.
  2. Congratulations to Gerald!

    Gerald was always my mums favourite referee!! Brilliant ref, had a laugh with the players, always made common sense decisions, good player in his day as well by all accounts! Sorry Ger just slightly too young to remember that mate!!! But most of all as the lads have already said, an absolute gentleman and brilliant company to be around. Well done Ger, fit as a fiddle for 80 mate!!! 👍⚽️👌
  3. Well done Steve, great effort, Greg’s is a miracle worker!! Celtic v Partick Thistle still on. Cheers gents ✋
  4. Falmouth v Penryn....OFF Holmans v Pendeen...OFF Illogan v Mullion...OFF
  5. The first postponement of many no doubt Paul!!! Belting down up here! Gonna get soaked today! Celtic v Partick Thistle at 12.15, gotta park half a mile from Parkhead then East Kilbride v Whitehill Welfare in the Lowland league at 3pm. They only got one stand!! Things we do for a game of footy! 😃👍⚽️
  6. Yeah know what you mean Dave! I feel bad for the people who have taken time to give me a report to be honest! Wouldn't mind it getting changed if it was for the better as I'm sure I'm not gramatically perfect, although i did get an A for English many moons ago! ( It was the only one I got along with maths and PE mind!! ) But I think they're worse! Fair play if pushed for space, cut bits out but don't change it!! 🙄
  7. Must admit Kev I was a bit embarrassed to put my name to it this morning!! Mistakes aside, a lot of the wording is changed!? Try not to be too repetitive but some of it that's being replaced is not football speak! Great result yesterday by the way mate!! A big semi to look forward to bud!! 😀👍 Haha you know me too well Wendron!! 😂 👍
  8. Apologies for all the mistakes in the Indy Combo league results column this morning!! Can only assume whoever was editing it or cutting and pasting it was in a bit of a rush!?! These are just a few : Goonhavern's report on the end of Pendeen's with a lot of it cut out? Tim Nixon has signed for Falmouth recently (sorry Westy!) not just signed for West Cornwall from Falmouth? Jamie Greet not Green set up two goals for Porthleven from his pinpoint corners. Loads of my wording changed as well, Frazer "thrust" into the Hayle team yesterday!! Not sure I've ever used that word in my life!? Dawid Zarnowski from Holmans not David, the list goes on!! Anyway gents sorry and just to let you know it's not me!!! 🤔 ⚽ Off to Budapest for a bit of fresh air for a few days!! Gone! 👍
  9. I agree, if you want to play decent football you’ve got to spend a few hours in a car or coach, was all part of the day for me! A good laugh with the lads, many a good memory. Even the old SWL secretary always fixturing you somewhere up Devon on a bank holiday! Lovely 4 hour trip to Appledore or Clyst Rovers! Bit of a long trip home if you played crap though! Think of the Truro City lads and loyal supporters every away game!!! Just get on with it and play as high a standard as you can 👍⚽️
  10. St.Day v St.Ives OFF Illogan v Mullion OFF Holmans v Culdrose OFF Combo wiped out for the second week in a row!! Good luck to Carharrack at Torpoint in the Senior Cup!!!
  11. St.Agnes v Redruth, Porthleven v Hayle and Pendeen v Helston now all off. Holmans v Culdrose and Goonhavern v St.Just are on.

    Fair play to Parkway, looked like they were still trying to play a short passing possession game against a strong Tavi team even though the pitch was wrecked from the highlights. Couple of good goals as well 👍 Be worthy champions I reckon if they go on to win it. I would go and watch them in the Western League without doubt. Something a bit different ain’t it. Good luck to the club. 👏🏼
  13. Yeah agree Paul, no need to stop donating now the forum is safe for another year. Keep chucking what you can in and secure the forums future! What would we do without it eh!?! 👌👍⚽️

    Won’t see any weakened teams in that one Dave!!! 👍⚽️

    Can never understand managers getting grief for fielding “weakened” teams. They’re still selecting a professional footballer!! That’s why most Premier league teams have got squads of 25-30 players. Can understand a supporter getting disappointed when he turns up to watch say a Gerrard and gets a first year pro playing in midfield but that’s why these managers get paid the big money to rotate their squad and still be in these competitions. A lot of the time they are bringing in an international who might not be a regular at his club!? Sometimes it backfires but we all know the score these days, it’s all about the Premier league. The FA Cup used to be great as a kid, that sunny Saturday in May under the twin towers, 3pm kick off, last game of the season, the only game to watch, players interviewed after drinking a bottle of milk! Different world today I’m afraid, if you gave clubs a choice of winning the FA Cup or finishing top 4 Premier league they would take that everyday. 😕
  16. Forum Appeal

    Totally agree Keith. There’s loads of us that regularly use the forum, pretty poor show the amount of people that have donated!!! Even if everyone just chucked in a fiver that would secure the forums future for the next few years? Come on you regulars! ‘“If you want to have your say, then bloody well pay” 😀
  17. Come on gents, remember the hours of enjoyment we’ve all had out of the forum over the years! Let’s keep it going!!! What can you get for a fiver or a tenner these days eh!? ⚽️👍
  18. Forum Appeal

    Just chucked my tenner into the pot. Come on everyone, how much enjoyment and info have we got out of the forum over the years, not including some laughs and some sad news come to that! If you love Cornish football let’s help keep it going, just donate what you can, every bit helps towards the goal 👍⚽️👌
  19. Hi Denty, hope your well mate. Have a great xmas and new year. Loads of love Rappo and Rach ######

  20. Hi Neil, have a great xmas and new year mate. Love Rappo and Rach ######