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  1. Stumped on this one Ralph!?! Don’t play much these days, spose I’m out the loop mate?!! Still a few up this way I don’t know, even though I’ve been living up “East” for over 11 years! Hope you’re well bud x
  2. Where was the game played Tux? Don’t recognise the pitch mate?
  3. Haha I'm paying for it now Nanks!! That mis spent youth mate!!! Ain't been out for 15 years! Worn out bud!! 😳
  4. Yeah spot on that Billy. I've always said having someone like Mass involved in Cornish football can only be a positive thing. I personally enjoyed playing with him as a teenager for Truro City and Cornwall and then later playing for him when he managed the County side. Always ready and willing to offer great advice and you won't find a more enthusiastic football man than Mass. Ultra professional, I remember my Cornwall debut at Sussex and the likes of Sledge, Parrie, Dave G,, and me were sneaking out the fire escape door for an hour or three in a local nightclub while Mass was off to bed at 11 with his crossword in preparation for the match tomorrow afternoon. He just does things right and if the people that are not too sure about him actually got to know him then they would find a top bloke that really knows his football at all levels. I for one am glad he cares about Cornish football.
  5. Kev no longer at G!

    Can't see why all the negativity? There's not always a drama or hidden agenda behind things when a manager resigns from a club. In this case you have Godolphin who over the last ten or fifteen years have been an inspiration to any club wishing to progress up through the leagues and then excel at the top level of Cornish football, a club run by good hard working people and an excellent set of loyal players with the odd diamond like Jamie thrown in. Then you have a manager in Kevin who is nothing short of a lovely guy and ask anyone who knows him for many years in Cornish football and I can't imagine a bad word would or could be said about him. He's also proved he's a very good manager if you look at his record over the years with various clubs. Sometimes things just don't work out as planned and a decision is made. Great to see Kevin and Tanya still having good things to say about each other, nice to see a bit of class and respect shown, and I wouldn't have expected anything different. I'm sure both parties will continue to have success in the future. There does not always have to be a negative story!!! ?⚽️
  6. Hi Denty, hope your well mate. Have a great xmas and new year. Loads of love Rappo and Rach ######

  7. Hi Neil, have a great xmas and new year mate. Love Rappo and Rach ######