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  1. You always hear so much negative stuff about the game these days but this is what football, especially local is all about!! Great effort and well done to all the lads involved 👏🏼⚽️👏🏼👌
  2. Hi Keith, think some games are played at Par running track mate. I drove past there the other night and the lights were on with some lads playing. Stopped for 5 minutes but didn’t recognise anyone. Asked Dave cos there’s not much if anything!? he doesn’t know about Cornish football and he said they play u21 league games there along with the new flexi league. I’ll pop down again for a bit of fresh air when I got more time. The Par pitches are rented out per match so not sure if the FA or whoever runs the leagues got a deal?
  3. Yeah no offence taken Bruegel!!! 😁 Football a wonderful game of opinions!! Thank god for Daves forum! Wouldn’t have thought Ashey or Gilbey will lose too much sleep over it either!! 😂 Gareth is entitled to his opinion on Cornish football but can’t help thinking from his photo he is Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle!!! “What’s your story wee man”? 👍
  4. Yeah I think I said I went to the game, so yeah I was actually there. Just my opinion Gareth Davies. I don’t really obviously know much about local football and bow to your greater knowledge by the sounds of it! Could have swore I saw Bodmin hit the post a couple times as well but sounds like they were outplayed! Maybe that bit was when I was getting a cup of tea? I’ll just have to look forward to hearing about Parkway beating Bodmin about 6 or 7-0 then by the sounds of it? Shame I was going to go thinking it might be a close game but might not bother now seeing Bodmin are that bad and Parkway that good.
  5. If a player goes to block a shot and is turning away say to protect his face but his hands are away from his body I can see why it’s still got to be given but not a red card. Don’t see why it has to be so black and white. Handball red card off. Accidental handball maybe, - nothing. Just let the refs use common sense. Can see what you’re saying though. I’ll agree to disagree Cos my steak and chips are on the table!!! 👍😀
  6. Yeah pleasure for you Dave just give me a shout mate 👍 On the pen subject I think if a player has made an honest attempt to block the shot and its hit his hand and the ref deems it a penalty then a pen and a yellow if you have to is punishment enough I think and common sense refereeing. If a defender dives full stretch across his goal line and tips a goal bound shot over the bar then that to me is a red card and a pen. Think the refs shouldn’t have the pressure of the laws rammed down their throat so much. I think the best refs I’ve come across over the last 40 odd seasons in football are ones that you can talk to and use common sense. Just an opinion really. Still shocked ABBA caused all that trouble yesterday though! Benny was a right nutter apparently!!! 😂
  7. Sounds like a ref with a bit of common sense to me which sometimes is better than being a stickler for rule 13 b - x + 5 blah blah bullshit
  8. Vets 22nd/29th Oct

    Haha you’re a winner that’s all Dave!!! I always enjoyed playing in the same team as you mate 👍👌⚽️
  9. Vets 22nd/29th Oct

    ROYAL PAR (1) 3 White 34’ Drew 65’ Hague 82’ WENDRON (0) 2 Pascoe 68’ Hughes 86’ Wandered down the hill to Par running track to catch up with some old mates on both teams (I drove actually, even though it’s only half a mile!! Calf still agony from last week) and saw a decent cup tie to keep the 6 crowd in attendance enthralled. I counted both of myself as 2 as well!! 😳 Par are a much improved outfit these days but when I saw the Wendron line up with Scoffy in goal, Pottsy at the back, Hughesy and Bambi in midfield, Mikey out wide right and Dom up front amongst others I must admit I fancied an away win. Par then proceeded to take the game to the visitors and Scoffy had to be on his toes to keep out efforts from the lively Cameron Hague and Wayne Drew. There was more bad news for Wendron after 25 minutes when they lost Dom with a hamstring injury and their best source of goals. The hosts deservedly took the lead after 34 minutes when Neil White got on the end of a bad pack pass to slot past Scoffy. The second half was more end to end and the hosts after a decent ten minute spell of pressure doubled their advantage after 65 minutes when man of the match Drew broke the offside trap and lobbed home from the edge of the area although Pottsy made a valiant attempt to clear on the line lashing it into the roof of the net. The visitors got back into it five minutes later when Mikey Pascoe ran on to a through ball to bend a side foot finish around Dave Holley in the home goal. The visitors forced several corners but Holley was punching away well and Ryan Morcom clearing with strong headers but Nigel Brabyn missed a header I’ve seen him score dozens of times in his Perranwell days from a pinpoint Mikey corner. The tie was clinched 8 minutes from time when Cam struck a superb left foot shot from just outside the area past Scoffys outstretched glove and inches inside the far post. That though wasn’t the goal of the game though as Wayne Hughes rolled back the years to send a 30 yard curler into the net when he spotted Dave out of position after he had saved from an earlier attack. It made the last couple of minutes interesting but the ref blew right on the final whistle to end the contest. Game played in great spirits by two good sets of lads and well reffed. Enjoyed it 👍⚽️
  10. Watched Bodmin today, thought they always looked like winning to be honest 👍 couldn’t see Swanage scoring until that strike out the blue and I always thought Bodmin could up it a gear at anytime and go on and win it. Great to see Brokes get the winner and Slates make an appearance late on after all his bad luck with injury. Wouldn’t dismiss them, they’re good enough to match Parkway and Gilbey will have them fired up for that one without a doubt. Ashy and Simmo are still as solid as any pairing around and they’ve got plenty of goals in them. Bit of a disappointing crowd of about 120 but I suppose good to see Truro get 600+ today ahead of their FA cup tie in a couple weeks.
  11. Wouldn’t have put ABBA down as troublemakers to be honest, although great to see them watching local football!!! Especially the blonde one! Must admit that Bjorn did look a shifty fucker sometimes though! 😂
  12. Cornwall Senior Cup

    I’m definitely more “all round” than a poster boy these days Bruegel!! Like Dave says I’ve done it a few times now with my old mate Tommy Matthews, great fun!! Good to see the County FA doing the draw live these days, you should have a go, nice to see different faces involved 👍⚽️
  13. League cup ST.AGNES (0) 2 Kettle 78, 88 HALSETOWN (2) 2 32, 41 *won 4-3 on pens Game of two halves at Enys Parc, Halsetown turned up with a strong young for a Vets team side and largely dominated the first half and went in a couple of goals up at the break which was probably about right on the play. Not sure who got the first and how as I was back in the dressing room gathering an extra top as it was a bit fresh in the dug out, the second goal was a sublime chip over home keeper Mark Norgate by Steve Hosking I think it was? . After a bit of half time tinkering and bit of a telling off as much as you can do at Vets level from Kimmo and Steve the hosts produced a much better second half performance. I came on with 35 minutes to go and Tony Penrose played a lovely reverse pass into my path on the edge of area and with my first touch I volleyed against the post. 😤. Minutes later with my second touch a cross fell to me ten yards out and the keeper pulled off what I can only describe as a worldly Gordon Banks esq save tipping a shot three feet off the ground over the bar with his forearm. 👏🏼 😳 Kimmo would have been chuffed with that in his prime!!! My calf popped ten minutes later which felt like someone stabbing me with a hot poker to end my 20 minute run out and bad day at the office 🙄. but the lads kept on knocking at the door and we got a deserved goal back with Colin Kettle getting in over the top and finishing well. The visitors defended well and always looked capable of scoring on the break with Hosking, Kevin Toms and Leigh Murray a very quick frontline but just when it looked all over after we had one headed and then kicked off the line Colin came up with a replica of his first goal shooting under the keeper. On to penalties as the heavens opened and it was the visitors who scored four out of their five taken with Norgate saving well off Roscoe but unfortunately for us defenders Matt Baxter and Rob Watt who both had good games got underneath their pens and in the car park they went and we were out. Probably a fair result on the day as we took too long to get going and the visitors played that bit better over the 90 minutes I think? Well refereed as well by the way, can’t hardly think of either team shouting a comment towards the ref Mr Francis Hood all game which is good to see. That’s about it, I’m off to whack another bag of ice on my calf and watch Spurs beat Liverpool hopefully? No game for three weeks now, might be a good thing for all our aching body parts 👍⚽️
  14. Well done to all the Combo teams today that played!!! Loads of games off all over the South-west and the Combo managed 8 out of the 9 scheduled for today with Helston being off earlier in the week. I must admit I had to do the reports in the car on the way home from Norwich. I popped into Bristol Manor Farm v Cinderford as I thought I would only have to do a couple of games that were left on. Was shocked when the wife picked me up at 5pm after her trip to Ikea kitchen hunting and I saw there were 8 games!! Was on the car phone and iPad all the way home! Saved me a drive in that shit weather so well done from me! 👍👏🏼⚽️
  15. Yeah think Dave is right. Remember Swiggsy scoring 8 when the Blazey dream team beat someone 11-0?! Not sure if it wasn’t Tavistock in the darker years for the club when they were bottom of the league and not top! Funny how fortunes turn around over the years! 😳
  16. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Remember when we played Dorset away at Bridport Tom, we left Truro car park at 8am on the coach, got stuck in traffic and got there 1.20 for a 2pm kick off. We then took the old white shirts and black shorts kit out of the bag and it was still soaking wet from the launderette that morning having just been washed from the game before that about 3 weeks before!! Ain’t seen you mad very often but you were jumping that day as Dorset ran out past us for their warm up in their all in one warm flashy Dorset FA tracksuits in the pissing down November rain!!! Still won 3-1 though!! Glad the boys are getting treated a bit better these days! We would still be there next game though, always chuffed to see your Cornwall letter drop through the letterbox Tom 👍
  17. FA Cup

    Fantastic draw for City!!! Apart from Portsmouth, Blackburn or Bradford and possibly Argyle it couldn’t be better in my opinion. The Valley is a top class stadium with a capacity of 27’000 odd!! They always get 5 figure crowds for home games of which City will get an even share! That will be a decent amount of cash to be fair👍👌⚽️ Hope the players are still on a nice little bonus 😁 Reckon BT Sport could well go for a live game here as well with it being a bit of a fairy story, Cornish football which nobody up the line thinks we can play down here, a club in administration only 5 years ago, could have no ground next season blah blah! 😳 Think the home team comes out of a tv live match a bit better but could be a great money spinner for the club. Could well have been away to Oxford City, Shaw Lane or Heybridge so let’s relish it and get behind the lads. Would love to see a big contingent go up and support City on the day and do Cornish football proud.
  18. South West Counties Championship 2017/18.

    Hear hear Tom, we would have gone Australia to play for Cornwall wouldn’t we mate!! Well Amsterdam at least! 😀
  19. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Yeah some good players and lads there Ralph 👍⚽️ Yeah glad I was quick in those days mate, not a sitting duck like the last 15 years!! Just had to keep on the move and play off their shoulders, still black and blue most weeks back then though! Not much protection from the refs, the first couple tackles were usually ‘free’ and they would take turns, far better being a striker these days!! You had to virtually mug someone before a ref would get out a yellow card in the eighties and nineties mate!!! A lot of better things these days to be fair, the back pass rule being the best, that was painful if you were 0-1 down with ten to go, all the time wasting. Used to lie in the bath Saturday night counting the cuts and bruises!! Great days though must admit, glad I was about then and lucky to play in some great teams 👍
  20. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Thought the old Castle Utd lads were a great bunch. They were not a bad team either, remember playing for Aggie reserves after coming back from an injury, shin splints I think? (Forgot I’ve had so many!) at the end of one season and we played Castle in one of the old Mining League Finals at Goonhavern. Jubilee cup? And also in the league a couple weeks before at Tuckingmill, they certainly got stuck in no doubt but I’ve played against a lot nastier people especially in the old SWL!! The two 6ft 5 gorillas at Appledore we’re never much fun away in January but if there’s a chance of scoring a goal gotta be done!! 👍
  21. Never mind Willy, that’s the cup mate. You’ll have to settle for being top of the league 👍
  22. As meatloaf would say, two out of three ain’t bad!!! 😂 👍
  23. You would be good at anything Billy! The mrs popped in her grans at Lostwithiel a few weeks ago and I nipped down the road to watch you mate v Biscovey. I was there 25 minutes and you made 3 great saves including two one on ones! Still got it 👍⚽️
  24. Good luck to all the Combo teams in the Senior Cup this weekend 👍 chance of a shock in one of these games I reckon - St.Day v St.Blazey, Hayle v Wadebridge, Perranporth v Helston. Congrats to Hayle for all the nice hard working people at the club, look forward to visiting sometime during the season.
  25. Yeah know the lads play at Par but the skate ramp and road didn’t look like the bottom goal. Think I can see it now though you say! A senior moment on my part I believe 🤓😳